Thursday, September 28, 2017

White People Should Be Protesting Black Violence and Crime

The insanity of the cry-baby millionaire NFL fools protesting bullshit "structural racism" or nearly non-existent police brutality is so frigging annoying!  I just wrote a blog "MSM Lies Has Led To NFL Protest Insanity" where the Left Wing media has propagated lies that have brainwashed many people---like Colin Kaepernick.  In fact, you could correctly say that nearly 50% of the US population is brainwashed by the false narratives of the Left and their mouthpieces in the MSM, especially about racial issues.

Every year, about 8,000 black persons are killed by other blacks. That's more than 1/2 of the total murders committed each year in the entire country and it's committed by just 3% of the population (young black men)! But these black lives don't apparently matter, since we hear no protests about this outrageous loss of life.  But when one or two black scumbags are shot and killed by police, the media shows up and starts massive propaganda with the goal of inciting even more violence. Only when the national media is present does any black lives matter. Black Lives Matter is complete and utter bullshit. So is "Hands Up, Don't Shot." It didn't happen that way. Thug Brown was charging officer Wilson in Ferguson.

For the record, only about 200 blacks are shot dead each year by police but 8,000 blacks are killed by other black criminals. And I'm sure most of those 200 killed are justified given that the term "war zones" best describes most majority-black neighborhoods. After all, blacks bring nothing but destruction where they live.

From the Burningplatform blog: Black men make up about 6% of the US population. Young black men make up about 3% of the population. So understand clearly that only 3% of the US population is primarily responsible for:
  • 53% of all the murders in the US
  • 55% of all the robberies in the US
  • 29% of all the rapes in the US
  • 33% of all the aggravated assaults in the US
  • 28% of all the larceny thefts in the US
  • 31% of all the motor vehicle thefts in the US
  • 23% of all the arson’s in the US
We should have a million man march on Washington to protest the destruction of our country by these black scumbags! Black men are really the largest problem in our country -- filling our prisons after committing crimes at 7 times the rate of whites.  And NFL cheerleaders should be taking a knee to protest NFL player's violence against women! Blacks, on average, are deeply flawed people and barely civilized.

Those stupid fuckers in the NFL should go to Africa and have a look around to see what a shit hole it is.  In some areas bodies just lie in the street since human life is so denigrated  I know because I've lived and worked in Africa.  Black people in America, especially since 1965, should be thanking God in heaven that they are living in this fantastic country--- founded by White, mostly English-speaking intellectual giants-- and NOT living in the chronically and totally failed continent of Africa.

Screw those glorified babies in the NFL.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

MSM Lies Has Led to NFL Protest Insanity

The current NFL nonsense of disrespecting the National Anthem claiming systemic racism -- or something like that --has it's roots in a long string of misrepresentation and propaganda from MSM outlets and politician's (most notably Obama) propagating this same incorrect information from about 3 years earlier.

The entirely justified shooting of proven thug Michael Brown is the source of the bullshit "hands up, don't shoot" protests and part of the Black Lives Matter nonsense. It's all bullshit and both of these "movements" are based on lies.

The lies came from Media propaganda race baiters and politicians that keep repeating these lies for years. That's the Left's modus operandi: keep repeating lies or falsehoods often enough and it begins to have the feeling of facts--- even when it's not true. As a result, there's been frequent "hands up don't shoot" protests for the past several years and as far away as in London but it's all based on lies.

The Black Lives Matter was based on widely perceived unfair shootings of black suspects by white cops. There have been some outrageous cases of police acting illegally, but the CDC database shows that police, when interacting with the public, police are twice as likely to shoot and kill a white person compared to blacks. This is true even though police are interacting with Blacks at 7 times the rate of whites--which means that police have more interactions in total with Blacks even though they are 5 times fewer in number! And the CDC has the largest and most definitive database for this kind of information, so, anyone claiming that blacks are being unfairly attacked by police is wrong. I know it feels that way, but it's not factual. It's lies.  And no media outlet would ever report facts that correct these prevailing falsehoods, so the lies have taken on a life on their own.  This suits the Left Wing media's goal of attacking police and white people while hiding the despicable nature and huge numbers of black criminals and shocking levels of crime in black areas. They never expose the virtual war zone that police operate in when confronting black suspects.

Then there's the highly despicable Michael Brown case, where a young and fat black thug robbed and roughed-up a convenience store clerk just minutes before his attack on Officer Wilson in Ferguson. What's really despicable here is that ABC News was running with the entirely made-up story that Michael was an angelic guy headed to college even days after video was widely available about his robbery and assault at the convenience store.

