Wednesday, October 2, 2013

ObamaCare Websites Traffic Driven by Promise of Free Money

Thousands, and perhaps millions, of people went on the ObamaCare websites yesterday but servers crashed.  CBS's Scott Pelley, in his usual tone of a Kindergarten school teacher (a sign of the low level mentality of the media), was touting the high traffic on the sites but correctly noted that no one reported any actual sales.  Good teleprompter reading Scott!

Obama was flapping his lips today as well---touting the high web traffic on the healthcare site. It wasn't true as most people couldn't even access the sites.  But he (incorrectly) said that it showed the popularity and importance of the ObamaCare law.  Sorry, ObamaCare is not popular and never has been.

Most couldn't access anything.  Marketwatch couldn't access any state site.  Those that did access the sites, found that nearly all of the errors were design issues---not traffic issues.  From Commentary magazine,
The interesting part about the difficulties, especially online, is that they aren’t caused by a massive influx of traffic.

The issues being reported are entirely design-based: drop-down menus that weren’t populated with text and coding gibberish on several pages that was never replaced with the appropriate language. Many of the pages were entirely inaccessible, with error messages asking visitors to “Please wait” and later, after going through the steps to open an account an error message told users “Your account couldnt [sic] be created at this time.” The most troubling of these “glitches,” takes the form of lax online security. Numerous fake websites have apparently emerged by third-party websites aimed at stealing the information respondents enter online.
I'm not surprised there was significant traffic.  After all, Obama promised free money to all.  He said that HE would waive the income verification part of the law---essentially promising subsidies to all----whether you need it or not.  You can bet that the numerous "gamers of the system" will be in full force to take advantage of free money--thus the high website traffic.  Scott Pelley wouldn't be smart enough to make such a connection much less report any of this information at all.

The fact that Obama himself decided not to enforce the income verification part of the law is disturbing enough.   Add this to the ObamaPhones scam which provides cell phones and pays the bills for anyone who asks,  Foodstamps for anyone who asks, the vastly expanded fraud in Social Security Disability, the Pigford Scandal, prosecution of States that have the temerity to enforce immigration laws where the Feds refuse to do so, then you have a good picture of the increasing fraud and lawlessness sponsored by this administration and Obama himself.  

George Washington must be rolling over in his grave.

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