Thursday, October 4, 2012

US Election Season Media Madness

Here's a headline on Newsweek proclaiming Obama is "poised" to be another Ronald Reagan, tackling the deficit, spearheading immigration and jolting the GOP back to sanity.

Andrew Sullivan  must have drank too much of that LSD-laced Kool Aid!  The editors of Newsweek must have had some as well.

Let me get this straight, given that Obama's current record is a dismal failure despite having a super-majority in both houses of Congress for much of his administration, now we're going to project fabulous "miracles" for his second term? The Obama idolatry continues.

Get ready for more gridlock and more of the same.  IF he's re-elected, the best case for Obama is a House controlled by the Republicans and the Democratic majority in the Senate is reduced.  His worse case is for both the Senate and House controlled by the Republicans.   Each scenario spells continued gridlock.

So, with gridlock in place, Obama is going to lift a finger to tackle the deficit?    Obama has racked up $5 TRILLION in debt and hasn't had a serious budget during his ENTIRE first administration.  Under what fantasy would you expect something to change during the next term (except under the duress of a major financial crisis)?  When it comes to the deficit and spending, this president in particular is extremely un-serious about spending control.  He has exposed himself to be one of the most trivial thinkers ever--making a few trivial proposals to cut spending by a couple of million as the nation is drowning in 1000s of Billions in debt.

Obama, unlike Bill Clinton, has also proven that he is incapable of working with Republicans.  Passing of ObamaCare with no Republican support and barely enough Democratic support proves that point.  It was only severe arm twisting and give-aways to Democratic Senators were required for the law to barely pass.  Remember how it was rushed through, passed in the middle of the night, before anyone could read it?   Presumably if they read it they wouldn't have voted for it.  All of this was to give their "messiah", "the anointed one", one victory.

With a 60 seat majority in the Senate and a majority in the House, Obama could have easily passed Immigration reform.  He didn't. I'm supposed to believe that he will do something next time with less of a majority position?  Nonsense.  He didn't do anything to help the economy after 2009 either.

And jolting the GOP back to sanity??  I think I know projection when I see it.  It's liberals and the liberal media, and their emotional attachment to their false idol,  is the real insanity that needs a jolt.

I knew Ronald Reagan.   Obama is no Ronald Reagan.  

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