Friday, May 30, 2014

Obama Says It's "Not Smart" to Enforce Immigration Law; Creates Surge of Illegals and Promotes Anarchy

Obama and his DOJ has been encouraging anarchy at our borders for several years now. They keep refusing to enforce immigration laws and the result is vastly increased surges of illegals taking advantage of this "wink and a nod" acquiescence by our chief executives.  But lax enforcement is the root cause of our current population of illegals. See my blog Lax Enforcement Causes Our Current Immigration Problem.

Obama has publicly said in recent months that he would unilaterally stop the deportation of illegal children despite what the law says. The result is a surge of illegal immigrant children crossing the border this year.

The Washington Times reported yesterday that 60,000 children are predicted to be dumped at the borders this year and this number is expected to double next year.
Children traveling without their families, including an “overwhelming” number younger than 12, are flooding across the southwestern border in the latest test of the Obama administration’s immigration policy.
Homeland Security Officials predict that 60,000 minors will cross the border this year and that the number will double next year, accounting for an astonishing percentage of people trying to jump the border — braving the tremendous perils of crossing Mexico and trying to evade border authorities, hoping to eventually connect with family in the U.S.
And why wouldn't they?  The radicals in Washington DC have announced that nothing will be done.  In fact, ICE is delivering some of these children to known illegal families and thereby aiding the child smugglers associated with the Mexican drug cartels.  You see, illegal immigrants living in the United States are paying human traffickers connected to Mexican cartels to smuggle their children into the U.S.   ICE is completing the final leg of the journal: delivery to the families.  Yep, you read that right, the administration is now doing the work of the child smuggling drug cartels in Mexico.

Just this week, Obama said that it's "not smart" to enforce immigration law in this country.  Obama, Biden and Eric Holder are, in fact, encouraging a serious state of anarchy at our country's borders.

Obama said on May 13th from Daily Caller:
Enforcing immigration law “isn’t smart,” President Barack Obama told law enforcement officials Tuesday, just one day after the public learned he had released 36,007 illegal-immigrant murderers, rapists, thieves and other criminals into the nation’s communities.
Cops should be going after major criminals, not the many illegal immigrants that are quietly living in their districts, said Obama, who has twice sworn to uphold the nation’s laws.
“You’ve got to spend time dealing with somebody who is not causing any other trouble other than the fact that they were trying to make a living for their families,” Obama said.
“That’s just not a good use of our resources. It’s not smart. It doesn’t make sense,” said Obama, who has already directed immigration police to minimize enforcement of illegal living far from the border.
And Obama swore on a bible to "uphold the Constitution and faithfully execute the office of the President." But wait,  the office of the President is all about enforcement of the laws!  

Lax enforcement and political correctness has given us an 11 million illegal problem to begin with.  Again, see my blog Lax Enforcement Causes Our Current Immigration Problem.  So why would he expect the Republicans to go along with an amnesty bill without fixing any of the real problems?  No one in their right mind would do a deal with Obama as he is the very embodiment of lax enforcement.

But expect the Republicans to be vilified instead, to be demagogued by the DemocRATs,  beat-up by the intellectually deficient media, and subsequently hurt in the polls for being obstinate in not going along with this insane administration.   What a sad state of affairs: right is wrong, down is up, bad is good, good is bad.  Are we at the end of days?

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Obama's Rise Shows The Problem With Affirmative Action

I just wrote a blog highlighting the point that the VA deaths and it's rapidly rising costs show the problem of Socialized medicine and Socialism in general.  Now, I assert that the rise of Obama to the presidency and the resulting incoherent and incompetent administration shows the problem with Affirmative Action.

Academic degrees were the only credentials on Obama's resume except for 150 unremarkable days as a Senator.  And Obama clearly wasn't proud of any of his academic records since he's sealed those records tighter than a drum.  He's admitted that he was a lazy and mediocre student. And I believe it.  It shows!  His books were most likely ghost-written and full of fabrications.  It's all an astonishing series of orchestrated falsehoods.   But it's the academic degrees that clearly propelled him to prominence and gave him undue "credibility."  It gave an unremarkable guy far too much status -- at least to the uninformed.  Now the country, and even the world,  are paying a high price.

You see, statistically speaking, there is nearly no chance that Obama would have made it into Harvard or Columbia without affirmative action programs. And these prestige academic degrees have a large place in his so-called credibility.

For example,  there are only about 630 blacks of college age in the entire country, who would have an IQ of 130 (brilliant or gifted) and therefore might be a candidate for Harvard or any of the most prestigious schools.  In contrast there would be 315,000 whites of college age with an IQ of 130 or better.  It's just raw statistical analysis, not opinion.   See my footnote below and/or you can refer to my other blog for more explanation.

Only 632 'brilliant' college age black persons in the entire country!  Obama was mostly likely not one of them.

Obama's story shows the fundamental problem with affirmative action:  it promotes less qualified candidates at the expense of more worthy candidates.  Affirmative action puts persons with 2nd rate qualifications in positions 'over their head' resulting in less-than-satisfactory performance. This is a fair assessment of our country's situation.

