Monday, November 24, 2014

Unilateral Immigration Action By Obama Sure to Create Chaos

Obama and his unilateral action on immigration will likely flounder in failure like everything else where the President has become personally involved. The Obama "touch" is like the reverse-Midas touch -- everything turns to shit.  For example, we're witnessing the "effectiveness" of the ISIS campaign also "managed" from the laziest White House ever. This after Obama ignores his defense advisers. Hmm, I wonder why we have a $700 billion per year defense establishment?

There's a big chance that the immigration gambit won't work either except to cause chaos since Obama is instructing entire portions of the government to ignore existing laws and procedures.

What will be the instructions to the border agents and ICE -- all employees of the Federal government?  What are their "marching orders?" The President is telling the vast bureaucracies to ignore the laws on the books and follow his "speech" (and EO) for instructions. Chaos is coming to ICE, homeland security and border control. It's the kind of chaos that comes when Congress is not involved in creating and "fleshing out" law making. A speech and a brief executive action is not new law.  It's an invitation for (more) chaos.

Expect the reverse Midas touch very soon. 

What's going to happen when the border erupts with large numbers of immigrants crossing into this country again?  It might even resemble a refugee crisis like what happened this summer -- all caused by your anarchist-in-chief.   Due to his loose lips vowing to not enforce existing immigration laws, the President effectively advertised an invitation for poor immigrants to come to this country and they did!

Since millions of undocumented persons already in the US will be desperate to act to take advantage of the President's offer, there will be a flood of paperwork sure to overwhelm the existing bureaucracy. Since the President is acting without the Congress, there will no money to hire more staff. What are the chances that the new immigrant visa applications are going to be handled with the care implied by the President in his speech? Who's going to handle the background checks? (I've already indicated that 'background checks' from Central American countries will be a big joke)  Who's going to staff organizations to do a large number of criminal record checks in this country?

And what about the legal immigrant application processing?  Surely legal immigration will grind to a halt.  And what will be the incentive for anyone to enter the legal path??

There's a chance that the border patrol unions might revolt too. Those guys are getting so whip-sawed by this administration, it's ridiculous. They might quit en mass except they know that Obama will be gone in 2 years.

How can reasonable people in Congress expect to work with such a loose cannon?  They can't!  That's the real reason there's no immigration reform in recent years!  Obama has already made certain that no one can trust him.   And he's making certain that no real immigration reform can be done in the next two years.

Not only is the President a fool, but he's incompetent and an anarchist.  That he doesn't know what he's doing is completely clear.  But he's clear about the Saul Alinsky playbook which calls for constant chaos and dissatisfaction to enact even more "emergency" measures that will be illegal since it's clear that Congress will never be able to work with this President.  The real problem is Obama is not competent enough to handle even the most basic aspects of his job.

On the bright side, in Obama, a creation and embodiment of the Liberal agenda, may ultimately prove to be the monster that destroys the Democratic party for a generation or more.

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