Tuesday, October 29, 2013

My Visit to Healthcare.gov

Sometimes a picture says a thousand words (hat tip to ZeroHedge):

I visited the  Healthcare.gov website this weekend.  I logged on just to look around.  The website was "down" about half of the time during various attempts to browse it.

On the other hand, if you want to see a great site (but one with diminishing options thanks to Obama and his fellow socialists), go to www.ehealthinsurance.com.   At that site, you used to be able to get 100s of options to find exactly what you want at a price you want to pay.  Ah, the wonder of the formerly free market.  Now, many/most options that you want are literally becoming illegal.  Like the cartoon above, you have to get on board.

The administration's site is "amateurish" and even ridiculous when considering the $600 million dollars spent so far.  There are no hyper-linked details for any of the plans listed, so you have no idea of what's on offer for the inflated price.  The choices are limited and conform to one (expensive) idea of what insurance is all about.  Me and millions of others are being forcibly upgraded to get benefits that we don't want.

For example, I don't want prescription benefits or any benefits for doctor's office visits.  In a similar way, why would I want insurance coverage for oil changes on my auto insurance?  It would just raise my costs due to the added administration costs of the insurance company to approve, pay and keep track of such stuff.  

My blog My Damage From Obamacare tells the tale of my insurer cancelling my high deductible policy and offering a ACA-compatible policy at double the cost compared to earlier this year.  My health insurance cost will have gone up 5-Fold since the President started flapping his lips to "transform" America and our healthcare system. 

The website may be experiencing "technical difficulties." Technical difficulties can be fixed.  But, what can't be fixed are the intellectual deficits in the people behind this law. 

Those can not be fixed except to "clean house." Welcome to government by the ignorant and liars.

As if to prove that point, I'm listening right now to a report by NBC that the Obama administration knew back in 2010 that up to 75% of the 18 million people in the individual market (like myself) would find their insurance cancelled thanks to the mandatory coverage required by new law.   But the shameless liar, an accurate characterization of Obama, kept spouting his lies that "you can keep your insurance" while campaigning for his second term.  Also concealed before the 2nd election was the price tag of being forcibly upgraded to a one-size-fits-all approach embodied in ObamacAIR.  

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