Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Obama Lies: "I Will Never Leave a Comrade to Fall Into the Hands of the Enemy"

In defending the Bergdahl-Taliban swap, Obama said that "we don't leave our men and women in uniform behind" -- pretending to be a patriot (everything is for political gain with this bunch).   Kerry reiterated that "talking point" like the good progressive soldier that is.

Obama also said “I will never leave a fallen comrade to fall into the hands of the enemy."  

But they are are bald-faced liars.   Leaving our Libya ambassador and staff behind in a prolonged and deadly attack is PRECISELY what this administration did in Benghazi.  The White House left our men to die during a 7 hour Jihadist attack starting at 2 pm on a Friday afternoon, with no attempt at rescue them nor any effort to find the perpetrators.  Obama lied again when he said that he would find the perpetrators. There was no such effort. In fact the diplomatic mission (and CIA base) in Benghazi was ransacked and picked over by looters for weeks.

The sad truth is that, before Obama, the military did have a tradition of never leaving our men behind, especially those who were under attack.  The principle of leaving no one behind — no matter the cost — is deeply embedded in the U.S. military.  No effort is spared to get them home if they fall into enemy hands.   It's so reliably true that it someone must have overruled any impulse/effort to rescue Ambassador Stevens and staff during the Benghazi attack. 

It was likely Obama himself who ordered a "stand down" of forces -- which is why the entire administration and it's apparatchiks are stonewalling and lying about this matter.  EVERY effort must be made not to expose the sad truth of the extreme incompetence and even subversive nature of this black administration.  It's no big surprise: nearly every black leader in this country is intentionally or inadvertently an enemy of our Republic.   You see, it's Anglophones who invented the freedom and the political freedom that led to the USA and it's Constitution.  Africans and African Americans have no such tradition.  They do not have sufficient intellectual capability to create or understand it -- and apparently never will.

Getting re-elected was Obama's only concern -- not governing.  The attack by Islamists would have inconveniently exposed his false talking point that Al Qaeda was "on the run."  Then they created the false "talking point" of blaming the attack on a silly U-Tube video to hide that truth.  Add Susan Rice to the list of serial liars.  Worse, the lies and stonewalling worked and tricked the nation during the 2012 election season.  They successfully hid their real agendas:  anti-military, anti-business, anti-democracy,  pro-socialism and essentially anti-America.  Remember, the full affliction and catastrophe of ObamaCare was also deferred until after the 2012 election.

We have a bunch of despicable liars, cheaters and traitors in this administration.  What else would expect?   Their every talking point is a lie and a liberal trick.  Regarding Obama and Benghazi, the truth is likely that he was an incompetent, even AWOL, commander-in-chief -- a title which he shouldn't have;  no one has ever been less worthy. 

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