Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sean Penn: Leftist Lackey

What is Sean Penn thinking?  How can someone be so off base?  He's entitled to his (serial incorrect) opinions, but artists should stick with their day jobs.

Now Sean is chidding the UK to give back the Falklands to Argentina. He did so while visiting Kirchner in Buenos Aires. What does he know about the issue? What an idiot!   Never mind that fellow leftist politicians in Argentina use the issue (again) to deflect attention from their failed leadership and policies.  Argentina was going to be a world power at the turn of the 20th century-proving that maladministration has it's price.

Isn't Sean the one backslapping Hugo Chavez in a recent publicity stunt?  Maybe he thinks that any publicity is good publicity.  At least when Madonna pulled stunts, there was artistic integrity or an 'amusement value" about it.  Oh wait, those two were married!

Sean was sympathetic to Saddam Hussein too--as I recall.  Wonderful.

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