So, in Obama's case,  the nation and the world now have to endure a result of (Liberal) affirmative action programs: an extraordinarily incompetent President -- promoted far beyond his capability and arguably the worst President ever.  It's obvious to everyone except for those who still champion affirmative action!  Worse, because of his ethnicity, you can't criticize him without being labeled a racist.  And because he's so incompetent, it's extremely annoying to put up with the whole situation.

Obama is clearly one of the most inept, ill-prepared and incompetent chief executive ever.  It's even dangerous for our nation because of the power of the office.   Most of the intelligent people in this country and our dismayed allies must now groan and roll their eyes back due to his staggering incompetence. Our enemies in Russia and China are challenging the post-war order due, in part, to the intellectual vacuum of this administration. 

How incompetent?  Well, by recollecting is own promises and rhetoric.  Peter Wehner at Commentary Magazine says it best:
It’s not simply that Mr. Obama has fallen short of what he promised; it’s that he has been, in so many respects, a failure. Choose your metrics. Better yet, choose Mr. Obama’s metrics: Job creation. Economic growth. Improving our health-care system. Reducing the debt. Reducing poverty. Reducing income inequality. Slowing the rise of the oceans. Healing the planet. Repairing the world. The Russian “reset.” Peace in the Middle East. Red lines in Syria. Renewed focus on Afghanistan. A new beginning with the Arab world. Better relations with our allies. Depolarizing our politics. Putting an end to the type of politics that “breeds division and conflict and cynicism.” Working with the other party. Transparency. No lobbyists working in his administration. His commitment to seek
public financing in the general election. The list goes on and on.

By now, nearly five and a half years into the Obama presidency, objective people can draw reasonable conclusions, among which are these: Barack Obama was among the least prepared men to ever serve as presidency. It shows. He has been overmatched by events right from the start.
Obama's unworthy promotion is now damaging our country.  But the problems with affirmative action extent to other professions too.  For instance, there are two-tiered qualification levels for African American doctors and lawyers versus other professionals -- although there are licensing exams to minimize that.  But think about idiot doctor Conrad Murray or the criminal doctor Kermit Gosnell who was recently convicted of killing viable babies in an abortion clinic. 

Affirmative action programs lower standards and leads to a significant number of second rate professionals.

  1. With a black population IQ median of 85 and standard deviation of 13, only 0.4% of the black population would be expected to have an IQ of 120 or greater; an IQ that would be common to graduate-level students.  And only 0.027% of the black population would have an IQ of 130 (brilliant) or better.   This would equate to only 9360 total college age black persons (the college-age group is about 6% of 39 million total population) with "bright" IQs of 120 and only 632 persons of college age who would measure "brilliant" or 130 on IQ tests.    
  2. In contrast, there would be about 1.3 million whites of college age with an IQ of 120 or greater and 315,000 whites of college age with and IQ of 130 or greater.  So, the competition for top schools is immense -- even insurmountable.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Democracy Denied Again In Thailand; Military Back In Charge

The old farts of the Thai military bureaucracy have taken control of the country again. They can be expected to screw-up everything just like they did in 2006 after the last military coup. Military rule at that time was widely seen to be inept and unsuccessful. Who'd have thunk it? Rule by troglodyte bureaucrats never works. 

A curfew is in effect between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m.  And all state-run, satellite and cable TV providers have been ordered to carry only the signal of the army's television channel. This 'marital law,' of course, is not great news for tourism industry -- a major part of the Thai economy.  So, expect more economic stagnation from the get-go.

The political elites and government bureaucracy in Bangkok, the Royalist military, the King and his vast throng of 'hangers-on' have reversed the results of 5 elections since 2001 -- 3 times by the politically compromised Constitutional Court and 2 times by the Thai military.

Just ponder what this means. It means that the will of the large majority of voters has been dismissed or ignored 5 times under shady pretenses. Is it any wonder that there is unrest?  There may be civil war.  And, naturally, the possibility of civil war is the pretext for the latest coup this month.  Do you see a pattern here?  In reality, the King and the military are bringing civil war to the country.  It's a shame because the King, in power for 64 years, has been a good force for Thailand -- until recently.   This is all so unseemly for a hugely successful country.  All of that progress is again screeching to a halt.

The "Red Shirt" political party, the party that keeps winning elections, is the political party associated with Thaksin Shinawatra, the billionaire telecom magnate who became Prime Minister in 2001.  The party's strongest support comes from the farmers in the North and Northeast of Thailand.  I remember him well, as I was living in Thailand during 2004.  He was a strong and active leader -- he tried many things, some things worked and some not.  But he struck me as too strong and heavy-handed for Thai taste and sensibility.  He seemed like he wanted to be the "Lee Kuan Yew" of Thailand.  (Lee Kuan Yew was the long time leader in Singapore who worked miracles there but who was essentially a dictator -- albeit a benevolent dictator) 

Thaksin was removed by force in 2006 and forced into exile. He was unsurprisingly found guilty of corruption in absentia (a conviction which surely must be fair when you can't defend yourself, right?)   The election of Samak Sundaravej in 2007 marked a return to power of Thaksin's party (under a new name).   But right away, a small but vocal group of protesters was able to stir up trouble against Samak.  Suspiciously, Samak was removed by a ruling of the Constitutional court (of fools) for accepting a small payment for appearing on a morning talk show!  Something sounds fishy when the punishment doesn't match the infraction, right?   Worse, the action rewarded the behavior of protesters, who learned that if you make enough noise (and your goal is the same as the elites), you can provide a context to bring down the government.