Then protests erupted based on false reporting and black businesses in Ferguson were destroyed and black people were injured. If it were left to the black politicians, black race- baiters and protesters, they would surely pursue mob justice. But in civilized white America, we have rule of law and due process. Months later the Grand Jury declined to indict Wilson.

The Ferguson riots became a media circus full of poseurs and race baiters. The whole story really fell apart but black people clung to the racist charges because that's what they are taught.

I read the transcript from the Grand Jury inquiry into the Michael Brown shooting. First of all, witnesses confirm that Michael was assaulting officer Wilson while he was seated in his car. (his 2nd assault in 20 minutes!)  He was enraged and completely out of control. Michael was trying to gain control of Wilson's gun by reaching into the car and wrestle away the gun. Can you imagine? Brown WAS insane or had a death wish. Then, most witnesses said that Michael at first was walking away then turned and charged at Wilson causing the gunshots that killed him. This charging was confirmed by forensic evidence. He might have had his hands up as Wilson commanded but he still was charging. So, the media lies and never corrects the record.

So. fast forward 3 years, and idiot Kaepernick started to protest alleged racism at football games. Did anyone ask him to be more specific??  I doubt it. Now you have entire black-dominated NFL involved in this idiotic protesting -- all based on false stories and fake news. The MSM must be proud.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Let's Be VERY Clear About Racism In This Country

The lying Left, racist black "leaders", the despicable Democrats and Left Wing media complex have pushed and continue to push the false stereotype or generalization that “white” (Caucasian) people are racists simply because of their skin color, and they voted for Trump on that basis alone which is extremely condescending to the tens of millions of people who supported him for his policies. Such generalizations make these people massively racist: such generalizations are the very definition of racism.

Democrats and the MSM that need a good tar and feathering, starting with scumbag Obama. Of course if they did get one, and they deserve it, it'll be because of "racists!"

And a similar false "narrative" or meme was pushed by the despicable Hillary Clinton when she blanket-accused most of Trump supporters as racists, xenophobes, sexists, etc. Not only are they deplorable, they are irredeemable. This is essentially a racist message even though Trump nor his supporters EVER said one bad thing about blacks in his campaign -- EVER. He invited blacks to his rallies, and a few showed up. Trump pointed out publicly the rather obvious truth that black person's fortunes under Democratic party "leadership" have been terrible and encouraged them to "try something new given that they have little left to lose." But 95% of blacks fail to make the connection between their "Democrat" allegiance and the utter decay/collapse of their communities. Trump wants to help blacks! Remember when Trump made plenty of time to receive black celebrities and a few black leaders at Trump Tower after his election? There is not one shred of evidence that Trump is racist.

But Hillary implied that Trump and his supporters were "Brown Shirts" and Trump was Hitler. This gave the green light to her followers that it's alright to kill such a people. I mean, if someone is another Hitler, then someone must stop him even with violence, right?  Some months later, Republican Congressmen practicing baseball to prepare for a fun, bipartisan baseball contest were under gunfire from a brainwashed Hillary supporter. Many were injured and one Congressman almost died. It could have been far worse. HILLARY AND THE LEFT CAUSED THIS.  They all have blood on her hands. (Given the number of dead bodies left behind in the Clinton's political history, it is Bill and Hillary that are truly like Hitler, who murdered opponents to gain/maintain power.) 

In the same way, Obama had blood on his hands when, in every instance, took a stance against law enforcement in any headline case of white officers interacting with black citizens. Obama's reactions were always knee-jerk and without any facts---showing his obvious bias and racism. Obama and all the black "leadership" assumed that the white officer in every case was guilty. This is just mob rule that you might see in a 3rd world country. (like in Africa??)  But, in each case it inflamed already chaotic and emotional situation, causing destruction of black businesses and black deaths. Obama has blood on his hands (but he will NEVER see it).

Heck, it started early on with the Cambridge cop incident. Obama invited that officer over for beer, but you can be 100% sure that he learned NOTHING even though he pronounced it a "learning opportunity." He learned nothing but a portion of the nation learned a great deal. And Obama never learned anything in his LLD either as we found out over the years.  

And Obama took up space in a highly competitive law program at Harvard, learned nothing and prevented a better and smarter candidate from benefiting from the program. This is called Affirmative Action but is really just racism against much higher qualified Asians and Whites. 

