Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Democrats Attacking ObamaCare Victims; Stifling Free Speech

I just posted a blog called "Leftism Destroys Societies" that talks about the ways Leftism or Socialism kills societies.  One of the points by John Hawkins, was that Socialism stifles free speech.

I just read an article on Breitbart on how Democrats, in collusion with big media, is trying to "shush" (stifle) stories about people who are being actively harmed by the ObamaCare bureaucracy including those people battling cancer.   With a big and bungling bureaucracy, expect more and more nightmarish stories for as long as the law is in force. 

Don't forget: Inside every liberal is a totalitarian.  Read on to see some perfect examples.

From Wynton Hall at Breitbart,
With numerous Obamacare cancer patients now telling their nightmare stories, Democrats have declared war against individuals willing to share their struggles with fellow Americans.

Democrats’ latest target: Michigan cancer patient Julie Boonstra. Boonstra says attacks by Democratic Senate candidate Gary Peters’s campaign against her new Obamacare TV ad will not silence her.

“I’m very upset with them for trying to stop my ad,” Boonstra told Fox News. “They’re not scaring me. Cancer scares me. The growth of my cancer, possibly losing my life over this, that scares me. I battle cancer every day. They’re not going to intimidate me.” 
 Lawyers for Michigan Democratic Senate candidate Gary Peters sent TV stations a letter threatening that failure to rip down the ad, sponsored by Americans for Prosperity, could result in the revocation of their broadcasting license. The letter, which cites a Washington Post fact-check on the ad that gave it two “Pinocchios,” warned broadcasters, “Failure to prevent the airing of ‘false and misleading advertising’ may be ‘probative of an underlying abdication of licensee responsibility’ that can be cause for the loss of a station’s license.”

Democrats’ attacks on Obamacare victims have escalated in recent weeks, as the unpopular healthcare program has raised Democratic candidates’ fears heading into the November midterm elections. On Sunday, progressive New York Times columnist Paul Krugman published a blog article titled “Health Care Horror Hooey,” wherein Krugman blasted Obamacare victims, stating that “the true losers from Obamacare generally aren’t very sympathetic.”

Similarly, progressive publications like Mother Jones and the Los Angeles Times have attacked Obamacare cancer patients’ stories in pieces with titles like “Maybe There Are No Genuine Obamacare Horror Stories” and “Has Anyone in America Actually Been Harmed By Obamacare?”
Curiously, the mainstream media have been less inclined to investigate the claims of Obamacare “success” stories touted by President Barack Obama’s campaign-turned-advocacy group, Organizing for Action. As Breitbart News revealed, an NBC News report highlighting a happy Obamacare customer failed to mention that the “average citizen” it profiled was actually a Democratic political candidate and Obama campaign worker. In another example, OFA touted the story of “Avram Friedman.” What it failed to mention was that Friedman was a Democratic candidate and activist who describes himself as a “highly seasoned grassroots political organizer.”

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