Abhisit Vejjajiva, from the other party--the Democratic Party (also called the Yellow Shirts), was then elected by parliamentarians in 2008 and was Prime Minister until forced to dissolve parliament in March 2011 after frequent and widespread Red Shirt protests led to violent clashes and deaths.  Abhisit was said to approve sniper killings of Red Shirt leaders.  This is VERY un-Thai.  Thai Buddhists don't even believe in killing insects!  (Thai Muslims, on the contrary, have killed over 4,400 people in attacks since 2004).   Thaksin's sister Yingluck Shinawatra won the general election against Abhisit in 2011.   She was arrested, along with 100s of others, last week by the military, convicted by the Constitutional Court of improperly transferring her security chief or some bullshit like that.

The political opposition to the Red Shirts, the the Democrats or also called "Yellow Shirts," hasn't won any election in decades now and has recently taken the position of opposing Democratic rule & voting altogether in favor of an unelected council of "wise men."   And how likely is that to work?  Answer: it won't.  The Democratic Party is now the party AGAINST democracy!  What a joke!  And this latest coup has, in fact, rewarded the Yellow Shirts and has installed a council of unelected bureaucrats!   It's just what they wanted.  A small, noisy opposition wins again!

The lesson from these coups is that even a handful of protesters can reverse the will of 10's of millions of voters.  The King, at any time, COULD have appeared on TV to tell protesters to accept the election results and explain that they must wait for the next election to express themselves.  That alone would have solved the problem as the King is absolutely respected and obeyed.   But it hasn't happened -- and apparently won't. 

Now, the reputation of all of the institutions in Thailand are shattered; the pro-elite media, the pro-elite courts, the pro-elite military and the monarchy itself (but not the current King --yet).  An elite minority is taking away the will of majority.   It's a bit ironic that a billionaire, an "elite" of sorts, became the spokesman and champion for the poor and the farmers in the rural North.  But he did favors for those people in the form of minor infrastructure projects and a micro-finance program that helped people with business loans.  It worked!  Yeah, there is rampant vote buying during all of these elections, but by both sides.

More insights into the current crisis is found here.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Soaring Costs AND Substandard Care Due to Socialized Medicine at VA Hospitals

The VA is truly socialized medicine, meaning the government owns and operates these hospitals and all of the doctors, nurses and staff are government employees.  Veterans are forced to use these facilities whether they like it or not.

In a lot of cases, they don't like it.  In many cases over many decades, veterans have been dying due to higher rates of infection caused by unsanitary conditions and poor maintenance due to poor management.  Now, it's clear that others are dying due to delays in treatment due to secret lists delaying treatment.  Horror stories of poor care abound.  See my blog Welcome to VA Death Panels, ObamaCare Panels Next.   Oh, and this poor performance is covered-up by the bureaucracy and hospital management until whistle-blowers come forward.

We are forcing our veterans to endure this.    

This is exactly what I'd expect from true socialized medicine.  Not only are the care and conditions substandard, but costs are soaring even more than the rising costs of the private sector.  The whole concept of socialized medicine is to blame and it's time to start thinking of privatizing that system.

Here's a graphic of soaring VA hospital costs from Investors Business Daily:

The article details how VA hospital costs are exploding relative to the private sector and Medicare.  More and more money is being spent per patient, so lack of money is not the problem.  The article also shows that it's not the cost of treatment of Afghanistan or Iraq war veterans either -- their treatment is cheaper. Those vets represent only 7% of the patients and only 4% of the cost.  Also, the number of veterans has been decreasing for over a decade too.

It should be crystal clear that the result of socialized medicine is substandard (or even deadly) care and poor cost performance.  It is another example of the failure of big government programs and the failure of socialism itself.   See my blog Collapse of Socialized Medicine in Venezuela  to see another example of the failure of socialized medicine and the failure of socialism itself.  More money and poor performance is what happens when government runs anything.

The VA system can't be reformed because Socialism itself is the problem!  Yeah, there can be some temporary improvements, but in the end "government care" fails it's captive "customers."  Worse Socialism ENFORCES it's mediocrity and makes it's customers victims.  The correct answer to this is to get rid of Socialism!

