Friday, May 30, 2014

Obama Says It's "Not Smart" to Enforce Immigration Law; Creates Surge of Illegals and Promotes Anarchy

Obama and his DOJ has been encouraging anarchy at our borders for several years now. They keep refusing to enforce immigration laws and the result is vastly increased surges of illegals taking advantage of this "wink and a nod" acquiescence by our chief executives.  But lax enforcement is the root cause of our current population of illegals. See my blog Lax Enforcement Causes Our Current Immigration Problem.

Obama has publicly said in recent months that he would unilaterally stop the deportation of illegal children despite what the law says. The result is a surge of illegal immigrant children crossing the border this year.

The Washington Times reported yesterday that 60,000 children are predicted to be dumped at the borders this year and this number is expected to double next year.
Children traveling without their families, including an “overwhelming” number younger than 12, are flooding across the southwestern border in the latest test of the Obama administration’s immigration policy.
Homeland Security Officials predict that 60,000 minors will cross the border this year and that the number will double next year, accounting for an astonishing percentage of people trying to jump the border — braving the tremendous perils of crossing Mexico and trying to evade border authorities, hoping to eventually connect with family in the U.S.
And why wouldn't they?  The radicals in Washington DC have announced that nothing will be done.  In fact, ICE is delivering some of these children to known illegal families and thereby aiding the child smugglers associated with the Mexican drug cartels.  You see, illegal immigrants living in the United States are paying human traffickers connected to Mexican cartels to smuggle their children into the U.S.   ICE is completing the final leg of the journal: delivery to the families.  Yep, you read that right, the administration is now doing the work of the child smuggling drug cartels in Mexico.

Just this week, Obama said that it's "not smart" to enforce immigration law in this country.  Obama, Biden and Eric Holder are, in fact, encouraging a serious state of anarchy at our country's borders.

Obama said on May 13th from Daily Caller:
Enforcing immigration law “isn’t smart,” President Barack Obama told law enforcement officials Tuesday, just one day after the public learned he had released 36,007 illegal-immigrant murderers, rapists, thieves and other criminals into the nation’s communities.
Cops should be going after major criminals, not the many illegal immigrants that are quietly living in their districts, said Obama, who has twice sworn to uphold the nation’s laws.
“You’ve got to spend time dealing with somebody who is not causing any other trouble other than the fact that they were trying to make a living for their families,” Obama said.
“That’s just not a good use of our resources. It’s not smart. It doesn’t make sense,” said Obama, who has already directed immigration police to minimize enforcement of illegal living far from the border.
And Obama swore on a bible to "uphold the Constitution and faithfully execute the office of the President." But wait,  the office of the President is all about enforcement of the laws!  

Lax enforcement and political correctness has given us an 11 million illegal problem to begin with.  Again, see my blog Lax Enforcement Causes Our Current Immigration Problem.  So why would he expect the Republicans to go along with an amnesty bill without fixing any of the real problems?  No one in their right mind would do a deal with Obama as he is the very embodiment of lax enforcement.

But expect the Republicans to be vilified instead, to be demagogued by the DemocRATs,  beat-up by the intellectually deficient media, and subsequently hurt in the polls for being obstinate in not going along with this insane administration.   What a sad state of affairs: right is wrong, down is up, bad is good, good is bad.  Are we at the end of days?

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