Monday, September 23, 2013

Why Are Democrats So Hysterical?

Look at some of the headlines hysterically denouncing the "hard ball" tactics of the Republicans with regard to the debt ceiling discussion.  Mind you, all of the so-called threats are not going anywhere. The Republicans don't control the Senate or the White House.  All of this is just theater.  Here's reactions to that theater from the hysterical media:

Republicans Trying to Burn Down Government - Rep. Nancy Pelosi, CNN
Coldhearted GOP Threatens the Economy - E.J. Dionne, Washington Post
A Ghastly Ritual Repeats Itself - Charles Blow, New York Times
Republican Party Is Destroying America - Kirsten Powers, The Daily Beast
Obama Refusing to Negotiate Over Debt Ceiling, CBS News
Obama: Republicans Using Extortion - Alexis Simendinger, RealClearPolitics
The Republicans' March to Anarchy - New York Times
Republican Debt Ceiling Strategy Courts Doom - Julian Zelizer, CNN
The GOP's Debt Ceiling Insanity - Jonathan Capehart, Washington Post
From the Stupid Party to the Crazy Party - Paul Krugman, New York Times

Extortion, cold-hearted, destruction of America, doom, insanity, crazy, stupid, ghastly and anarchy!!  Oh my!  Lions, Tigers and Bears!! Do you think Democrats are hysterical???

So-called 'Cuts' in Food Stamps

The NYT reported hysterically that the Republicans "cut" $40 billion from the Food Stamps program!!  Oh my!!  First of all it's not a cut at all---just a reduction of a 10 year projection of spending to $700 billion (from $740 billion).    I'll bet $100 that the so-called "cut" is a reduction of an increase.  There's never a real cut in Washington, never!

All of these 10 year projections of spending are bullshit--a way to feed into the prevailing demagoguery in Washington.  With no budget for this year or for many years, nothing is based in fact and statistics are bandied about without any anchor or basis!  Afterall, facts are an anathema to the Democrats.  It gets in the way of the demagoguery.

Nancy Pelosi, noted propagandist, said that Republican's "cuts" would “take food out of the mouths of millions of American children...”

Whose the party of stupid?

There Are No Adults In Charge in Washington.

There are no adults in power in Washington.  There is no national budgeting (which means no targets, no allocation of resources and no management), no strategy for the economy (except to get a many people hooked on government assistance as possible---which explains why there can be no budgets), no coherent foreign policies (just ad hoc reactions),  free money forever from both the Fed Reserve and the Federal government.

There's a free-for-all party going on in Washington.

It's as if there are a bunch of children running the country.  Naturally, spoiled adolescent children throw a temper tantrum when an adult steps up to demand discipline and control of their spending. This is the hardest lesson of life itself.  The temper tantrum would include hysterics and hyperbole about how devastating the new discipline is!   It's just what happens when you discipline a spoiled child.  This is also what's happening with the "theater" going on regarding the debt ceiling extension.

Democrats are the spoiled children and Republicans are "dad."

The problem is that the Republicans have less credibility now than in the past in being the "adult" in this drama.  The liberal media has been effective in denigrating Republicans and painting Democrats as the responsible and "intelligent' party.  I wish it were true. 

Republicans have a good history of competent leadership in the administration of the national budget and economy even in conjunction with Democratic congresses. Even today, sixty percent of US states have Republican governors and are enjoying the benefit of competent leadership.  But look at Democratic party's performance in places like California, Illinois and Detroit and you can see the difference.

Had Mitt Romney been elected, there would already have been an improved economy in this country as Romney would have signaled a withdrawal of government intervention in the economy. Such a decline has historically meant improvement in business sentiment and in the economy.  The people of America had that option just a few months ago but they chose more out-of-control-spending and debt.

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