Thursday, October 12, 2017

The Top 20% of Taxpayers Support Nearly All The Rest

From Mark Perry who is a sane Professor of Economics and American Enterprise scholar:

The data is a bit old (2013), but it shows the truth about the takers vs the makers.  Mark is taking into account both payroll taxes and income taxes in his analysis.


Calheintz said...

This is good data, but "quintiles" is a bit obscure. Is it by gross income? Or is it by ?? Maybe show the income level ( ie, 15000 - 25000 etc ) and the number of people in that quintile.

Doug said...

Calheintz, it's by income quintiles. Normally, I give a hyperlink to the source of the information, but I couldn't find this particular graphic on Mark Perry's blog. The source of the above graphic is a tweet from Mark Perry. Thanks for the comment. Come back!