But socialized medicine is exactly what our President and Democrats believe in.  Obama has said a thousand times that he prefers a single-payer system (meaning government-run medicine).  I've said it a thousand times that these people never learn the correct lessons of history (or even from current events).   They simply rationalize their beliefs that the right people, meaning them, are not in charge. But the President IS in charge of the VA and he was informed about the poor care at VA hospitals back in 2008.  Worse, these problems have existed for decades.  But this rationale and stupidity prevents any real reforms.  Privatizing these hospitals and giving veterans premium support would allow them to seek treatment at a facility of their choice.   But Socialists and our Democrats are NOT about free choice and allowing people to make their own decisions!!!  And Socialists and Democrats are all about lies, cover-ups, and excuses to defend their failed beliefs and inevitable failed performance.  They refuse to acknowledge that they are wrong!!   

It's so bad that the only thing that changes these people's minds is a bullet in their head.  It might come to that one day!

Socialism causes economic stagnation, a loss of liberty and ruins societies relative to free market economies.  See my blog Cuba's Stagnation to see an example of the stagnated living standards under socialism.   When there is no prosperity, medical care also suffers because there is no money.  Only free market capitalism unleashes the competition of ideas, innovation, economic freedom and competitive efficiency that brings improved standards of living and high-performing enterprises (and hospitals).

ObamaCare, the VA and  a single-payer medical system are NOT ABOUT a free and vibrant marketplace. All of these things will only worsen our medical care and raise our costs.  It's already happening.  Another thing already happening is the government bureaucracy hunkering-down and defending itself against change or improvement. Bureaucracies first and strongest instinct is for self-preservation and to defend itself.  We're already told that ObamaCare can't be repealed.

Like hell it can't!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Big Government Failure: Welcome to VA Death Panels, ObamaCare Death Panels Next

Whistle blowers have come forward and they reveal that some 9 Veterans Administration hospitals have 'secret' waiting lists that have resulted in some 167 deaths that we know of so far.  There will be more to come.  Interestingly, the media is reporting this for a change.  But this is what happens when the government tries to run a healthcare business.  Expect the same thing from ObamaCare oversight. Be forewarned! (again)!

From the administration, characteristically, come the denials. "We read it in the newspaper!" This administration never knows what was happening.  This administration never knows anything!  You could correctly say that this is a know-nothing administration!!  They prove that everyday! But there is an email trail that proves that Biden/Obama did know about this since their transition in 2008.  This administration is just a pack of Leftist liars.  Actually this administration and Democrats are a bunch of arrogant know-it-alls who actually know nothing.  After all, liberalism must be imposed by lies, incorrect lessons of histories and other twisted truths and tricks

This country spends $160 billion per year on veteran's health care but we find out that they are killing our veterans due to delays in treatment.  Welcome to death panels!   Get used to it if ObamaCare is not repealed!  It will be exactly the same.  And with the IRS in charge, if you're an opponent of whatever administration, you might not get the treatment that you need.  Hmm, that's a good way of "disposing" of your political opposition!  It's not that far-fetched!

And nothing will change except spending more and more money by the arrogant 'know nothing' 'know-it-alls.'  It is what happens when the Federal government tries to do anything! 

Monday, May 19, 2014

Like Keystone, Obama Administration Now Delays LNG Exports

It should not come as a surprise that the Obama administration continues to be beholden to radical environmentalists. The administration is dragging their feet on dozens of LNG export permits.

Well-publicized is their continual 'non-approval' of the Keystone pipeline -- frustrating supporters and our closest ally and northern neighbor both. The administration's war on coal is no secret as they are successfully killing our domestic coal industry -- never mind that coal still accounts for about 40% of our nation's electrical output and accounts for 100s of years of energy reserves.  Furthermore, the Obama administration, for years, has also complicated and slowed-down oil/gas permits and production in US Federal waters in comparison to the onshore fracking boom.

These LNG exports would be very attractive to Europe where they have the facilities to receive this gas and are very nervous about Russian supplies.  Just when the administration has an opportunity to send a strong message to Russia and challenge their natural gas supply hegemony in Europe, Obama proves once again to be a huge dud. Gee, what's new? There is no strategic thinking whatsoever in the White House and Capital Hill. We are in the hands of fools and idiots.

Truly, this administration and the Democrats continue to engage in a war on jobs.   Job creation in the oil and gas business has been one of the few bright spots in our country and LNG permit delays will hurt this.   In reality, they've wanted to kill it all along.   All of this is because of the groundless hysteria surrounding 'climate change.'

The verdict is in.  There will never be real prosperity in this country while the Obama and the Democrats remain in power. 

Natural gas prices in the US are 4 times lower than crude oil (on an equivalent BTU basis) due to it's abundance.  US natural gas prices are 4 times lower than in Europe providing an opportunity to export our gas to Europe via LNG tankers. 

Drilling for natural gas has fallen off due to the low prices (while drilling and fracking of shale for petroleum liquids has soared).   LNG exports would improve prices, reinvigorate the natural gas drilling boom, our gas supply and improve our jobs market.  

Overall LNG exports would help the US economy, would provide significant revenues for the government and would be a strategic help to our allies in Europe in their conflict with the resurgent Russian bear.

