Friday, December 4, 2015

A Love So Profound

I hope you have Netflix.  Please add to your list the movie "The Drop Box."  It's an incredibly inspiring story of compassion and love. And the more you look into the story, the more amazing it becomes.

The movie was made by a 21 year old USC film student named Brian Ivie.

Over breakfast one morning Brian read a story in the Los Angeles Times article entitled "South Korean Pastor Tends an Unwanted Flock."  The story was about Pastor Lee, who after seeing the tragedy of abandoned babies even in his own neighborhood, decided that at least he should provide a way for distressed and desperate mothers to more safely give up their babies. His concern was for baby's lives. He built an insulated 'mail box' in the front of his building and installed a bell to ring when a baby was 'deposited.'  Brian immediately wanted to make a film about this man's story.

Brian originally had in mind to do a short film.  He finally was able to contact Pastor Lee and went to Korea to meet the pastor and talk to him about the project. While there, he was extremely moved by the depth of the love that was witnessing -- love given to mostly disabled babies who had literally been thrown away. He began to understand that he was seeing a love so profound that he wanted to know from where such love comes.

He came back to LA with an idea to do a full length feature. And, as is true when the Divine gets involved, things started to fall into place that enabled Brian to do his full-length feature. Money and offers of assistance suddenly appeared to support his effort. He got money from people who wanted to remain anonymous -- enough money and equipment to enable him to do a proper full-length movie. This is how God works in the world.

He went back to film.  While there, Brian gradually saw that he too was like the disabled kids -- flawed, broken and disabled -- just not as visibly.  He saw that they were still loved deeply despite their condition. Feeling Pastor Lee's love himself, it dawned on him that the Pastor's love for these children was just like the Father's love for the lowest and most unlovable among us -- including himself!!  This understanding transformed Brian's life too. He became a Christian while making his movie.  Here's a great interview clip that does more justice to the story than I can write here (link is here):

Please see this movie.

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