The epicenter of racism in this country is now found in the Black community -- not White. I'll bet that 90% of black people will agree with the statement that "white people are holding them down." Why wouldn't they believe that? The Democratic Party has been drumming that message home for decades. They still are! The problem is that it's not true. It USED to be true but no longer. What's holding black people down is their inability to graduate high school, the failure to speak proper English, the self-segregation of themselves into separate and very unequal and violent communities, the collapse of black family, the absence of black fathers, their behavior--the outrageous black-on-black violence, the crime, the murders, the HIV infections, the prostitution, hoochie mamas, shameful thugs and despicable rap "culture," the gangs and the large rate of incarceration of black youths and men, their horrible national black "leadership." All of the black people who claim that white people are "holding them down" need to look in the mirror. Will they EVER take responsibility?  

There are very few white racists. They’re such a small minority of the population as to be statistically irrelevant. The Ku Klux Klan has only several thousand members nationwide, which pales in comparison to the at least 100,000-200,000 members of the Alt-Left militant group “Antifa”, which has proven to be much more violent and dangerous than their Alt-Right counterparts.

The Charlottesville White Supremacist parade and subsequent propaganda shows everything you need to know about the agenda of the Left to ultimately overthrow Trump and the nation. 

First, that the Charlottesville police department told their police to stand down was probably arranged in advance by Leftist troublemakers/organizations to be sure that some incident occurred. Second, the instigators/agitators were bused-in and paid by Leftist groups such as Soros or even Obama's "Organization for Action" group. Then Google/YouTube suppressed video evidence that the peaceful white protesters were attacked by paid thugs (and didn't fight back). Then, when Trump dared suggest that Left Wing Thugs were as bad as the Supremacists (they were actually worse and violent), it started the MSM propaganda campaign to smear Trump and his supporters as a racist (once again). After all, Trump = white supremacist, right??  

And we'll never find out the true facts of this case in any kind of official report because the entire government, the corrupt Deep State, all of the politicos in Washington DC are aligned against Trump and plotting a scenario to justify overturning the 2016 election. They don't want the truth known. They want Trump out! It's massive sedition and treason in our own government.

The end game of the Left is clear. Stir up trouble, twist the facts to incessantly imply that all white people are racist and hope for the day that some fed-up white people lash out at black or brown thugs in a real crime, then brand more white people as racists---especially Trump.  

As noted at Zero Hedge; "the “Deep State” and Soros-affiliated Alt-Left groups want to spark pronounced disorder and chaos in the US to fuel a Color Revolution which would then rapidly descend into an Unconventional War of urban terrorism and political killings, all with the intent of driving Trump to become the “fascist dictator” that they fear mongered he’d become so as to have a basis for pushing through impeachment proceedings against him should racial minorities be killed if he implements limited martial law in response."  

It won't work. Some of us can see what's going on.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Are Muslims Bad People?

When is a group's reputation deserved?  Is it unfair to generalize about a group of people due to the actions of a minority?

Are Muslims bad people?   

Sadly, the evidence is that Muslim communities across the world are causing nothing but strife and murder wherever they are found. They don't seem to be able to get along with either themselves or anyone else. 

For example, even though Muslims are an extremely small portion of Thailand's population (<2%), there's been over 4500 murders of Buddhists by the Muslim minority in Southern Thailand since 2004 alone. And Thailand is a peaceful, prosperous and tolerant place -- except in these Southern provinces. No tourist wants to go there!  Eventually, you'll hear MSM complain about "genocide" when Thai authorities finally drive these people out. How many thousands of dead bodies will it take before the Thai army loses their mind over this problem and they lash out at this group?  

Backlash and possibly genocide against Muslims is occurring right now in Myanmar--Thailand's neighbor. This week alone, normally peaceful Myanmar Buddhists are chasing 100s of thousands of Rohingya Muslims out of their country due to clashes and violence with this small (<4%) minority. This violence and strife has been going on there for 100+ years. 

There has been a murderous Islamic insurgency in Mindanao in Southern Philippines for many decades. This week alone in the Philippines, some 24,000 Muslims are being displaced by Philippine military action against Jihadists in Mindanao.  Even Indonesia had a war against Aceh's Muslim fundamentalists until the 2004 tsunami wiped out about 300,000 of these people in Medan, Aceh. Only then was there an peace accord.

Speaking of just this week, Muslim murderers have killed 273 people and injured 259 in 14 countries -- all in the name of their God and religion.  This from TheReligionOf Peace website.

The murderous ISIS has been running rampant in the Middle East and now N. Africa causing mayhem and murder there and now in Europe. Sorry Obama, these people see themselves as the standard-bearer of Islam whether you see it or not. Europe has seen some 35 major Islamic terrorist attacks in the past year alone despite Europe's well-meaning effort to provide refuge to Muslim Arabs fleeing the failed economies and cultures in the Middle East and North Africa. These refugees will bring their failed ideas and ruin Europe. It's a clash of civilization that is entirely avoidable. Absurd, politically correct fools in Europe are responsible. Political correctness causes death!!

