Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Democrats Attacking ObamaCare Victims; Stifling Free Speech

I just posted a blog called "Leftism Destroys Societies" that talks about the ways Leftism or Socialism kills societies.  One of the points by John Hawkins, was that Socialism stifles free speech.

I just read an article on Breitbart on how Democrats, in collusion with big media, is trying to "shush" (stifle) stories about people who are being actively harmed by the ObamaCare bureaucracy including those people battling cancer.   With a big and bungling bureaucracy, expect more and more nightmarish stories for as long as the law is in force. 

Don't forget: Inside every liberal is a totalitarian.  Read on to see some perfect examples.

From Wynton Hall at Breitbart,
With numerous Obamacare cancer patients now telling their nightmare stories, Democrats have declared war against individuals willing to share their struggles with fellow Americans.

Democrats’ latest target: Michigan cancer patient Julie Boonstra. Boonstra says attacks by Democratic Senate candidate Gary Peters’s campaign against her new Obamacare TV ad will not silence her.

“I’m very upset with them for trying to stop my ad,” Boonstra told Fox News. “They’re not scaring me. Cancer scares me. The growth of my cancer, possibly losing my life over this, that scares me. I battle cancer every day. They’re not going to intimidate me.” 
 Lawyers for Michigan Democratic Senate candidate Gary Peters sent TV stations a letter threatening that failure to rip down the ad, sponsored by Americans for Prosperity, could result in the revocation of their broadcasting license. The letter, which cites a Washington Post fact-check on the ad that gave it two “Pinocchios,” warned broadcasters, “Failure to prevent the airing of ‘false and misleading advertising’ may be ‘probative of an underlying abdication of licensee responsibility’ that can be cause for the loss of a station’s license.”

Democrats’ attacks on Obamacare victims have escalated in recent weeks, as the unpopular healthcare program has raised Democratic candidates’ fears heading into the November midterm elections. On Sunday, progressive New York Times columnist Paul Krugman published a blog article titled “Health Care Horror Hooey,” wherein Krugman blasted Obamacare victims, stating that “the true losers from Obamacare generally aren’t very sympathetic.”

Similarly, progressive publications like Mother Jones and the Los Angeles Times have attacked Obamacare cancer patients’ stories in pieces with titles like “Maybe There Are No Genuine Obamacare Horror Stories” and “Has Anyone in America Actually Been Harmed By Obamacare?”
Curiously, the mainstream media have been less inclined to investigate the claims of Obamacare “success” stories touted by President Barack Obama’s campaign-turned-advocacy group, Organizing for Action. As Breitbart News revealed, an NBC News report highlighting a happy Obamacare customer failed to mention that the “average citizen” it profiled was actually a Democratic political candidate and Obama campaign worker. In another example, OFA touted the story of “Avram Friedman.” What it failed to mention was that Friedman was a Democratic candidate and activist who describes himself as a “highly seasoned grassroots political organizer.”

Leftism Destroys Societies

I recently posted a blog called "Socialist Paradise of Venezuela Burning; Obama and Black Leaders Silent" highlighting the complete and utter failure of South American socialism/leftism (and how the communist-friendly Black American leadership in the US, including Obama and his minions, will remain clueless). Not only is Venezuela burning and near collapse, but so is Argentina. It won't be long before we hear of a similar problems and chaos in sleepy Ecuador and Bolivia as the whole socialist 'experiment' once again fails on the world stage. 

Leftism has such an appeal to the ignorant and uneducated. Ignorance (low cognitive ability, ie., low median IQs) and mal-education are the very things that allow disastrous socialist policies to continually re-emerge in South America. It's the same now in America.  America is full of ignorant people who fall for the "siren song" of The Left.  And as America becomes more "Latino" the trend will likely worsen unless we can properly teach our students about the fundamentals and uniqueness of American history and political history.

Here's why socialism/leftism has it's appeal to the uninformed:  socialism sounds so good.   From a great article by John Hawkins at Townhall, socialism is so "nice," it's "fair," it'll make you feel good about yourself,  it'll "help" people who "deserve it" by taking things away from people who "have so much" they'll barely miss it.

