Sunday, June 23, 2013

Bring On an Immigration Point System

America needs highly qualified and highly skilled people in addition to agricultural and other low-skilled workers.  America needs an objective point system for ALL potential immigrants for various categories of applicants -- not a blanket amnesty for low skill, low IQ illegal immigrants who bring few skills and have limited employment options both in this country and their native country.  English language and academic credentials should be highly regarded. 

The illegals and would-be Mexican and Central American immigrants are bringing very few skills and capability to help America in the 21st century.  They should apply for immigration, along with everyone else, using an immigration point system for targeted categories.  Obviously college and post-graduate degree count for more. Additionally, English language skills should figure prominently as well.   Canada has a point system to rank potential immigrants and have many categories for applicants. The USA should have the same.

As nice and as hard-working the illegal Latinos are, our country should still send them all home or give them temporary visas while they wait for processing under a new immigration point system.

In this way, we get the best of the best and satisfy our nation's requirements.  Of course, they would have already been home if there were ANY enforcement of immigration law over the past 20 years.  The Federal Government has been completely derelict in it's duty of enforcing immigration law even to the point of attacking US States (Arizona) that try to fill the gap.  So, add failure to secure borders and enforce the law to the myriad of failures of the US Federal Government.

Local law enforcement checks of legal status should have been happening all along.  The fact that this is not 'allowed' and any attempts to check legality or illegality are vigorously attacked by the very entity (US gov't) that is SUPPOSED to be checking and controlling immigration is ridiculous.  Are we a bunch of idiots?  Sadly, the answer is yes.

I've lived in Thailand, which has a significant illegal immigrant problem as neighboring states remain economic basket cases.  In Thailand, police will calmly go through markets and businesses and check for proper ID cards.  If you don't have a card, they come back the next day to follow up.  This, of course, sends a clear message to the community that laws are laws and illegals will be sent home.  More importantly it sends a clear message to would-be illegals!  Word gets out.  Of course, due to our ridiculous US Gov't, we don't have law and order. Now we have a 11 million person problem.  Conventional wisdom is that you can't send them home.  Maybe it's true now that it's an 11 million person problem!!  Duh!

 All immigrants, from any area of the world, should be measured by the same objective point system.  But objectivity and clarity is also an anathema to our Federal Gov't which is so full of "political correctness" bullshit that it can't even see straight!

The sad facts are that the undocumented or illegals are mostly low skilled, low-IQ people who are overwhelmingly suited for menial jobs.  There are plenty, though, that have some useful skills in trades and that should count for something in the point system.  But mostly they aren't bringing the skills that we need in this country. Also, the initial group of Latino immigrants do well, but the next generation is a problem as 50% of Latino kids drop out of high school. If you don't have a high school diploma in this country, you are nowhere.

We already have legions of dumb-asses and incompetents to fill menial job openings, but that's another blog.

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