Friday, April 5, 2013

Obama Incompetence: No Budget Again

If you can't budget, you can't lead.

After over 1200 days, the Senate finally proposed a budget.  The House passed Ryan's budget proposal, but the White House remains predictably incompetent in proposing ANYTHING. Obama is at least 60 days late in his promise to deliver a budget this year (or any year).   Maybe budgeting is interfering, and secondary to,  his golfing or holiday outings?  No doubt!

Worse, Jack Lew, in reality just a political operative and who was formerly a "placeholder" for the Director White House Office of Management and Budget, never produced a budget is now rewarded by Obama for his incompetence to become his Chief of Staff.   Don't expect a budget ever. .

You know what?  Never mind!  The White House is once again irrelevant to the discussion of budgets just like they were during the fiscal cliff discussions.  Furthermore, previous budgets were nearly laughable.

Response to Sequester "Cuts" Show Washington Incompetence 

Even the fairly mild sequester "cuts"drain the swamp slightly and immediately begins to show how incompetent Washington and Obama are. (Oh and by the way, there are no 'real' cuts;  federal spending will continue to rise this year.)  Why? Because there's no budgeting!  With no budget, spending is literally out of control.

In response to sequester "cuts", the best that Obama can conceive is to cut back on White House guided tours costing a couple of million dollars per year rather than cut back on the thousands of areas of waste that could and should be cut.  Meanwhile billions and billions are being wasted.  See my blog "How to Cut $450 Billion per year Federal Budget."

From Investor's Business Daily:
The House and Senate have passed their respective, wildly different budget plans to cope with the nation's debt crisis. So where's the president? Seems he'd rather do anything but lead on this critical issue.
By law, the president is obligated to produce a budget plan on the first Monday of February, establishing his priorities for federal spending and taxes for the next year and the decade ahead. It's the first step that gets this all-important annual process under way, one that's more critical than ever as the U.S. careens toward a massive debt crisis.
But Obama apparently can't be bothered with this mundane responsibility. He's now 50 days late with this budget [yeah, 50 days plus 4 years!], and is giving no indication of when, or even if, he'll bother to offer one up.
Instead, Obama is planning yet another pointless and costly trip around the country, this time to try to rally support for politically expedient gun control laws.
Meanwhile, House Republicans have passed their budget plan, as have Senate Democrats (for the first time in four years).
Democrats and Obama will never balance any budget.  It's just not in their DNA.  They will never "get real" about any serious and proper administration of your tax dollars.  Why should they? The Federal Reserve is creating a $1 Trillion dollars of new money per year now to effortlessly fund astronomic deficits nearly ad infinitum!   Monetizing of the debt by the Federal Reserve should be outlawed.

What you have is a president who is simply an actor.  You have a 1/2 term Senator with little competence.  There will never be any leadership from this president.  His weak attention span prevents any useful focus but instead "flits" off onto supporting "brain mapping" or whatever "sounds" good.  He doesn't do any actual work!

Obama is a slacker.

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