Muslims are the epicenter of religious violence across the world. Since 2001 alone, world-wide there have been about 250,000 Islam-inspired murders and another estimated 250,000 wounded from Jihadi attacks (a total which excludes war-related deaths). That equates to ~2 million deaths per century--NOT including wars! The entire history of Islam is full of violence and murder

Muslims are full of terrible and ignorant ideas that bring nothing but misery and death to themselves and those around them.  Most of Arab/Muslim regions in the Middle East and North Africa are now in a cultural and political collapse. This collapse is due to their failed Muslim/Arab culture, their beliefs, their bad ideas, their self-imposed poor education (emphasis on religious education) -- all of which is causing chronically failed economies and tyrannical leaders. "Islam" is nearly synonymous with failed countries and cultures.

One of their biggest problems with them is that there are often motivated and violent minorities within Muslim communities that believe in violence as a means of advancing their agenda or conflict resolution. And yes, their scripture, the Quran, has plenty of passages that justify "wiping out" infidels (anyone else) as a means to an end. Even today, middle east Muslims are actively wiping-out Christians in that region--continuing centuries of war against both Christianity and Judaism. Don't forget that nearly every Muslim country is dedicated to the destruction of Israel and all the Jews.

Hatred of Jews and even Christians is part of their religion and has been since it's inception since it's supported by their Qu'ran.  Remember that the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem sat at the right hand of Hitler in WWII.  

And wherever there is Jew-hatred there is gay-hatred. ISIS has been throwing suspected gay people to their deaths off of tall buildings ignoring any kind of due process or anything else that might be called civilized. 

Another integral part of their ideology is their belief in "conquering" and dominating the world by creating an Islamic dominated Caliphate (of misery). I lived in Jakarta in 2007 and saw an entire football stadium full of "mainstream" Indonesians celebrating this belief. Islam is a supremacist (and bigoted) ideology.

And for every violent Jihadi attack, there are brothers, sisters, mothers or others that know what is about to happen, but they never inform authorities. And very rarely does anyone in this religion speak out forcefully against the violence caused by their own community. Muslims are really today's modern day Nazi party.  And there were plenty of "nice" or "good" people in the Nazi party too, so don't kid yourself.

There is so much wrong with this group.  Muslims are full of bad ideas that cause poverty, unhappiness and violence in their communities.  Their inability or refusal to reform or change makes them bad people. They have been bad people for a VERY long time.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Canceling DACA and Obama's Lawlessness

Yesterday, Trump and Jeff Sessions said that the DACA executive order is now canceled with a 6 month delay to allow Congress to act (good luck with that).  This came as a faux-shock to Democrats even though the US Supreme Court has ruled Obama's DACA overreach was squarely unconstitutional. Obama admitted that he didn't have the authority to implement DACA but he did it anyway.

Rule by executive order means that it's easy to reverse them by a subsequent administration.

Obama was not a law and order president. He was the unlawful and disorder president.  Obama's refusal to enforce immigration law virtually invited a surge of unaccompanied minors and everyone else at our southern border. Obama said that it's "not smart" to enforce immigration law. This, of course caused a surge of illegals and anarchy in states and communities along our Southern tier. Then he covertly organized buses to distribute illegals to various communities across the country and thereby acted in concert with the drug cartel's smuggling of migrants for pay! Yes, that's right, Obama was "doing business" with the Mexican drug cartels! Really Obama was our anarchist in chief -- which is consistent with his Leftist Activist/Globalist agenda.

He never missed an opportunity to inflame race relations and show blatant anti-white discrimination especially when it came to white police officers. He refused to enforce many laws when that was his sole duty -- because he didn't like them! He and his black Attorneys General lied all the time to cover their misdeeds and failures. They ignored Congress' demand for information all the time. Because he was unable to work with anyone in Congress, he broke or bent the law dozens of times.  And he did everything possible to divide and hurt this nation. And he did everything he could to also hurt America's interests abroad, weaken the US or to snub traditional US allies.  His and Hillary's foreign policy was a unmitigated disaster -- 100% failure all around. What a disaster!

It's no wonder many Americans questioned if he really was American which explains the persistence of his birth certificate controversy. He always seemed like he didn't like America. And that's true and very few other black "leader" really like America. They are so brainwashed and steeped in racism against white people.

