Tuesday, November 1, 2016

A Civilian Coup D'Etat Underway In US; Now Countered By Events and Comey

The vast conspiracy between Hillary Clinton, the Obama Administration, the corrupted DOJ, the Left Wing media enterprises (96% of Media are "in the tank" for Hillary), activities by various operatives paid by Soros or the Clinton Foundation are actually engaged in a Coup D'Etat to take over this country. The breadth and scope of their "operations" are amazing as is the passivity of the Republican "establishment." It's almost Trump against the world!

The video below is from Dr. Steve Pieczenik, who was Deputy Assistant Secretary of State under Henry Kissinger, Cyrus Vance and James Baker and holds a Harvard Ph.D.

The Left had almost succeeded in their Coup and they had planned Hillary's coronation. But a few kinks in their plans have emerged.

Although Obama tried to suppress Health Insurance premium announcements until after the election, that wasn't possible and the news is terrible. The ACA is a disaster for the country of Category 5 intensity. The Healthcare/Medical/Pharma bubble is inflating and threatens to bankrupt this country. It's obviously unsustainable! It's killing families and businesses all over this country! (The medical/pharma bubble must pop --it HAS to).

Julian Assange is one true hero to the counter-coup forces. His Wikileaks have been crucial in exposing the widespread corruption and manipulation. Most of what we know about the DNC, Hillary, the Clinton Foundations and the deep roots throughout the Democratic Party have been exposed by Assange.  See the Top 100 Most Damaging Wikileaks list here.  But the mainstreet media has failed (again) to report most of this information. Only alternative media like Zero Hedge, Breitbart and Townhall are providing adequate coverage of the stupefying subterfuge underway by the Clinton cartel and all their tentacles that extend to every level of government.  Drain the swamp indeed!

Also, James Comey has decided to "call an audible" and throw a kink in Hillary's takeover plans by announcing that the criminal investigations of her handling of classified information and the fraud associated with the Clinton's slush fund: the Clinton Foundation. Comey has single-handedly helped the counter-coup to help Trump. Comey is a Patriot. Even a few days later, polls have shifted dramatically toward Trump and Hillary has gone into hiding. Warrants have been issued for Huma Abedin's laptop and some 650,000 emails to/from Hillary are there (if not deleted).

Information continues to come out to the extent of corruption of the Clinton "machine" and it extends into every level of the Democratic Party including the President and Loretta Lynch.  It's a vast conspiracy. We hear that new DNC chair Donna Brazile was feeding questions to Hillary prior to a debate through Wikileaks I believe. CNN fired her. She should be fired as DNC chair but that would be entirely too ugly after Debbie Wasserman Schultz was forced-out when it came out through Wikileaks that Schultz  DNC had rigged the primaries against Bernie Sanders. These people are scumbags!  Democrats really suck!

And don't forget Project Veritas James O'Keefe who have exposed more Democratic voter fraud and voter manipulation. Remember, the Democrats need an ignorant population to impose their agenda. That's why they are facilitating mass un-selective immigration from Central America who are among the lowest of the low in terms of intelligence!  They are desperate for ignorant voters!

They must be stopped. Forward this blog post to your friends.

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