Monday, February 24, 2014

Democrat's War On Nearly Everything

I'm tired of hearing nonsense Democratic talk about the so-called Republican "war on women" and Republicans being the party of hate and other fact-free talking points.  But they are good at staying consistent in the use of these talking points repeated by lap-dog media and unchallenged by lame Republican leadership.  Their strategy, with mass media assistance and control, is to repeat the same talking points often enough that they 'feel' like facts to the public.  It's a propaganda effort that is more consistent with totalitarian states, not the USA.

How about Democrat's War on nearly everything??? 
  • Democrats war on jobs (income taxes on the prosperous, failure to approve Keystone, no tax reform to repatriate overseas jobs, ObamaCare will trim millions of jobs, minimum wage increase will hurt jobs)
  • Democrats assault on opposition and alternative media like Fox, Breitbart, Townhall and bloggers. This is a Democratic party war on the 1st Amendment to our Constitution.  It'll get worse too.   How about IRS persecution of outspoken citizens who happen to disagree with the administration?  (James Rosen, conservative groups, Ben Carson)?
  • Democrats war on the prosperous. They are the party of soak the rich after all!  And it never works!  Look at Venezuela burning!
  • Democrats war on coal and conventional energy -- this despite the fact that fossil fuels are still overwhelmingly our primary energy source.  See here and here.
  • Democrat's war on Christians and Christianity and their substitution of the drab "Church of Big Government"  Democrats want a Pagan society, rather than Christian.  Sorry guys, America is a predominantly a Christian country.
  • Democrat's war on the Constitution.  See here and here.
  • Democrat's war on personal and fiscal responsibility.  This is the problem with an expanding welfare state and substitution of "government" for community and family.
  • Democrat's war on guns and the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution and ignore the fact that one group consisting of only 6% of the population commit 56% of the gun murders in this country (guess who?  black men).  Think Piers Morgan.
  • Democrat's war on the true freedom seekers -- those that are willing to risk their lives to overthrow tyranny.  Remember in 2009, Obama supported the tyranical Honduran president Zelaya--who was very busy working to make himself a dictator for life, a la Chavez in 2009.  Obama failed to support Iranian student uprising in 2009, etc.
  • Democrat's war on the truth -- ObamaCare enrollment numbers are twisted and vastly inflated despite the law being a complete flop and still hurting more people than it helps. Every bit of information out of the WH is "spin" because there are NO successes to brag about --both domestic and foreign policies of this administration are in a near total state of failure.
  • Democrat's war on the innocent unborn.  Have they no shame? 
  • Democrat's war on conservative groups through IRS persecution
  • Democrats failing the "war on poverty" Epic failure at $21 Trillion cost.
  • Democrats war on the US social fabric -- Dems are destroying our country's social fabric through the welfare state -- to wit, look at the collapse of the African-American culture in this country -- brought to you by the people who supposedly "care" about you/them!   How about Obama's class warfare rhetoric??  How about Obama and Holder setting the tone for illegality and the legitimizing of the "bending" rules and laws -- not enforcing laws that they don't like.  Obama's administration has set a tone of illegality.  Not coincidentally, crime is rising rapidly in the country. Obama is truly setting the tone of anarchy.
  • Democrat's war on journalists.  Remember Holder's DOJ illegally going after journalist phone records just after IRS was caught persecuting opposition groups. Where's the outrage??  These are 1st Amendment violations!! 
Democrats are at war with America itself.

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