Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Hillary: "What Difference Does It Make!?"

Sorry Hillary, it makes all the difference.

As I mentioned in my blog entry Obama Received His 3 am Wakeup Call...and Failed, the President, the Secretary to the UN, the Secretary of State all lied about the cause of the uprising in Benghazi that killed our great ambassador and 3 others in October.  For weeks the story evolved, almost immediately contradicting the President of Libya, who correctly labeled the events "terrorism" from day one.

The main thing is why all the lies?  Why persist in the lies?  Since the attack lasted for 7 hours with men huddled, under attack, in the "safe house", why wasn't there a rescue attempt?  There was reporting by Fox News, our only opposition news outlet, that rescue forces were told to "stand down" by someone.  Is that true?  If so, who told the forces to stand down?

From Dick Morris
If President Obama blamed the attack in Libya on a film, knowing that it was not a demonstration but a planned terrorist attack and did so two months before an election, then that is an impeachable offense. That’s what difference it makes.
At first, the administration's 'spin' was that the uprising and attack was a spontaneous reaction to a silly internet video. Then Susan Rice changed her tune saying that she was only relaying the best intelligence available which was another lie.  Joe Biden repeated the same "lie" or "talking point" in media interviews.  But everything was known within a couple of hours of the beginning of the attack.  Weeks later CBS released a video interview of the President admitting terrorism within a day of the attack. Why is our so-called free media protecting this President?   Why? Because he's a black president!

To recap, everything was known about the attack right away.  Emails widely disseminated in Washington within 1 1/2 hours after the start of the attack concluded that it was a terrorist group. There was live drone video feed of the event available in Washington real-time of the attack.  This was all occurring on a Friday mid-afternoon Eastern time during business hours.  Subsequent lies by the President included that the attack was in the middle of the night.  FALSE!  It was mid-afternoon Washington DC time!

It's important because while politics played out, 4 people died. It's important because the truth was known in real-time from drones in the area and nearly real-time email notifications. The truth was "repressed".

This President has been unable to utter the words "Islamic Terrorist" during his entire lifetime.  If you can't correctly identify your enemy, then how likely is it that you'll be able to develop the correct policy?  Why does our "Free" media protect Presidential propaganda?  Why?  Because he's black and predictably liberal!  But remember, political correctness kills people! 

The Left and the Liberal media have shielded this President from any criticism, from any accountability and from any blame.  The President will not admit there was a screw-up.  He will not admit EVER that he has screwed up on the economy, screwed up the health care mess, screwed up his first term.

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