More explanation about the LNG permit delays from Newsmax,
The Obama administration is holding up approval of applications for liquefied natural gas exports that could total nearly 30 billion cubic feet per day. 
 Some of the more than two dozen applications were filed as long ago as 2011 and early 2012. But Obama's Energy Department has consistently favored renewable energy sources over carbon-based fuels.

"America could sell natural gas to Europe and Asia, undercutting Russia's market, at no additional cost to the federal government," according to Diana Furchtgott-Roth, a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute and former chief economist of the U.S. Department of Labor.

"On the contrary, increased production means additional tax revenue to federal and state governments."

The companies that have filed applications for export permits could potentially export 29 billion cubic feet of LNG daily, and if the export process were not so difficult, more companies would likely be willing to invest in LNG exports and apply for permits.

The earliest application was filed in October 2011, and eight were filed in 2012. The application for the largest quantity of LNG exports, 3.22 billion cubic feet per day, was filed by Freeport-McMoRan Energy LLC.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Minimum Wage Increase Is Just More "Something-for Nothing"

I recently wrote a blog called 500 Economists Confirm That Increasing Minimum Wage Kills Jobs that explains why the number of jobs will go down when the "price" of labor goes up.  Naturally you can expect the Democrats to refuse to understand and accept this basic economic lesson. They never do.  They are the true members of the Flat Earth society.

And expect more demagoguery from idiot Obama.  He's all about "something for nothing" and "giveaways' (food stamps, Medicaid expansion, minimum wage rise, massive Obamacare premium support, etc)  as if 'something-for-nothing' doesn't have a cost or consequence.  Sorry, Obama, there is no free lunch!  Didn't you learn anything in your life?

Sorry if this offends you, but "something for nothing" and "gaming the system" is 100% part of the African American culture and has a basis in most (if not all) African countries (like in Kenya where Obama was reared).  You can put a nice suit on this guy, but he's still a slave to his upbringing and heritage.

Here's a good example of how jobs will disappear if the minimum wage is hiked:

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Lax Enforcement Causes Our Immigration Problems; Obama Encouraging Anarchy

Ronald Reagan signed into law an immigration "reform" in 1986 giving amnesty to about 3 million illegal immigrants.  He did it because he was convinced that there would be tighter enforcement of the border and tougher rules on employers who hire illegals. In sum, he hoped that it would prevent a similar problem in the future. 

Well, it failed.  Now we have 11 million illegals. The tighter rules were promptly watered-down and Reagan was fooled.  Now Liberals are hoping for another round of Amnesty with no concern whatsoever in fixing the root cause of the problem. Our politicians are so stupid, they don't even understand the real causes of the problem.  In fact, they don't care! The DemocRATS are only hoping to curry favor with these low-IQ, low-information people (the core of Democratic support) and even hook this group on government handouts to keep these people dependent on them. It's just cynical politics.

We have an immigration problem because would-be illegals know that we have very lax enforcement -- meaning that they know that they can come in on a visa and just overstay (or walk across our southern border and stay) -- with little risk of consequences. The Federal government has even worked against effective enforcement; which essentially gives immigrants a green light to come or stay here illegally.

Biden, Obama and others, have recently signaled even more lax immigration law enforcement and even a halt in deportations. It could hardly get more lax. From Daily Caller: "In June 2011, the administration began applying “prosecutorial discretion” to many deportation cases. This has led to a 40 percent decrease in the number of deportations."

For example, again from Daily Caller, "A total of 36,007 criminal illegal immigrants that were being processed for deportation were freed in 2013. Together, they committed nearly 88,000 crimes, according to the report, published Monday.  “I was astonished at not only the huge number of convicted criminals who were freed from ICE custody last year – an average of almost 100 a day — but also at the large number of very serious crimes they had committed,” said Jessica Vaughan, the director of policy studies at the Center for Immigration Studies, in a statement."

Our derelict administration has even 'hinted' that immigration enforcement would be effectively stopped and this has lead to a recent series of immigrant surges at border crossings that seem intended to overwhelm the border patrols. There were suspicious surges of Mexicans claiming "asylum" which is very unusual and caused the border patrol to house "asylum-seekers" in nearby hotels in Southern California.  

Obama said today (13th May '14) from Daily Caller
Enforcing immigration law “isn’t smart,” President Barack Obama told law enforcement officials Tuesday, just one day after the public learned he had released 36,007 illegal-immigrant murderers, rapists, thieves and other criminals into the nation’s communities.
Cops should be going after major criminals, not the many illegal immigrants that are quietly living in their districts, said Obama, who has twice sworn to uphold the nation’s laws.
“You’ve got to spend time dealing with somebody who is not causing any other trouble other than the fact that they were trying to make a living for their families,” Obama said.
“That’s just not a good use of our resources. It’s not smart. It doesn’t make sense,” said Obama, who has already directed immigration police to minimize enforcement of illegal living far from the border.
The above quote from the chief executive supposedly in charge of enforcing our laws!! It's a complete dereliction of duty! You could more correctly say that we have an executive branch filled with anarchists -- the anarchist-in-chief being Obama himself. Hey, isn't that what community organizing is???!!

