Monday, July 18, 2016

What HAVEN'T Black People Ruined?

All of the recent violence coming out of the black community reminds me of the fact that the blacks ruin everything everywhere and all the time. Think of the wreckage of black lives in Ferguson and Baltimore due to emotional, fact-free violence which is just the latest of wreckage from the idiocy that is "black America." Sorry, but the black community in the US is a wreck of drugs, violence, gangs, prostitution, murder, stupidity & ignorance, illogic, immaturity, poverty, incarcerated men, fatherless children, STDs and HIV. Most other black majority areas in the world have the same situation with very few exceptions (none?).

Many black folks are nice, kind and responsible. But the bottom 25 to 50% of a population can ruin an entire population and that's what we're seeing.

All of the most dangerous cities in the US are the ones with large black populations. Black men, at 6% of the population commit 56% of gun murders and 59% of felony murders. Some 11% of black men are in jail right now. The published black high school graduation rate of 54% is exaggerated because no statistician is accounting for the large numbers of young black men/boys in jail. And 37% of those kids who drop-out are in jail.  $21 trillion has been spent on income support and benefits substantially for blacks since Johnson's Great Society, but poverty has increased! It's because these programs have ruined black families and single parent households are much poorer than households with two parents. Despite all that money, one can easily make an argument that the Great Society has ushered-in a black cultural collapse.

The black "community" is a miasma of crime yet they disrespect and hate the police. The black community is most in need of police protection but is the most hostile to and uncooperative with police. They don't respect any authority figure -- black or white. And don't put a black person on a jury! They have little logic and believe really stupid things about police. Black jurors often don't want to convict black criminals.

Every housing project built to "help" the black community has been immediately wrecked and ruined. Most of them are now condemned or torn down. All of the well-meaning white men's tax dollars have been flushed down the toilet. What's left of inner cities are disasters and basically uninhabitable except for the most desperate or impoverished. And we're still spending $1 Trillion per year on programs primarily directed at these people. It's not working.  

Black people and especially black men remain a huge burden to this country.

And it's not just the US.

Brazil, with a majority black and black/mix ethnicity, has a murder rate some 6 times the rate of that in the US. Brazil had 50,000 murders in one recent year (compared to about 15,000 in the US, but Brazil has only 200 million people).  The Brazil murder total is approximately the entire US death toll from the 10 year long Viet Nam war. Why? Because black people caused it! Crime is also sky-high in most Latino and all black nations.

Conditions in Africa range from very poor to catastrophically bad. Poverty, dysfunction, tyranny, crime, murder, occasional genocides are very common in Africa. The same can be said of places like Haiti and Jamaica. There is little advanced civilization in evidence in most parts of Africa, Caribbean or US black populations. That isn't to say that they are bad people. But they have populations with the lowest cognitive ability (IQ) in the world. Some parts of Africa have median IQs estimated in the 60s, 70s and low 80s.

Low Median Intelligence Causes Disorderly, Impoverished and Miserable Populations

Only Northern Europeans and East Asian populations (and their descendants) have median IQs of 100 or more. All the rest of the world is much lower -- averaging in the 80s -- including blacks and Hispanics.  High median IQs easily explains the success of the US, Canada, Australia and Europe. White English-speakers invented political and economic freedom and have created the most successful, prosperous and orderly societies the world has ever seen.  East Asians (and descendants) have created great cultures as well.

But black populations here and in Africa have the lowest median IQs in the entire world. And not surprisingly, black communities are a disaster of crime and murder, ignorance, disorder, dysfunction, poverty and misery. Conditions in most parts of Africa range from dreadful to "medieval" to even "prehistoric." Most African "cultures" here and there are in total cultural collapse. In the US, there is little logic, little intelligence, little impulse control in this low intelligence population. The average black adult has a much lower intellectual (and emotional) maturity corresponding to their lower median IQ of 85. It's very obvious, but you are forbidden to say publicly any of this.

Black make up 13% of the US population and represent a huge burden to the country. Not just this country, but to anyplace where they are a significant minority or majority.