What's wrong with this?   So glad you asked!   Here's the problems with nice-sounding Socialism/Leftism from John Hawkins: 

"1) It kills economic growth: Strong economic growth is what produces jobs, tax revenue and a better standard of living for everyone, including the poor and middle class. That's what John F. Kennedy was driving at when he said, "A rising tide (in the economy) lifts all boats." Socialism strangles economic growth in the crib by penalizing success and rewarding failure. When you loot the successful people in a society to give it to the less successful, you quite naturally create less successful people and encourage more people to fail. This leads to a never-ending cycle. The more people in need there are, the more the successful must be penalized to pay for them. The more the successful are penalized, the fewer successful people there are. This causes wealth to concentrate in fewer hands, the economy slows down, and even more people need help. It goes on and on until you get a slow economy that can't produce enough tax revenue to sustain itself. That's exactly what killed the Soviet Union, it's killing Greece right now and sadly, the United States and most of Western Europe is on exactly the same path.

2) It stifles free speech: Why is there ridiculous government propaganda in nations like North Korea? Why are most schools, papers, and colleges run by liberals in the United States? Why do liberals often try to disrupt conservative speakers on college campuses? Why are there such extreme speech codes in Canada that it practically makes some conservative arguments illegal? Why does speaking out against the government risk imprisonment in China and the old Soviet Union? Because socialism requires protection, propaganda, intimidation, and darkness to survive. Socialism can't survive honest, informed debate about its merits among people who are free to choose or reject it because it would not survive the conversation. As Reagan said, "How do you tell a communist? Well, it's someone who reads Marx and Lenin. And how do you tell an anti-Communist? It's someone who understands Marx and Lenin."

3) It leads to an increasingly tyrannical government: Freedom and socialism go together like oil and water. The more socialism you have, the less freedom you will have because socialism can't survive if people are free to choose whether they want socialism or not. People who are free to say what they want will criticize socialism's many failures. Areas that aren't tightly controlled will move towards the free exchange of ideas and goods, not socialism. So, socialism requires a massive bureaucracy that almost inevitably grows. As government grows, it inevitably becomes more centralized, more distant from the people and ultimately more menacing.

4) It creates strife and division: Socialism is all about turning people against each other. It has to be. After all, if you believe in controlling people's lives, the people who don't wish to be controlled need to be vilified. If you believe in confiscating the wealth of successful people who won't give it up willingly, then others must be convinced they're terrible human beings who deserve to be punished. "Victim" classes must be created for the socialists to defend because if everyone is responsible for himself, what need is there for the socialist? Eventually, those who depend on government for their livelihood and those that the government smears and loots to pay them off come to hate each other.

5) Socialists believe the ends justify the means: Like the pigs in Orwell's 1984, socialists believe that, "All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others." For a socialist, the overriding concern is always promoting socialism; so process, rules and regulation mean different things for different people. Fidel Castro may have been the leader of a Communist revolution against the evil "rich people" in Cuba, but he was worth 900 million dollars when he died. A law broken by a Democrat and a Republican may be treated very differently by the papers, the courts, and even the Department of Justice under Eric Holder. As Margaret Thatcher explained,

"Left-wing zealots have often been prepared to ride roughshod over due process and basic considerations of fairness when they think they can get away with it. For them the ends always seems to justify the means. That is precisely how their predecessors came to create the gulag."

One of the reasons so many socialist nations are wracked with violent protests and revolutions is because when the rule of law is abandoned, only outlaws have any hope of receiving justice."

The fraying of the rule of law is happening right before our very eyes in America under our increasingly desperate and quasi-lawful administration.  The other problems with Leftism, noted by John Hawkins, are also becoming evident again in America.  I say "again" because this isn't my first rodeo.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Democrat's War On Nearly Everything

I'm tired of hearing nonsense Democratic talk about the so-called Republican "war on women" and Republicans being the party of hate and other fact-free talking points.  But they are good at staying consistent in the use of these talking points repeated by lap-dog media and unchallenged by lame Republican leadership.  Their strategy, with mass media assistance and control, is to repeat the same talking points often enough that they 'feel' like facts to the public.  It's a propaganda effort that is more consistent with totalitarian states, not the USA.

