Thursday, May 15, 2014

Minimum Wage Increase Is Just More "Something-for Nothing"

I recently wrote a blog called 500 Economists Confirm That Increasing Minimum Wage Kills Jobs that explains why the number of jobs will go down when the "price" of labor goes up.  Naturally you can expect the Democrats to refuse to understand and accept this basic economic lesson. They never do.  They are the true members of the Flat Earth society.

And expect more demagoguery from idiot Obama.  He's all about "something for nothing" and "giveaways' (food stamps, Medicaid expansion, minimum wage rise, massive Obamacare premium support, etc)  as if 'something-for-nothing' doesn't have a cost or consequence.  Sorry, Obama, there is no free lunch!  Didn't you learn anything in your life?

Sorry if this offends you, but "something for nothing" and "gaming the system" is 100% part of the African American culture and has a basis in most (if not all) African countries (like in Kenya where Obama was reared).  You can put a nice suit on this guy, but he's still a slave to his upbringing and heritage.

Here's a good example of how jobs will disappear if the minimum wage is hiked:

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