Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Georgia Town Requires Gun Ownership and CNN Puzzled Why Crime is So Low

CNN reported on Kennesaw Georgia's requirement that each household maintain a firearm.  That ordinance is not enforced, but there is widespread ownership of guns there. But CNN was forced to admit that the city of 33,000 has only had only 1 murder in the past 6 years.

Leftists NEVER want to admit that MORE GUNS EQUAL LESS CRIME. That makes them members of the "Flat Earth society." They vilify the NRA, but NRA members don't commit murders: it's black Democrats that commit some 56% of gun homicides in this country. Seize guns from every black man and we'd have a serious improvement in the nation's murder rate. The Left WILL NEVER, EVER want to talk about that---it doesn't fit their narrative.

The very small town of Nelson, Georgia also made a requirement that each household own a gun and they faced an attack of a Federal Law suit by the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence. No doubt the Brady Center is a bunch of loony Leftists. These fucking dumb-asses NEVER get it.

Remember, we need widespread gun ownership because we may have to fight our own government someday. Think Cliven Bundy, who was recently acquitted of all charges when government murder, persecution, illegality and lies were revealed in court. Government is force. Government is at best a necessary evil. Big government is at worse very evil---like our current situation.

The US needs a revolution now to downsize our bloated Federal bureaucracy, but Trump doesn't see the need yet.

Another example of more guns leading to less crime is a city--probably in Texas:

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