Friday, June 28, 2019

Democrat's Monotonous Song: More and More Government

Despite massive evidence that Big Government is the source of all of our societies ills and problems, Democrats sing the same old tired song of more and more government. Never mind that the failures of big government are all around us: we're drowning in the failures of big government! Democrats without government are like fish flapping out of water and struggling for air. It's all they've got.

They are desperate busy-bodies who arrogantly believe that they know what's best for you--even though they are the dumbest people on earth. They are wrong and fake about everything. But they want power to impose their views on everyone else; whether you like it or not --and they will impose their will on you by tricks and lies if necessary (for your own "good" of course). And the Constitution is just something "in the way." They are not trustworthy as they will lie as necessary to get power to extort your money for the wrong ideas that THEY believe. The thought of AOC holding a position of power should scare every American. These people should be nowhere near the levers of power. And the only permanent remedy for this possibility is to return to small government--so the damage they can do is limited.

Few of these people could find a good and honest occupation in the private sector. Did Obama ever hold a job for long or have a career? Few people would tolerate such an arrogant prick. People like Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren and Cory Booker are very stupid, dishonest and incompetent people who could not prosper in the private sector. This is true for most black politicians who hold mayoral or other government positions. They need government as welfare for themselves.They need to be needed. It's a sickness. Today's Democrats are people of the lie: people with personal psychological and spiritual failings who are unable to see or change. They naturally think everyone else is as dumb and ignorant as them, so you need someone to run your life.

People like Obama were indoctrinated into Marxism in Kenya. It's all he knows. The stunning collapse of formerly prosperous South Africa, thanks to Marxism (ANC), is well underway. After a few short years, they can't even keep the electricity on (Venezuela anyone?). They are persecuting, even murdering white farmers and seizing their land without compensation. This was tried not long ago in Zimbabwe and it led to starvation and hyperinflation. The same is coming to S. Africa. Democrat and especially Black Democrat brains don't work correctly or at all.

Democrats never have understood why America became the greatest nation on earth: Freedom. The big Soviet-style government envisioned by idiot Bernie Sanders has turned out to be a massive failure and coercive horror everywhere it's be tried. Millions are fleeing oil-rich Venezuela today due to starvation, power outages, lack of medicine and... wait for it, NO FUEL! And if you don't like it and protest, out come the jack-boot police. Dissidents in the Soviet Union were sent to mental hospitals as you were obviously crazy if you thought Communism wasn't the best system, right??   It's like that in Cuba right now. This is the end result of the current Democratic Party in America.  If a black American who can actually think for themselves, like Candace Owen or Thomas Sewell breaks free of the Democratic plantation, the long knives come for them. And half of America is OK with this crap. God help us all. Ignorance is Democrat's best friend.

Democrat's also don't acknowledge the other reason why America became the biggest and most prosperous country on earth: we were a nation of WHITE, CHRISTIAN and EUROPEAN immigrants. We overwhelmingly originate from Anglo-Saxon regions and peoples who had a very high median intelligence (greater than any other world population group except certain East Asian nations), have the ethical and moral groundings of the Judeo-Christian traditions and an extremely high work ethic.

Of course Democrat's had to change all that. Since the Democrat's immigration act of 1965, the US went from 84% white in 1964 to as low as 58% today. Now we're already resembling Argentina or Venezuela, especially in the all-black ghettos of Baltimore, St.Louis, Memphis, New Orleans or any other black/brown majority Democratic city. Less sophisticated and less intelligent people fail to see the phoniness and dangers of politicians bearing gifts, just like we see in ALL brown and black nations. Simply said, a majority black/brown America is the end of the great, prosperous and free America.  Every Democrat is for the disastrous "open borders"policy because brown and black people are easier to trick and fall for the false siren of "free stuff." Only the Anglo-Saxons had the self-organizing motivation to take care of themselves and their people. Lower IQ populations don't have this and pray for someone to manage their lives. Their prayers are answered ultimately with nightmares. And all this is because of the perverted drive for power by people who themselves have so little to offer.

Our goal should be selective immigration, controlled borders and visa control like every other country. We need to repeal the 1965 Immigration Act and revert to immigration mainly of those of European descent. However, we need the best of the best from any country. We need to jail and, in cases, execute Treasonous Deep State persons who are involved in the attempted coup of DJT. Dozens of Traitors need to be executed or hung, preferably in public. Then we need a President who understands the need to radically reduce the size of the Federal Government by 50 to 60% or more. So many departments can be eliminated. See Burn it Down; Burn Down our Bloated, Failing Govt Bureaucracy, the Time for a 2nd American Revolution: Massive Reset That We Need

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Fake America: AOC Caught Faking Anguish at Border

Newly uncovered photos from the border protest attended by a tearful Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez show that she was crying over an empty parking lot.

Many have accused the Congresswoman and her supporters of staging a photo-op after the images, taken during a 2018 event outside a migrant “tent city” in Tornillo, Texas, went viral earlier this week.

The photos show an emotional AOC holding her face and appearing to cry. Her attention appears to be directed towards whatever is on the other side of the fence.

However, a photo from a different angle shows there is nothing there aside from an empty parking lot and some police officers.

Another image shows a photographer being careful to capture AOC’s reaction as she gets emotional over what appears to be little other than a vehicle and a tree.

As we previously reported, Ocasio-Cortez attended to star-studded “protest” wearing a pristine white outfit, bright red lipstick and a $600 dollar watch.

This prompted many of her critics to accuse the Congresswoman and her supporters of staging the photos, arguing that the images did not show a spontaneous, authentic reaction.