Sunday, February 3, 2013

Chart-fest: Increased US Shale Oil and Gas Production

Here's a couple of amazing graphs showing huge oil production increases in North Dakota and especially in Texas.  It's the result of intense exploitation of oil bearing shales in these states. (click any chart to enlarge)

First, in North Dakota, where the Bakken shale oil boom continues apace (from Carpe Diem blog).

Now for the truly monumental increase in oil production from the Texas Eagleford and other shale plays:

The total oil production increase for the entire US is not as impressive as Texas and N. Dakota as those production increases are offset by declines in other states.

Total US Oil Production (1000s Barrels Per Day)

Shale Gas Production Increases

Here's a graph showing where the various shale plays are found in the US.  It shows both oil and gas-bearing shales.

From the EIA, here's a breakdown of shale production increases since the start of the shale boom:  

Below is a recent history of total US natural gas production in Trillions of cubic feet per day (also from the EIA): 

US Natural Gas Production in Trillions of Cubic Feet Per Day
Some of the Shale gas production is not shown.  Data for 2012 is not available from the EIA.  

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