Monday, September 24, 2012

Good News From Benghazi, Libya

From Max Boot at Commentary Magazine,
Libyans have taken to the streets en masse in Benghazi to make clear their anger at the militia groups they hold responsible for the attack that killed the popular American ambassador Chris Stevens and three of his colleagues. Fed up that Libya’s nascent, moderate government is unable to disarm militias, the people have taken the task into their own hands, forcibly disarming several militia groups and storming the headquarters of the extremist Ansar al Sharia group. Some 30,000 people marched through Benghazi, bearing signs that included “We want justice for Chris” and “The ambassador was Libya’s friend.” Protesters even chanted at Ansar al Sharia members: “You terrorists, you cowards. Go back to Afghanistan.”
Finally, after years and years of waiting for something resembling sanity from the Muslim world, we have ONE sign that intelligent life exists.   After so many atrocities committed by Muslims around the world, seemingly wherever Muslims exist, there is finally a sign of outrage at the behavior of their radical elements.

Still, in nearly every other place, there is deafening silence after atrocities are committed. If a newspaper publishes a cartoon, or if there is even a perceived insult, people are murdered and howls of protests around the world ensue.  But if the Chinese slaughter 182 Uighur Muslims in Western China to quell protests, there isn't a peep of protest nor condemnation.  There is no logic at all and never has been.

Muslim Violence in Southern Thailand

In Southern Thailand, there have been 5,000 mostly innocent Buddhist citizens murdered by Islamic idiots since the early 2000s.  In peaceful Thailand, this is an incredibly outrageous and ignorant calamity. Relative to the Thai population, it is equivalent to the US fatalities in the Vietnam war.  The violence is supposedly to promote a regional separation from Thailand or possibly to join Malaysia (Malaysia doesn't want them).   As in all other parts of the world, this violence continues because no citizen informs the authorities of sons, brothers, cousins that are making bombs, hiding guns and plotting attacks. These people are criminals plain and simple.

Because no citizen stands up for what is right, the entire community is complicit in the violence!

Eventually the Thai authorities will have enough of this and there will be round-ups, curfews and incarcerations.  Soon Southern Thailand will become even more of an Islamic hell--all because there are no members of the community with the sense, intelligence or courage to put an end to the violence.

Just a few days ago, a car bomb in Pattani killed 6 people and injured 44.   This is routine now despite years of efforts by the government to talk and negotiate with the community.  There will be no end until the people stand up and stop it.  I say good luck waiting for that.

But finally, in Benghazi, after years and years of waiting for some sign of intelligence, common sense or responsibility anywhere in the world, we get one hopeful glimpse of sanity and courage to fight the criminals and in-sane.

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