Thursday, September 10, 2020

Yeah Right, Ashleight! ALL White People are Racist

ALL White People are "Racist Demons" Says BLM Activist & Lecturer at Seminar:

Here, listen to this for a couple of seconds  (YouTube link is here)  I don't see YouTube videos embedded in my posts on Google Blogger.  If you receive my posts by mail, they may be attached.  Here it is "embedded

A black lady called Antara Moody was one of the first to comment about the video at YouTube saying: 

"Words cannot describe how ridiculous she looks and sounds. I am black and this is utter lunacy!!! I only thought people would pay to see Orca at SeaWorld."   !

Well said Antara, I couldn't have said it better!  LOL.

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OilFieldExecutive said...

Blacks are without a doubt the most racist race. They are disgusting.