How about Democrat's War on nearly everything??? 
  • Democrats war on jobs (income taxes on the prosperous, failure to approve Keystone, no tax reform to repatriate overseas jobs, ObamaCare will trim millions of jobs, minimum wage increase will hurt jobs)
  • Democrats assault on opposition and alternative media like Fox, Breitbart, Townhall and bloggers. This is a Democratic party war on the 1st Amendment to our Constitution.  It'll get worse too.   How about IRS persecution of outspoken citizens who happen to disagree with the administration?  (James Rosen, conservative groups, Ben Carson)?
  • Democrats war on the prosperous. They are the party of soak the rich after all!  And it never works!  Look at Venezuela burning!
  • Democrats war on coal and conventional energy -- this despite the fact that fossil fuels are still overwhelmingly our primary energy source.  See here and here.
  • Democrat's war on Christians and Christianity and their substitution of the drab "Church of Big Government"  Democrats want a Pagan society, rather than Christian.  Sorry guys, America is a predominantly a Christian country.
  • Democrat's war on the Constitution.  See here and here.
  • Democrat's war on personal and fiscal responsibility.  This is the problem with an expanding welfare state and substitution of "government" for community and family.
  • Democrat's war on guns and the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution and ignore the fact that one group consisting of only 6% of the population commit 56% of the gun murders in this country (guess who?  black men).  Think Piers Morgan.
  • Democrat's war on the true freedom seekers -- those that are willing to risk their lives to overthrow tyranny.  Remember in 2009, Obama supported the tyranical Honduran president Zelaya--who was very busy working to make himself a dictator for life, a la Chavez in 2009.  Obama failed to support Iranian student uprising in 2009, etc.
  • Democrat's war on the truth -- ObamaCare enrollment numbers are twisted and vastly inflated despite the law being a complete flop and still hurting more people than it helps. Every bit of information out of the WH is "spin" because there are NO successes to brag about --both domestic and foreign policies of this administration are in a near total state of failure.
  • Democrat's war on the innocent unborn.  Have they no shame? 
  • Democrat's war on conservative groups through IRS persecution
  • Democrats failing the "war on poverty" Epic failure at $21 Trillion cost.
  • Democrats war on the US social fabric -- Dems are destroying our country's social fabric through the welfare state -- to wit, look at the collapse of the African-American culture in this country -- brought to you by the people who supposedly "care" about you/them!   How about Obama's class warfare rhetoric??  How about Obama and Holder setting the tone for illegality and the legitimizing of the "bending" rules and laws -- not enforcing laws that they don't like.  Obama's administration has set a tone of illegality.  Not coincidentally, crime is rising rapidly in the country. Obama is truly setting the tone of anarchy.
  • Democrat's war on journalists.  Remember Holder's DOJ illegally going after journalist phone records just after IRS was caught persecuting opposition groups. Where's the outrage??  These are 1st Amendment violations!! 
Democrats are at war with America itself.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

A Profitable Opportunity to Short Natural Gas Is Near

Natural gas prices, long stuck at about $3.70 per mmbtu, have shot up to over $6 this past week due to the cold weather in the US.  Momentum traders and hot money are also jumping into this commodity trade, pushing prices higher at the commodity exchanges.  But there is an opportunity for the average investor, like you and me, to make a very profitable trade using ETFs in the stock exchange to capitalize on a reversion of nat gas prices back to $4 or so in the weeks ahead.

Natural gas prices have soared in recent weeks as we've had a cold winter.  Stored gas volumes have sharply declined in recent weeks as would be expected for extreme levels of demand due to the extreme cold weather nationwide.  From the EIA on Feb 11, 2014:
Cold weather also contributed to a new record-high withdrawal of natural gas from storage and a surge in natural gas spot prices. Natural gas working inventories on January 31 totaled 1.92 trillion cubic feet (Tcf), 0.78 Tcf below the level at the same time a year ago and 0.56 Tcf below the previous five-year average (2009-13). Henry Hub natural gas spot prices increased from $4.32 per million British thermal units (MMBtu) on January 2 to $5.66/MMBtu on January 27, before falling back to $5.04/MMBtu on January 31. EIA expects that the Henry Hub natural gas spot price, which averaged $3.73/MMBtu in 2013, will average $4.17/MMBtu in 2014, an increase of $0.27/MMBtu from last month's STEO.
Natural gas prices rose to $6.00 per mmbtu this week. This is a phenomenon seen in past years but not since 2008.  The graph below shows Henry Hub natural gas prices in recent years. Today's price of $6 is hardly extreme but is significantly higher than last year's average price of $3.70.  But you can see that prices could go much higher due to additional speculation.