Real Solutions

But on both sides of the aisle, there are no correct solutions being discussed.  And no, the sole burden for enforcement should not be put on border patrols.  Our borders are too long and porous.  It didn't work before and won't work now.  We need a nation where citizens, local/state governments, local law enforcement and the national government stand together to enforce a rational, effective and objective immigration policy.

If we don't fix our attitudes and reverse our nonsense "political correctness" about widespread "checking" of immigrant status, we'll have millions more illegals in the future and be forced to give amnesty again. We need to fix our poor policies, we need to fix poor attitudes, and we need to fix the problem of ignorant politicians.

Here's some suggested solutions to fix our immigration issues:
  1. Adopt an Immigration point system that ranks all potential immigrants with regard to skills, education, work experience, and English language capability against various categories and quotas of immigrants.  There should be appropriate qualifications for the various categories for immigration.  Canada has this kind of system and it works.   Existing illegals should be asked to declare themselves and apply to this point system.  A temporary visa (1 year) could be given at that time while their applications are processed.
  2. Any Immigrant with 6 month, 12 month or longer visas should be required to periodically return to immigration offices (every 3 to 6 months) to produce their passports and fill out paperwork to update current phone and address information.  We need to have current information on immigrants.  No exceptions.  If they don't show up, then local law enforcement (or ICE) should visit the last known address and, if necessary, swear out arrest warrants.  
  3. Local, State and Federal governments should work together to enforce immigration laws -- not the Federal government attacking States or Local efforts.  There are already Federal laws on the books the encourage local law enforcement as partners with the Feds.
  4. We must engage local law enforcement to check immigration status during the course of local or state police actions.  If the subjects don't have paperwork on them, they must produce them within a day.   
  5. It should be OK for local police to check workplaces to check for immigration policy compliance. Again, if someone can't produce documents or passports at that moment, then they should be allowed to promptly do so.   It sends the message to would-be immigrants that we are NOT lax on enforcement and would take pressure off the border patrols. 
  6. When visas expire, we need to accurately check that people have left the country.  If they have not, they should receive a visit by immigration or local law enforcement officials. Penalties would apply.
  7. There should be financial penalties for each day of over-stay.  There must be penalties for non-compliance.
  8. Since state drivers licenses are the closest thing to a national ID card, States should agree to make the Drivers License expiration date the date that an immigrant visa expires.  Proof of immigration status should be required to even obtain a license.  Duh!
  9. Outlaw "sanctuary cities" as illegal.
  10. We should be inviting students with college and advanced degrees to immigration interviews if they wish. 
  11. We need to be sure that our business community, and especially STEM businesses, are getting the quota of skilled immigrants that they need.  To do this, we need a government that works with businesses not attacking them.
None of this will happen. It's because we don't have serious or competent politicians in Washington DC (which in turn reflects an increasingly incompetent population). Without a comprehensive, fair and logical approach, many States and Locales would refuse to participate in the strategy shown above. To get the required national cooperation, we would need for the President and the administration to believe it and sell it. But this administration is extremely un-serious. They are only interested in expedient political gains with no concern about fixing any problem or even discussing potential solutions. We need a serious President one of these days.

The Gosnell Murders: The Media is Manipulating You

The Liberal media has all along mostly declined to cover the horrific Gosnell abortion clinic crimes. But it's a story that's important for the American people to know.   It's been a year since Gosnell was convicted of murder of live born babies and one of the woman "patients."  I wrote a blog on it at that time entitled, The House of Horrors Trial -- Unreported by the Media, to complain that the media was very, very reluctant to report this horrible situation.  Michelle Malkin reports that filmmakers Phelim McAleer and Ann McElhinney and their crew are producing a made-for-TV movie on Gosnell.

From Michelle Malkin at Real Clear Politics:
"He [Gosnell] systematically executed hundreds of healthy, living, breathing, squirming, viable babies by stabbing them in their necks and severing spinal cords with scissors and knives. This twisted murderer kept baby feet in specimen jars, which he crammed into the grisly refrigerators of his filthy "clinic." For "research."

A year ago this month, the monster Gosnell was convicted of murdering three babies born alive in his death factory. He also was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in the death of one of his "patients," 41-year-old Bhutanese refugee Karnamaya Mongar, who died of a barbarically administered drug overdose at Gosnell's "Women's Medical Society."

Let me remind you that for 15 bloody years, public officials stood by and did nothing.
The Pennsylvania Department of Health knew of clinic violations dating back decades, but did nothing.

The Pennsylvania Department of State was "repeatedly confronted with evidence about Gosnell," investigators found -- including the clinic's unclean, unsterile conditions, unlicensed workers, unsupervised sedation, underage abortion patients and over-prescribing of pain pills with high resale value on the street -- "and repeatedly chose to do nothing."

The Philadelphia Department of Public Health officials who regularly visited Gosnell's human waste-clogged offices did nothing.

Nearby hospital officials, who treated some of the pregnant mothers who suffered grave complications from Gosnell's butchery, did nothing.