White majorities will disappear in 40 years in the US and the US will see lower per-capita GDP, higher crime and a predominance of populist politicians that will bring the end to the greatest country on earth. It's happening very rapidly under Obama, our token black president. Him and every other black leader in the US would lead their country to 3rd world status. 

The good news for quite a few US blacks that are responsible and reasonable (about 1/2 of them?) is that they can escape majority black communities and live among much more peaceful white and/or Hispanic communities. But the trainwreck of the black culture is not far away and can still strike out and ruin things even for those folks and everyone else. That's why if a few blacks move into your neighborhood, it's almost certain that crime will go up ---not from your neighbors -- but from their unsavory "friends"and associates. The black trainwreck affects even the good black folks.  The bottom 25% of a population can ruin an entire population and that's what we're seeing.


Anonymous said...

Right on man! We've all been saying this for 40+ years. WHAT benefit do most of these animals bring to America? Oh sure there might be 1 or 2 good afro's that we all know and actually like and who act like civilized citizens, BUT THE VAST MAJORITY, like 95% are violent, aggressive, rude, complainers. We should be able to bring it to a vote and let America decide. Deport all black class A felons from here

Anonymous said...

Wisdom is always found in yesterday. Never today or tomorrow. Just as tomorrow hasn't happened yet. Today has to be defined in Truth. But you cannot tell this to the fools of the world. Because they believe wisdom exists in the mind. That is impossible. We must look behind us to understand what to do next.

We can easily see trends to trace our problems and solutions. Blacks are very popular today. And they co-exist with the decay eating away at morality. There are always exceptions from person to person. But overall, it is that black culture that was once a sub-culture that is a major problem. Our overall culture today is directly influenced by blacks through popular culture. Which is something that breeds immorality and plain foolishness. You can witness this when you compare today's youth with yesterday.

Am I blaming the world's problems on blacks exclusively? Not hardly. They just play a major role in it. Right alongside China and other countries. I am amazed at the role of non-white or off-white races that spread filth in the world. Yes. There are exceptions. But stand back and look at the overall picture. Find the major stress points.

Anonymous said...

I live in Green Bay, WI. Same crap here, blacks ruining a city that I once knew and loved as a kid. Crazy how things can change over the years. I'm 47 and this place is a shit hole now.

Unknown said...

I'm so glad others see this truth. How can the disease(the rap culture) be destroyed or at least stopped from spreading any further? I keep telling folks that this is at least 75% of what is going wrong with this country but most peoples eyes just glaze over. I guess they are more interested in the next keeping up with the Kardashians or football game. It is an evil culture and not necessarily the black culture but more the rap/thug culture that seems to be running a muck in the black community but has spread like cancer to main stream and other demographics.

Anonymous said...

I live in south Africa and these things have ruined a good thing. They are the world's problem. Only a Caucasian can be civilized

Ichigo Kurosaki said...

This kind of thinking is why the world is surpassing Caucasian people. They think they're goods gift when in reality they're no different from eastern Europe scum. Blacks, Asians, Latinos, Indians, are all smarter than you think. Look outside of the pop culture and ghettos and begin to look around at universities and community colleges. They're as diverse as ever and the trend will only continue.

Doug said...

Sorry Ichigo, American blacks are a special case of ruin mainly caused by government. There would be very few US blacks in top universities if admissions were based on merits. Instead, it's highly qualified Asians and many others that are denied admission to let lower "quality" blacks into these schools ---all sacrificed on the altar of political correctness which is determined to prove that US blacks are the same as whites or Asians. It's just not true. It might be in a 1000 years! So Asians are being massively discriminated. How does that make you feel.

Yes, Asians have higher IQs than westerners.

Anonymous said...

Memphis, Tennessee is almost in ruins.

Unknown said...

And their manhood is bigger than whites causing our women to leave home.

Johnsmitty said...

And they take all our beautiful women!

Kimberly Cole Zemke said...

Amazing that folks can blame all the countries problems on one race of people who were brought here against their will and raped and beaten and we have almost two hundred years or systemic racism and disenfranchisement for them to overcome and then you want to insult them even more!!! If all you can do is sit on your rump and insult other people then what are you doing to help out with this perceived problem that you seem to know so much about. Why don't you do what Jesus would do and go out into the Black communities and help them. Volunteer and be a big brother or sister to a young black child who may not have the best home life that way if everyone spreads love and caring then you will be DOING SOMETHING to help your fellow human beings instead of just picking one ethnicity and blaming all the world's problems and the countries problems on them. How sad! May God Bless all of you!

