Saturday, June 13, 2020

Every Year US Police Kill Many More Whites Than Blacks

Although White persons are ~5 times more numerous in the general population, Blacks are arrested and incarcerated about 6 times more than whites.  For instance, in a recent year, US prison population was 42% Black and only 40% White despite blacks being only 13% of the population vs 69% for white.

So you could say that police interact with whites and blacks on the street in about the same frequency.

Police killed 370 whites vs only 235 blacks in 2018.  Similar numbers are found in other years. Police likely kill whites more often because I suspect that whites have more guns than blacks. Again, blacks are involved in crimes at 6 times the rate as whites.

See my post Blacks, Mostly Black Men, Remain a Huge Burden to the US. to see the crime stats and other horrific details about Blacks in America.

Whites Are Killed More Often than Blacks with Similar Interaction Rate


Anonymous said...

Are there any statistics on when its legitimate self defense by the cops vs the cops committing murder? Or statistics on how many were armed vs unarmed? I really wonder if those were added how much the black/white numbers would change, and if so how it would change.

Doug said...

Cops operate in war zones, so they are very brave but nervous. We should all be amazed on how LOW the total fatalities is!

It must be very difficult to find police officer candidates who are willing to police some cities, so they are not always going to get "cream of the crop" people. You and I can't even imagine the scumbags that they have to deal with!

Most police shootings are in self-defense clearly, so I would give more credit to police officers than the scum that they have to deal with.

Ed Sessions said...

Absolutely outstanding!! If I didn’t know the owner of this blog, I would’ve sworn that Jason Riley of the Wall Street Journal did the research put this all together and then put it out for the world to see. Mr Riley is a highly accredited staff writer for the WSJ And he is one of those black men in America that the left absolutely despises because he exposes them for what they truly are.

In 2014, Riley published “Please Stop Helping Us”: How Liberals Make It Harder for Blacks to Succeed. The book was praised by Thomas Sowell of National Review, who wrote "Pick up a copy and open pages at random to see how the author annihilates nonsense. he doesn’t give the black community any sympathy. He himself grew up impoverished in the ghetto in Buffalo New York.

And he makes no bones about what has destroyed the black community, and is the Democratic Party. The very minute a young black woman with two or three kids decide to get married all manners of local county state aid is cut off.

And he lays out precisely why Republicans are not to blame whatsoever for the social & economical ills that infect each and every single large blue city/blue state that has large concentrated black communities. You can’t blame the Republicans, because there aren’t any.

I could keep going and going but before I bore everyone by being so loquacious, let me say this to everyone that may come across my comment. I’ve been knowing the owner of this blog for sometime personally, and he has outdone himself over the years time and time again on his research and his writing.

But, when it comes to his research and writing on the black community this article here definitely belongs in the pantheon of all of his writings. And like every article he comes out with this one is going straight to FASCISTBOOK, And, as always I make sure it is exposed on TWATTER. Thank you my friend, BRAVO 👏. BRAVO 👏 BRAVO 👏 BRAVO 👏

Anonymous said...

You just completely avoided answering my question. That, and anger towards cops killing blacks is due to unjustified murder. NOT cases when cops legitimately used self defense. Statistics stating how often people are unjustly murdered by cops vs how often cops used valid self defense when killing would add more light to the above statistics you used in this post. That's all I'm saying

Doug said...

Your question can't be answered. Grand juries acquit cops in about 99% of the time, if not 99.9%. Those supposedly are juries of your peers. That answers your question and is a statistic.

I'm sure there are unjustified murders as cops chase down suspects and adrenaline is pumping. But they would unjustifiable murder whoever they're chasing not a racial thing. You're trying to find racism where there's mostly professionalism in most cases. Anything that appears unjustified is sent to Grand Juries and "jurors of your peers" make a determination. The result is 99.9% aquitals. So there's your answer. It's not even my opinion.

Jesus, you're hard headed!

Anonymous said...

How am I hard headed if my question can't be answered? I feel the idea cops unjustifiably kill blacks more than whites is media fueled BS. But the society issue has NEVER been that cops simply kill blacks more than whites. I think most agree cops in general kill whites more than blacks. The issue has been that cops unjustifiably murder blacks more. And like you said there is no answer/statistics for that. Also you say grand juries acquit cops about 99% of the time, while previously speaking of their job as difficult, adrenaline pumping and the people they deal with being scumbags. With their "jurors of your peers" most likely having that similar mindset, it's not hard to believe they get acquitted a lot, even when they were in fact guilty at times. That is just opinion but 99% is a very high acquittal rate. Again I feel cops unjustifiably killing blacks more is an illusion. But the statistics you use to support it are a little too general in my opinion. Not trying to upset you.