Monday, December 3, 2012

Palestinians: Epic Failure Explained

What follows is a brilliant explanation of everything you need to know about the so-called "Palestinian problem."  From Lea Labi, who is an Aunt of my friend Ami.  She lives in Israel: 
"The Palestinian celebrations over their being awarded Observer status at the UN, are misplaced. Exactly 65 years ago, to the day, the UN resolved to create a Palestinian state alongside the State of Israel. Israel immediately got down to the work of building a state: absorbing millions of refugees; fighting several unwanted wars for her very existence; developing cutting-edge science, technology, military, agriculture and medicine. We've made the desert bloom and sprouted cities where there was once only desolate sand dunes, and created one of the leading economies of the twenty first century;

And what did the Palestinians do? They've spent the last six-and-a-half decades stewing in hatred, blaming Israel for all their self-made troubles. They nurtured a society based on the cult of death, terror and violence - defining themselves solely by their unrelenting and vicious hatred of Israel, which has become their raison d'etre. Despite hundreds of billions of aid dollars from the UN [and Europe], they have not managed to produce anything of value. Their main contribution to the world: terrorism, rockets and suicide bombers. And perpetual victimhood.
Palestinians could have had all that Israel has, and more. They could have built a prosperous and productive society rather than their current cesspit of poverty, hate and violence - for which they obviously blame Israel. What makes them think that the (supposed) upgrade to "observer status" will change anything in their national or individual DNA? Will this change their ideology of hatred and destruction and alter the trajectory of their failed society? Palestinians should be mourning their missed chances and getting down to the very real and hard work of building a state and country, if that is what they want."
The root problem is Islam itself.   It's an ideology of hate and retribution and authoritarianism. Islam is NOT a religion of peace hijacked by a few misguided individuals, it is the world’s largest and most intolerant cult bent on global domination.

The Palestinians, true to this description, have had several opportunities over the years to make peace and to have a nation but each time their failed leadership chose continued Jihad.  Why?  In part, because it pays!  There's big money in "victim-hood!"   Also, they will not give up to their war against the Jews dating back over 100 years (See my Blog "Palestinians: 100+ Years Of Hatred") nor acknowledge Israel's right to exist.  On any fine morning in the past 65 years, the Palestinians could have decided to wake up, give up their hatred and work with Israeli people and benefit from the only democratic and prosperous economy in the region.  

Their financial supporters, the UN and Europe, have paid up, prolonged the misery and prevented the 'pressure' that would have long ago forced the Palestinians to finally give up and work with Israel in a productive way.  Instead, the Palestinian Authority steals billions of dollars, squirrels it away in Swiss Bank accounts for corrupted officials and lets the people live in enough misery to keep 'Jihad' alive.

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