Monday, March 21, 2016

Entire Myth of Obama's Competence Built On Lies

When Obama burst on the political scene, he had no record to run on. He had no real notable career or accomplishments on his resume. His only claim to legitimacy was his Columbia and Harvard academic degrees.

The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education states clearly that, without affirmative action, that "the numbers and percentages of blacks in our leading graduate and professional schools would drop to very low, nearly nonexistent levels." Clearly this is true. There are so many qualified white applicants. The Journal also ominously notes that the black-white gap is actually widening.

So, the reality is that, with near 100% certainty, Obama only attended these universities due to lower admission standards of affirmative action. There are far too many highly qualified White and Asian applicants. Affirmative action is based on Liberal justices "making laws" from their benches. Liberalism in action!

And Obama clearly didn't do well at Harvard or Columbia. If he had a great record, why didn't he release his transcripts? It's because he couldn't tolerate objective scrutiny. Even Obama himself has intimated that he was a lazy student. But, his academic credentials are the only notable thing on his CV.

We know that the elections of Obama were significantly due to Liberal media manipulation of public opinion. They falsely painted Obama as having a superior intellect with superior ideas. He might even be somewhat "above average" intelligence as he's able to speak well and conjugate verbs unlike a large portion of blacks, but he's hardly brilliant.

According to the Bell Curve and statistics, "brilliant" blacks are very rare statistically (0.027%). Yes, he's 1/2 black, so he might have inherited high intellect genes from his white side, but for 7 years he's shown a telling lack of logic and consistency, an inability to adjust or learn and a high degree of incoherence in his statements and policy.  He's even said some ridiculous things about matters of law that shows he's not a law expert at all, despite having gone to Harvard Law. ("It would be unprecedented if the Supreme Court overturned a law like the ACA")

So, the reality is that Obama is a mediocre intellect promoted far beyond his capabilities through the omission of information and tricks used by Leftist media to paint an exaggerated narrative. Leftism is imposed by tricks, lies and even omission of truth. He never was a professor of Law as was claimed. He was a senior lecturer -- not a professor: another trick.

He was a senior lecturer, but we're not told the reason as to why he left this post.  Maybe it was because he was a massively arrogant prick that no one could stand??  Probably. No resume information has been provided. No job references were provided either. And the "Media" didn't ask for any either. So much whitewashing of truth!!

So, Obama, handed softball questions by Leftist media through both of his campaigns shielded him from being exposed. Leftist tricks are nearly entirely responsible for his rise.

So the entire myth of Obama's competence and prestige is built on lies, omissions and "propaganda." 

So, it's not surprising that his performance in office has been dismal. His record is one of nearly perfect failure. Instead, he's been a wrecking ball for social cohesion, a disaster in ALL matters of foreign policy, and his only major legislation, ObamaCare, was squeezed through passage using horrible tactics, has remained a disaster with public approval down to 29% among whites (a low 37% overall).  It's helped 2 or 3% but hurt 98%.  That's considered success in his incompetent world.

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