"Women's health" advocates at the National Abortion Federation, the leading association of abortion providers that is supposed to uphold strict health and legal standards, determined that Gosnell's chamber of horrors was "the worst abortion clinic she had ever inspected." But they did nothing."
 There are so many reasons that the media refrained from reporting on this horrific case. Most of these reasons are because the case blows the Liberal abortion agenda out of the water and we can't have that!!  The truth must be suppressed at all costs!!  
  • First and foremost, it exposes how the entire abortion "industry" is literally a house of horrors;   horrors that no Liberal wants you to know about.  The Gosnell story, if made into a movie, would do more to end Abortion than anything else that I can think of.  It would waken America from it's slumber on this issue.   I'm so glad that my mother didn't believe in abortion!! 
  • Another reason is that the media is declining to cover the story is that it "inconveniently" exposes that abortion killings are substantially an Afro-American 'thing' (about 40% of abortions are black babies whereas blacks represent only 12.6% of the population).   It is of course absolutely forbidden to cast any negative light on African Americans these days despite the fact that their "culture" is a complete and utter trainwreck.
  • Another reason the media doesn't report this story is that it would substantially bring to light a two-tiered qualification levels for African American doctors versus other doctors -- thanks to the our blindness about "affirmative action."  (Heck, we have an affirmative action President for the same reason and the country has to suffer for it!)   And remember Conrad Murray the quack "doctor" that killed Michael Jackson.  I'm sorry to say, but Michael was a near-idiot himself.  All inconvenient factoids.
  • Another "inconvenient fact" was that, despite how horrible the crimes were, the regulatory apparatus was completely incompetent,  how everyone "looked away" while it was happening and why this kind of horror show it's likely still happening all over this country under the nice-sounding guise of "choice."  And don't expect the liberal media or Hollywood to advocate for the victims either.  You'll be wasting your time.  They won't be coming (but should).
I hope a movie gets made, because the American public needs to know what is REALLY happening.

Don't believe for a second that this horrible and criminal behavior is not happening RIGHT NOW at countless clinics all over this country under the guise of "women's choice." Just remember that when you think about voting for any Democrat or Wendy Davis. They all have their heads in the sand and they are all liars through the sin of omission.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

More Evidence of a Market Top

If you're looking, you can see a continued trend of "tells" that the stock market is topping-out.

See my blog entitled A Stock Market Peak is Probably Near from back in mid-March. There were a lot of good examples in that blog.  Since March, several important indices are at new all-time highs, so it's possible that I am wrong.  While the Dow may be at new highs, the Russell 2000 and Nasdaq are down for the year to date.
Fraudulent behavior often accompanies market peaks.   A good example is from Zero Hedge.  The article talks about the price-to-earnings ratio of for the Nasdaq iShares Biotech ETF with the ticker symbol IBB.   It's reported by iShares to have a PE of 41 times.   Jim Grant, a sane and observant scholar and analyst, noted on CNBC that the reported PE of this security is basically a fraud.

Contained in the fine print of the report is the explanation that any security that has a PE greater than 60X is figured as 60X, not the actual PE.   It turns out that only 25 out of 122 companies in the index ETF have price-to-earnings ratio UNDER 60X!   Check this out:

When the actual PE of all 122 companies is used, the actual PE is 82.5 not 41.   The motivation was to "fudge" the numbers and thereby misrepresent, misreport and deceive the investing public.  This kind of fraud goes hand-in-hand with market tops and bursting bubbles.


Friday, May 9, 2014

Islam Has Long History of Capturing Women, Making Them Sex-Slaves; It's Sanctioned by Mohammad and Quran

With gratitude to the website Islam; Making a Difference, One Body at a Time.

A staggering 1,500 people were killed in the first 3 months of 2014 in Boko Haram violence in Nigeria.  But lately, a new dimension has been added to the sufferings of Nigerian Christians at hands of Boko Haram Jihadis.  On 14 April 2014, Boko Haram militants attacked a secondary school and abducted 276 young girls. In another incident, 8 girls were abducted from a village on May 6, while 12 persons were hacked to death in a separate incident on May 5.

The latest in this abduction saga is the release of an hour-long video by Boko Haram commander Abubakar Shekau, in which he claims responsibility for the abductions and threatens to continue the same. About the abducted girls, he said:

“I abducted your girls... They are slaves and I will sell them because I have the market for selling humans. Allah says I should sell them. He commands me to sell. I will sell women. I will sell.”

He also said that he abducted the girls because they dared to accept sinful western education defying the dictates of Islam and the Sharia.

