Wednesday, November 5, 2014

America Is Center-Right, Democrats on Lunatic Fringe

The current incarnation of Democrats, now a bunch of looney leftists and intellectually a far cry from the grand old Democrats like Truman, JFK and even Bill Clinton, were hammered in last night's elections.  It was bound to happen for a few reasons:
  1. America is fundamentally a center-right country politically. It always has been. That's the biggest and nagging problem for the Left.  Because of this they have to lie and obfuscate their agenda because people don't want what they are selling.
  2. The voters can only be fooled so many times by Democratic tricks eg., hide all of the consequences of ObamaCare in the run-up to the 2012 election.  Also, fact-free smearing of any Conservative or Conservative idea also tends to get old, especially when ALL of the Left's idea are WRONG or don't work.
  3. Democrats foolishly threw themselves behind a charismatic charlatan named Obama who is a true disaster for this country -- he is so wrong and far from the mainstream that he's an enemy of this country.  The Democrats that aided and abetted him deserved punishment.  Most black 'leaders' in the country are anti-American. They don't understand our country's heritage of political freedom dating back over 1000 years -- freedom and principles developed by English-speaking peoples.  They don't get it, they don't want it.  
  4. Democrats are known to overreach.  Certainly, by Obama flouting our Constitutional system and selecting enforcing laws, they have over-reached to extent never seen before. 
Does This Look Like a Politically Left Leaning Country?

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