Sunday, October 7, 2012

A Telling Incident At Bloomberg Website

Jack Welch expressed a knee-jerk skepticism of the Sept 2012 unemployment number in Twitter. The Left Wing media went after him right away calling him desperate and ignorant.  Bloomberg ran an article in it's online opinion section called "Jack Welch Doesn't Know What He's Tweeting About" by Deborah Solomon. It was a "hit piece" countering Jack Welch's opinion with just more opinions (not hard facts).

It was at the top spot for popular articles too.

I responded once to the article noting that Jack was an accomplished titan of industry and had earned his right to his opinion compared to "dime-a-dozen" journalists.   I got a couple of flippant and derogatory replies from a couple of readers.

I replied to these replies with the fact that Deborah Solomon's career was as an Art Critic!  I found out that she has an undergraduate degree in Art and a Masters in Journalism.   Her journalism career is nearly all in art criticism.  I found the irony delicious.   Here she was contradicting a distinguished titan of industry saying "he doesn't know what he's talking about" when her credentials are in art criticism!  Who doesn't know what they are talking about??

My observation and reply comment was "moderated" away and they didn't post it!   I again replied that, if not posted, that I would write the Bloomberg Editorial board.  But guess what? Deborah Solomon, the art critic, is on the Editorial Board!

Nobody will ever know that they were misled by a particularly unqualified writer.  A telling incident indeed!  Be skeptical my friends!  Stay skeptical!

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