Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Obama Said 5 Times That He Doesn't Have The Power to Change Immigration Law On His Own

Obama has said on video tape at least 5 times in interviews and speeches that he doesn't have the power to enact immigration reform outside of Congress.  See the Breitbart article and the video evidence here.

Oh course, now he's changed his mind; contradicting himself by vowing to act on his own and assume powers that he's admitted 5 times that he doesn't have.   And he's going to act despite the fact that the voters spoke loudly against him in the mid-term elections.  

What we have here is a radical politician individual, cornered now by polls and an election rebuke, acting out of desperation.  And despite the election results, he's said that he can't wait and must act now because the Congress won't act.  But he's not talking to the Republicans and never has.  He's not now and never has tried to negotiate ANYTHING.  Remember, in the Saul Alinsky playbook, talking to the opposition is admitting that they are human!  It is Obama and Reid who have shut down Washington, not the Republicans.  After all, there are some 380 bills passed by the House sitting on Harry Reid's desk. Vilifying the Republicans is job one.

Obama and Democrats are hellbent on bringing in low-information poor people from Central America (and sending Mexicans home).  For what?  It doesn't help America in any sense. The answer is that Democrats now are desperate to get more low-information voters.  After all, as the Jon Gruber scandal has shown, Democrats rely on "stupid"voters and voters that don't understand economics to enact their agenda.

The new Congress will act to de-fund his illegal actions in January by budgetary means at a minimum.

There is no substitute to talking to the other side of the aisle.  That's his job and he's not up to the task.  This guy is so incompetent that he is traumatized by the ordinary duties of his office.

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