Saturday, September 28, 2013

Obama Negotiates with Iran, But Not Republicans

You know that we're in a screwed-up times when the President is happy talking to Iran's Rouhani but not the Republicans.  It's as if he's saying Republicans are worse than the Mullahs of Iran.  But of course it's about Obama's Narcissistic Personality Disorder---he must be seen to be doing grand and exalted things even when the country really needs someone to roll up their sleeves to do their duty.

Iran is ruled by the biggest liars and cheaters the world has ever seen outside of the Communists.  There is little doubt that Rouhani is another liar who will succeed in tricking the "trickster" Obama while the centrifuges spin faster and faster. And since when are Iranian elections legitimate?  There's a reason that no American president has talked to Iranian leaders since 1979.  They are not only liars but are terrorists, murders and oppressors.  But Obama engages them but not Republicans.

Obama and Rouhani deserve each other.  Obama, arguably the worse president in American history,  talks to the leader of the worst country in the world when it comes to, well, anything!  Forget about freedom of religion, freedom of expression or any kind of freedom.  And remember that Obama had NOTHING to say to support Iranian student democratic protesters in Iran in 2009 who risked (and gave) their lives protesting the scorched earth fascism of the Mullahs only to be ignored by narcissist Obama. Obama is not about freedom either and democratic institutions are a problem for him.

Republicans Trying to Make a Stand on Spending and Debt

The Republicans are feebly trying to make a few points about out-of-control spending.  And Republicans represent about 1/2 of this country.  But don't complain because you'll be labeled racist!

The out-of-control spending includes the unpopular Obamacare.  More than 1/2 of the people don't want ObamaCare and these numbers are increasing.  The lies, which Obama made to "sell" the legislative abomination, are becoming known and it's popularity has never been lower.  It'll get much worse too.  The real cost of this disastrous example of central planning is now becoming clearer (after the election of course).   See Liberalism: Imposted by Tricks and Lies and Doesn't Work.

The federal deficit has shrunk to "only" $650 billion, so to force austerity on the government would cause some short term disruptions but could be a way to finally balance the budget. I like this idea! Austerity on the government is much better then austerity imposed on the people with higher taxes (the European way).

I think enforcing a balanced budget would hurt in the short term but would put this country on the right track long term. We don't need a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution.  We have a debt limit if we choose to put our foot down.

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