Wednesday, July 31, 2019

..and White People Ended the Scourge of Slavery Too

The descent into insanity continues to be led by absurd and ignorant Democrats. Leftists don’t only label the half of the country that supports the president “racist,” they label all whites and America itself “racist.” If your son or daughter attends or recently attended an American university, it is close to certain he or she was repeatedly told that America and all whites are racist.

Calling every person of a certain color as racist is, in fact, racist!  Is it reverse racism or something?? Of course it is.

What no one mentions is that the worst racists in this country are black people! Ninety percent of black people would agree with the statement "white people are holding me back in my life." They believe that because the Democratic party has taught them to believe that. Meanwhile, they ignore results of all of the standardized academic tests taken by everybody during junior and senior high school showing that, on average, black people rate extremely low/poor in cognitive ability and academic achievement compared to white kids.  Of course those well-proven standardized tests must be racist too, right?

The fact is that white people descended from European, Anglo-Saxon, Christian areas are the most successful people in the world, despite having median IQs slightly less (about a median of 100) than certain East Asian countries.

Despite that, White people literally invented, developed and produced every aspect of modern life: the cell phone, television, the automobile, nuclear power, the airplane and commercial jet travel, the internet, manned space travel to the moon, every advance in astrophysics chemistry, physics, architecture, every vaccine, the Hubble telescope, the space shuttle that serviced the Hubble telescope, every aspect of mathematics, the Hadron collider to name a few. For a more complete list of White person accomplishments, see Based on Accomplishments, White People ARE Superior.

White people, mostly Christian, English-speaking people, also invented political, personal and economic freedom, religious freedom, rule of law, guaranteed rights and personal liberty that are now uniquely enshrined in our law. The US and the US Constitution is the envy of the world.

Not only did White people invent every aspect of modern life, but White people also ended the 5000 year old scourge of world-wide slavery. Debates in the western capitals of Philadelphia, Paris and London in the 1780s resulted in banning of slavery in states and colonies. Yes, that's right. The US founding fathers, some who owned slaves, worked to end slavery in this country. They had to compromise with Southern Democratic states on the issue to ratify the US Constitution, but a 20 year grace period kicked-off on the elimination of slavery in all Northern States in 1789. In the late 1850s, the Republican Party, the party of Lincoln, was created to finally eliminate all slavery and fought the Civil War to end it.  After the Civil War, freed US slaves were free to vote, hold office and enjoy equal rights for about 15 years as Northern troops remained in the South to enforce these rights.

Democrats ended all that.  It was the Democrats that brought an end to Federal troops in the South which brought a dark 100 year period which ended Reconstruction. Blacks lost Constitutional rights, lost voting rights and freedoms and were victims of Jim Crow laws that lasted until the 1960s. Democrats are the party of the KKK. (West Virginia Democrat Robert Byrd was a KKK member for instance.) Got that people, the Democrats are historically the party of black oppression.

The disputed election of Rutherford Hayes and Tilden in 1876, an arrangement was made to give Republican Hayes the Presidency but with the agreement with Democrat Tilden that Federal troops would be removed from the South -- ending Reconstruction -- all to appease the Democrats in the South and their majority in the House of Representatives. Blacks voted Republican at that time and rightly felt betrayed. It took about 100 years before civil rights were won again for black citizens following Brown vs.The Board of Education in 1954. Later, Republicans cast far more votes than Democrats to ratify civil rights laws in the 1960s.

So, it's an absurd irony that US blacks are today beholden to the Democratic Party of Jim Crow. It's also absurd that idiot minorities today are attempting to re-write history, incorrectly of course, claiming that even the US Founding Fathers were somehow evil people since most well-off people held some slaves at that time.  It was the culture of the entire world at that time. The truth is that blacks should be thanking white people and all of our Founding Fathers for the fantastic country where they can live and enjoy the freedoms,prosperity and receive numerous benefits here. They could be living in impoverished and murderous Africa where slavery was only recently ended, in some cases 100 years after the US Civil War.

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

How 'Clinton-like' Corrupt Politicians & Leftist Indoctrination Continues to Destroy Argentina

Ferfal is an Argentinian who left his country for Spain in 2001 at the height of  the economic and political crisis in Argentina. He writes a blog "Surviving in Argentina." I highly recommend that you take a look at that blog every now and then.

