Sunday, March 8, 2015

Colin Powell Still Sees "Dark Stain" of Racism in GOP

Colin Powell wrote an article saying that he still sees racism in the GOP and in the country.  There will always be racism, but it's mostly gone now.  The Democrats and blacks just keep playing the racism card when racism is largely an excuse now.  The truth is that blacks are far more racist than whites.

What black persons don't like, and mistake for racism, is that people have a negative view of black people -- but sadly that view is justified by their own behavior and beliefs.   I personally have a much more negative view of black people and black men in particular now that I've had to put up with the outrageous incompetence and failures of Obama, Holder and Rice, but that doesn't mean that I assume EVERYONE to be that way.  In fact, I'm happy to meet black persons who surprise me with values and integrity.  It's not often but, when it does happen, it makes me very happy! 

Maybe that "dark vein" Powell's  talking about are realistic assessments and attitudes by white people in observing the declining state of black culture in America?  
  • What the impartial observer sees is that black criminality is as bad as ever with 6% of the US population (black men) committing more than 50% of murders and gun crimes? Nobody ever suggests to take away guns from black men, do they? That would be entirely too real and correct.  
  • Or maybe it's because blacks make up 40% of the US prison population- incarcerated at about 7X the rate of whites-- because they commit crimes at 7X the rate of whites. 
  • Or maybe it's because black "culture" is in complete collapse in rampant criminality, fornication, drug dealing, misogyny, and STDs at 18X the rate of whites? For example, 70% of new HIV cases are black persons and I'm supposed to feel sorry for them? 
  • Or because we have to put with ridiculously ignorant black politicians who are clearly intellectually inferior and beholden to Socialism if not Communism? 

Sorry, blacks (especially black men) are a huge burden to this country. And they are farther than ever from MLK's dream of "being judged by the content of their character." Sorry, there is little " character" in evidence in this group. All I see is racism from BLACK people!

NB, I DO have respect for Colin Powell. I may not agree with everything he says, but I respect him. Oh, and no, I'm not a racist at all -- just tired of all the rampant (and incorrect) political correctness that tries to whitewash the black cultural collapse evident right under our noses