Far from being against the spirit of Islam, capturing women by attacking non-Muslims and keeping them as sex-slaves as well as selling them in the market is sanctioned by the Quran and tradition of Prophet Muhammad. For example, the holy Quran says that Muslims, aided by Allah, can attack and kill the non-Muslims, and take some of them, namely the women and children, as slave (captive):

And He (Allah) brought those of the People of the Scripture (i.e., Banu Qurayza) who supported them (i.e. the Quraysh) down from their strongholds, and cast panic into their hearts. Some (adult males) ye slew, and ye made captive some (women and children)… [Quran 33:26–27]

The holy Quran (33:50) also gives divine license to Muslims to use the women, captured in war, as sex-slaves:

O Prophet! surely We have made lawful to you your wives whom you have given their dowries, and those whom your right hand possesses (i.e. slaves) out of those whom Allah has given to you as prisoners of war… [Quran 33:50]

These divine writs of Allah, the Islamic God, were also duly put into action by the Muhammad, the holy prophet of Islam. For example, Prophet Muhammad attacked the Jewish community of Banu Quraiza in 627 AD, and after killing all of their grown-up men (600-900 in number), captured their women and children as slave, who were distributed among his followers. The prophet himself took the 17-year-old beautiful girl Rayhana as his sex-slave. (see Ibn Ishaq, The Life of Muhammad, Karachi, p. 461-470)

The prophet did exactly the same thing in his attack of Khaybar, i.e. after killing the men, he captured the women and children as slaves and distributed them among his followers. There, he took the exquisitely beautiful 17-year-old Safiyah, wife of the young leader of the Banu Nadir Jewish community, as his own sex-slave. (ibid, 510-518)

Islam is one fucked-up, fascist cult.  When your prophet Mohammad was a pedophile and rapist, what would you expect?

Oh, a summary of worldwide Islamic Jihadist attacks for April 2014 totaled 4,000 casualties worldwide:

Monthly Jihad Report
April, 2014
Jihad Attacks:
Religions: 5
Dead Bodies:
Critically  Injured:

Davis-Bacon Act of 1931 Shows Nothing's Ever Fixed In Washington

The US is dying a death of a 1000 cuts.  Washington has, over many decades, continued to enact failed programs and legislation but nothing ever gets fixed or repealed.  Like I said, there's so many thing wrong, that it's difficult to list them. 

Let's take the Davis-Bacon Act of 1931, which basically mandates that the Federal Government pay "prevailing wages" for contractors.  But the "prevailing wage" has become the local UNION wage based on poorly executed "surveys."

From Stockman's Contra Corner,

The Davis-Bacon Act of 1931 requires the government to pay federal contractors the “prevailing wage” in the area, and it grants the Department of Labor the authority to determine that prevailing wage. But in practice, the Labor Department is setting federal contractor wages at levels much higher than the market rate:
  • Pipefitters in Laredo, Texas, make $11.47 per hour. But pipefitters in Laredo working on a federal contract? They make a minimum of $36.49, plus benefits.
  • In New York City, the median hourly salary for window installers is $18.87. But for government contractors, even the most inexperienced installers make $42 hourly.
  • In Philadelphia, lathers make $19.26 per hour, yet federal contractors are required to be paid a minimum of $39.90 each hour, plus an additional $25 per hour in fringe benefits!
Correcting this over-payment 'problem would save some $40 billion over the next 10 years.  But no one in this administration has the slightest interest in addressing our long-term deficit or the other 999 things wrong with this country.  One day we'll get a serious administration.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

IRS Audited 10% of Conservative Group Donors

More evidence that there is far more than a smidgeon of corruption with regard to the IRS targeting of political opponents.   Obama said to Bill O'Reilly that there "wasn't even a smidgeon of corruption" at the IRS.

How about Lois Lerner pleading the 5th Amendment about 20 times in front of Congress?  How about that for a "smidgeon?"  Remember, pleading the 5th is to avoid incriminating yourself under oath.

There's more than that.  From the Washington Times:
Republicans said 24 conservative groups were asked for their donor lists. The IRS initially told Congress that those lists were destroyed, but when they went through their files they discovered three lists that weren’t destroyed.

Rep. Dave Camp, Michigan Republican and chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, asked the IRS to review the names on those lists to see whether any had been audited. The IRS reported back that 10 percent were audited — substantially higher than the average rate of 1 percent of average Americans who are audited each year.
So, even though the IRS lied about the lists being destroyed, even the 3 lists remaining pointed to significant politically-based persecution of citizens.

Also consider that our corrupt DOJ, under the horrible Eric Holder, appointed a political donor Barbara Bosserman to head up the investigation of the IRS.  That's bullshit too and constitutes a big dollop of corruption out of this inept and corrupt administration.  The government policing itself is enough of a challenge, but then putting a political crony in charge of that investigation makes it a farce.  The lazy, complicit, intellectually-challenged, pro-Obama media failing to report this fact is another travesty and farce.

I can't emphasize enough about the seriousness of highly politicized administrations like Nixon's and Obama's using government agencies such as the IRS as a tool of political retribution and repression.   It's what you expect from China or Russia or Venezuela -- not the US.  Although the individual mandate and penalties have basically fallen apart thanks to Obama himself, this point is even more true when the IRS is designated as the enforcement agency for ObamaCare.   What happens when you publicly disagree with this or any administration, and you need a heart transplant?  Maybe it's no transplant for you??

Get the government out of the medical and health insurance industry -- it can only mean trouble ahead!   No "smidgeon of corruption" -- My ass!!