He wrote an interesting recent blog post to explain how 100 years of failed Leftist politics and associated corruption continues to this day in part due to continued Marxist/Leftist indoctrination and propaganda given to the people and young students thru media manipulation and curricula in schools and Universities. Kristina De Kirchner and Nestor, her husband brought Argentina to complete financial and economic collapse, then escaped with a plane-load of cash. Their story has similarities to the Clintons.  Here's the post:

What's the Current Situation in Argentina?
Peronist populism survives in the Argentinean political field like an infection, a spreading rot that never quite goes away. You see, although 2001 was the time in which the country collapsed, socially, economically and politically, what came after that was far worse. The leftist Kirchner scum that took over was a complete nightmare straight out of the 70’s.
Unfortunately you don’t fix 60 years of Peronism with four years of President Mauricio Macri (the current president). The poverty, the corruption, the disastrous economy and weak industry, the collapsed infrastructure and education, its endemic and wont change overnight. 
They reinvented themselves as romantic revolutionary socialists. The truth though is quite different.
Nestor and Cristina Kirchner, they started with a law firm (Clintons anyone?). They worked for banks and financial groups which filed foreclosures, since the Central Bank's 1050 ruling had raised mortgage loan interest rates. Through political contacts and bribes, they also acquired 21 real-estate lots for a low price when they were about to be auctioned. Their law firm defended military personnel accused of committing human right crimes during the “Dirty War”.
But being the clever criminals they were, they understood the power of the left, the socialist and social justice speech they saw in their youth.
All of a sudden they reinvented themselves not as a greedy, shady law firm turned politicians, kicking poor people out of their homes and defending military personnel accused of torturing civilians. Now, according to them, they were practically Che Guevara with a rifle in their hands fighting the imperialist Americans.
As laughable as that sounds for the people that knew them for what they were, it sounded good to others and people ate that up. You had the real commies from back in the day, beaten like street dogs all of a sudden being vindicated. Support from “Madres de Plaza de Mayo” gave them international legitimacy, siding with the mothers of those killed during the Junta. (Of course we wont talk about those that faked their deaths only to later be found alive in Spain, or those that had been killed in gunfights with the police, or the ones that died while planting bombs to kill innocent civilians.) They were all freedom fighting heroes now, all of them. And all the police, the armed forces, they were all nazi pig dictators.
That’s what an entire generation was brought up to believe. The mugger, the criminal robbing at gunpoint, he’s a poor victim of the evil American capitalist system. The politician that steals millions? He’s stealing for the crown, for comrade Cristina and comrade Nestor, and they need money to fight the evil capitalists.
This madness, I kid you not, is very real. And it only got worse year after year with increasing indoctrination in schools, TV and other media, even cartoons for kids had this message. The damage was very real and it doesn’t just go away because the dictators finally leave.The key was to manipulate and indoctrinate children, their education at schools thru an agenda at Universities. That’s where it’s at, and these scumbags knew that. 
After 12 years of constant indoctrination the damage is generational. You have an entire generation of young adults that today believe Cristina Kirchner is a savior. There’s some older fools that believe Peron was their savior too.
Of course, you also have hundreds of thousands government "workers" that got used to stealing through the government. Getting paid for doing nothing. You have generations of poor welfare soldiers that make a living out of going to protest and marches and shouting “Cristina! Cristina!” or insulting the current President, Mauricio Macri. And of course there are thousands of millionaire politicians. Drugs, bribes, police corruption, anything goes. Even a lousy local small time politician can make a fortune.
As things stand today, nearly half the country would STILL vote for Cristina Kirchner. There’s no hope for people that are either that corrupt or that stupid.
Finally voting for President Mauricio Macri, that was a big first step. But now he needs to be re-elected. After him, another honest politician needs to become president. Maybe Maria Eugenia Vidal. If that happens and that woman gets re-elected, then maybe Argentina can actually become a 1stworld country like its supposed to be. 
But as things stand today, Cristina Kirchner could be president again this year. If that happens, Argentina will be taking giant leaps backwards. Back to the old ways, closer to becoming another Venezuela.
Doug here:  My bet is that the 100 years of continuous destruction of Argentina by Leftist and/or authoritarian leadership will continue. 

This is a profound lesson for the US of A given what is being taught to our kids in primary school and especially colleges. US students are now going to college and coming out more stupid than when they went in. Leftist indoctrination is also rampant in Left-wing connected Media and TV, high schools, colleges and Internet. Twitter, Google and Facebook continue to push their Leftist agendas and stifle any Conservative thought as "hate speech."   If this is not corrected and soon, Argentina is our future.  It's a cautionary tale for our time.