Saturday, October 29, 2016

Trump Speaks Absolute Truth; US At Moment Of Reckoning (Video Corrected)

The following short video is a must see as Trump speaks the truth about our the REAL state of our nation and how the connected elites, oligarchs and connected corporations are those who are REALLY in control of this nation, this election and who will use any method, any amount of resources, any amount of political manipulation to protect their status quo. They have quite literally bought and paid for Hillary and they are determined to get their "return on their investment."

You, the people, are nothing compared to THEIR interests. Any smear will be used to affect Trump's campaign.  This election season has shown the massive media manipulation, the stream of lies, the back-room deals, and the crooked interests making sure that Hillary is coronated as President.  Polls are manipulated, Trump supporters are attacked and harassed at rallies by paid protesters (paid by the Hillary camp), Trump supporters on TV are attacked with "hit piece" stories, witnesses scheduled to speak at depositions regarding the Clinton foundation have been found "mysteriously" dead. There is nothing they won't do to maintain power. Hopefully Trump wears bullet-proof vests.

They have put all their chips on the most incompetent, corrupted, lying, manipulative, and wrong-headed person. She is a FBI certified liar and a criminal. She is literally the worst person in the world for our nation. Obama is a close 2nd worst. Together their legacy is nothing but fiascos, destruction, incompetence and lies, lies, lies.

Washington is corrupt on a level never seen in American history.   And only Trump stands in their way. Trump has repeatedly said that he will "drain the swamp" in DC.

Literally everything in Washington is broken and unfixed. The foundations of our society is now at risk at the exact point that financial and economic collapse is practically inevitable in the very near future, maybe just months.

Trump's short 5 minute video below is as about as close to unvarnished truth as you'll ever hear from a candidate for office:

Collapse of the "old order" may be inevitable despite the election result. Trump's rise at this time is itself a symptom of discontent by ordinary working persons affected by our hollowed-out economic situation. Buckle your seats, stock up on food, water and ammunition. A period of severe hardship is likely very close regardless of the election result. You don't want Hillary at the helm during the next crisis as she is an utterly incompetent puppet beholden to a wide variety of moneyed interests who don't have YOUR interest at heart.