Him and every other black "leader" in this country would bring ruin to this country (just look at every black nation or Baltimore, Detroit and every other black majority city in this country-- all disasters). The truth is that all of these fools are anti-America (OK, 90%). Hell, these "leaders" all admired Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro for God's sake. Their foolish, stupid and outlandish ideas would reduce America to a 3rd world country, just like every other black majority country in the world. "Black" is literally a synonym for scheming, scamming, corruption, crime, murder, dysfunction, poverty, destruction and misery -- found in virtually every majority black place in the world. Obama and all his supporters would bring the same thing to America given enough time.

Let's hope that America never has another black president for 1000 years.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Victimhood And The Utter Devastation of US Blacks

The recovery in Texas is well underway. The search and rescue stage rapidly transitioned to a rebuilding stage-- all done through civilized people organizing themselves and doing what's necessary. There is NO Federal involvement at all in these most important hours. The State of Texas quickly activated the National Guard and shelters sprang up thanks to the City of Houston and private agencies to house the flood-displaced. Locals have turned out in droves to assist. But the Feds haven't done anything. And that's a good thing!

Texas shows what happens what a civic-minded  populations (Whites and Hispanics) do when there is a need: they get off their ass and start doing something. I call it "spontaneous organization." It occurs where people show up and band together in a common cause. The "Cajun Navy" took it upon itself to show up and got to work with the rain still pouring down! The "Texas Navy" also showed up!

Compare this to the pathetic response of Big Government (FEMA) to Katrina where it took the Feds one week just to show up. During that week, the local black population at first did nothing but wait, complain and starve to death. Mind you, all of these people were told to evacuate days earlier, but blacks don't respect anyone in authority--white or black. Then they immediately descended into a criminal, violent mayhem. They literally have no idea of working together nor any understanding of a common good. Whites in New Orleans might have helped, but they knew to stay miles away from these people. Soon thousands of blacks fled to Houston (and other places) causing the Houston crime rate to skyrocket. In short, they aren't civilized people. And they aren't anywhere else in the world either.

The combination of Blacks and Big Government (Democrats) is beyond pathetic. It's harmful, toxic and ruinous. And they want to extend this ruin to the rest of the nation too.

A couple of friends of mine went to volunteer at one of the large venues in Houston used to house displaced persons. They were sweeping and cleaning while able-bodied blacks sat and watched and played the victim card. They didn't lift a finger. Mind you, none of these people were injured, just displaced by water in their dwellings. My friends were rightly furious!

We've seen this before on a larger scale too. Both Detroit and Pittsburgh lost 50% of their population due to the de-industrialization that was permitted by both national political parties over 40 years. But Detroit's decay was also caused by 60 years of corrupt, criminal and incompetent black Democrats voted-in by a stupid electorate (repeated in a similar way in many major cities). Detroit ended up in moral and economic bankruptcy thanks to Blacks and Democrats. Now it's in the hands of white attorneys and white bankruptcy judges who have finally started to turn things around. Pittsburgh, on the other hand, after it's economic devastation, picked itself up, recovered and was recently voted the best city to live in the US. The difference? Pittsburgh is 90% white and Detroit is 70% black. The difference is literally black and white.

There is little evidence that any majority black community or nation on earth can adequately manage themselves and/or govern themselves. This is as true in Baltimore, New Orleans and Detroit as it is from Africa to Brazil. Black populations only tear down and rarely "build up." They literally ruin everything.

Black majorities elsewhere in the world are failing and collapsing -- and very few ascending. Every black majority city in the Americas (both North and South) is highly dangerous due to murders, crime, chaos and have poor health, lower life expectancy and widespread poverty. This is true even in the US after massive transfer payments for decades from the government to help them! The war on poverty has failed because black culture has failed; in part, because of this government intervention. The US has "helped" black people like they "helped" Native Americans.

Johnson's war on poverty, with $21 Trillion pissed away (and paid for by OPM), has ended up causing more poverty than ever. It turns out that Johnson's "war on poverty" was just a scheme to buy votes -- and it worked! 90% of blacks still vote for "free stuff." That Hillary was the most corrupt person to EVER run for President didn't matter. And evidence of her $100 million bribery scheme was never reported by the Left-wing scumbag media. Blacks, who never know anything, blind to everything, turned out for her in droves. They literally don't know what's good for them. Or it's never dawned on them to vote for the good of country -- not their free stuff.

And Democrats have emphasized to their faithful followers that they are victims and they are correct to blame the white man for all their problems. Their state of victim-hood is complete. The result is utter devastation.