Chris said...

I'm from the Illinois/Iowa boarder and blacks have invaded and ruined the whole Quad City Area. Cesspool now. They even through their garbage out of their cars right into my front yard as they go by. Can't have anything nice with this culture of grime and slime. So disgusting.

Chris said...

Get your head out of your butt. Black culture consists of stealing(taking what isn't earned, cheating(not paying, not playing by the rules, cheating the government/taxpayers, they screw anything and everything, not buying car ins., etc. etc. Materialistic, gaudy clothes jewelry,hair. They will kill for a pair of Jordans. Please wake up good GOD!

Chris said...

Hey dummy, Blacks brought blacks to America. Sold and brought by blacks! Thank God they came to America and freed by who?? Let me hear it! Freed by whites! In 1830 3,776 black American folks in America owned 12,740 black slaves. More than the white people in America. For God's sake learn history before you spew your garbage Kimberly!

Chris said...

How many blacks are you housing right now?

Anonymous said...

You can try to slice it any way you wish, but the FACT of the matter is that blacks are simply not capable of living in a civilized society. People like Kimberly have nice intentions, but they've been tried for decades at the cost of trillions of dollars and things are worse than ever.

Anonymous said...

I am not sure why but if one takes a look at Zimbabwe and what is happening in South Africa or what is happening in black run cities those facts speak volumes. And, those are measurable facts.

Let's face it; most blacks would prefer not to associate with whites and vice versa. The U.S. would be much better off if we paid blacks to return to Africa and also helped purchase/acquire the land for them there. This would allow them to engage in self governance without our interference.

In spite of what one may think I am quite liberal and I find it disgusting that black people are expected to be loyal to or slaves of one political party. I think the least racist thing to do would be to repatriate them and allow them to engage in self governance.

We have experimented with various social programs, etc. for years and they have failed miserably.

Anonymous said...

I've witnessed many neighborhoods completely destroyed by blacks. I've seen their quick anger and senseless violence up close. I've seen their ignorance become social norms. I've also seen people shunned and put out of jobs for mentioning these things, regardless of how true the incident they relate may be. They have a free pass to trounce the concept of civility in America without the ostracism a normal Caucasian would endure. Everywhere they go as a group, they bring violence, disrespect and ruin and often take pride in their ignorance. They are also quick to ridicule those among them who are civil, peaceful, studious, hard working and collaborative. And the chip they carry on their shoulder for slavery, without ever mentioning that it was THEIR OWN ANCESTORS WHO SOLD THEM IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!!

How many African Americans don't consider that Slavery was abolished in Western Africa (Mauritania) in 1981, but not made illegal there until 2008?

That's right, tell us how great the mother country was and sing your lovely African Lion King songs but keep in mind, it was LEGAL TO OWN SLAVES THERE UNTIL 2008!!!!!!!!!

Sadly, the hypocrisy and ignorance from the black american population is about the most certain thing you can always count on.

Anonymous said...

I am in Miama, FL. I ride the light-rail twice a week from/to airport (tri-rail). The trains are filled with black, who are talking and laughing loudly. Some of them are not really caring about their hygiene and I need to hold my breath if they get close. Once for a while, I see those people taking off their shoes and putting their legs on the chairs. I even saw a black drinking bud-light on the train. A few days ago, a black guy walking close to me talking loudly and trying to show me something on his phone. I was kind of scared. I also saw black fighting with black on the train. I really doubt if I am still living in America!!

Anonymous said...

Blacks are protected like pets in America. They get special treatment,
coddled, and act out like spoiled brats when they don't get their way. They are mostly incapable of impulse control and react on emotion instead of gathering facts to make rational decisions. We just need to give them a corner of our country and wall it off so they can self destruct on their own. All other liberal loving trash can also join their pets to coddle and live in harmony. When the shit hits the fan we can all kick back and smile and deny them entry back. I say give them the west coast so they can have the illegals, too.