Henry Hub Natural Gas Spot Price
However, the extreme cold weather will not last and natural gas prices will fall back closer to $4 in the months and even weeks ahead.  March is almost here and the end of winter is officially March 21st.  Meanwhile natural gas production continues to ramp up due to the shale gas/oil phenomenon (see charts below).  Also, high prices will very likely stimulate gas production from marginal wells that may have been shut-in due to previously low prices

Overall US gas production has been flat-ish due to sluggish demand and low natural gas prices. Here's some graphs from the EIA (see here):

But shale gas from the fracking revolution keeps growing and offsets declines in other producing areas. 

Now, the Natural Gas Investment Idea

My investment idea is to short natural gas prices when speculative extremes are reached in the days ahead by using some NYSE traded ETFs.   Keep watching natural gas prices.  Extreme (parabolic) daily natural gas price increases are probably a good signal of a blow-off speculative mania.  Also, watch for weather forecasts that indicate that national temperatures will return to more normal levels. Short positions (to profit from decline in share prices) should be taken to capitalize on prices that will surely revert to the recent mean.

Fortunately, short or inverse commodity ETFs, including natural gas, are available for the average investor. Since it's difficult to spot the exact peak in natural gas prices, it's probably a good idea to accumulate one of the inverse ETFs shown below as prices race higher.

The two charts below show two short ETF funds: DGAZ and KOLD.  DGAZ is a triple inverse (short) natural gas price vehicle has more volatility.   Notice that during normal weather last fall, DGAZ traded between 13 and 17. It is now trading at 2.81. If it DGAZ returns to 13, then you'd see a 4-fold increase in your investment.  At $2.81, the price of DGAZ is similar to a stock option!

The other inverse natural gas ETF is shown below. See below for the chart of KOLD.  With KOLD trading at 39 last friday, than a return to a level of 90 last fall would give you a 3-fold increase in your investment:

Good luck with your investments.  Remember, betting that warmer and more seasonal weather lies ahead is hardly much of a speculation!!  I think the ideas above represent a good opportunity.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Socialist Paradise of Venezuela Burning; Obama and US Black Leaders Silent

Another centrally-planned socialist economy is collapsing and burning. Caracas is in flames. There, people have nothing to eat and hyperinflation has erased and reversed any and all benefits of the government giveaways. There is no free lunch people!

This is what always happens to EVERY centrally planned economy! It all ends in tears, ruin and bloodshed. Although it might take a lot longer, the same attempts at Central planning in the USSA will lead to poor economic performance,  inflation, stagnation, corruption and flames. But central planning is Obama's big (and only) theme. Don't expect him to learn any lessons. Liberals are completely and utterly immune to facts. Hard-core socialists and leftists like Fidel Castro or Hugo Chavez or Nicholas Maduro remained immune to facts. The only way they "get" the facts is if facts are engraved on a bullet and shot into their heads.

Naturally, communist and socialist-friendly US black leaders and Hollywood actors are strangely silent as violence and hunger envelope Venezuela. Unrepentant communist-lovers Jesse Jackson, Harry Belafonte, and Danny Glover all sang the praises of Hugo Chavez and successor Maduro.  Similarly, US black leaders welcomed Fidel Castro in Harlem in the early 1990s with thunderous applause. Surely Obama would have been there too if given a chance (and were old enough).  All of these black leaders are frigging idiots.  They will only bring ruin to this country if allowed.  Again, don't expect any enlightenment from this group.

Here's some images from Caracas:

A former Miss Venezuela sadly died

Syria Shows Complete Failure of Obama's Russian Reset

Obama's supposed "reset" with Russia is/was the biggest bunch of bullshit ever propagated by a White House occupant.

The "reset" term comes from Obama's idea that Geo. Bush failed to see that Putin is actually a good guy and that Bush was wrong to distrust him.  What a joke!  It shows how laughably naive these people are.  They shouldn't be in any position of power at all!   (Obama is showing the same naivete with regard to Iran's Rouhani and the reversal of the highly effective sanctions on Iran.)   Now, their stupidity and naivete is yielding only more bloodshed in Syria and now the Ukraine. 

For example, word comes that the Syrians have failed to dismantle it's chemical weapons which they promised to do in the resolution of the Syrian chemical weapons flap.  Gee, what a surprise that is!   Only idiots like Obama and Kerry would have agreed to such a lame-brained scheme.  But they only did so to save face when Obama discovered that there was no support for his military strike.   

Thanks to Putin's outmaneuvering of Obama in Syria,  Bashar al-Assad is now ensconced in power under the protection of Putin.  Russia is actively actively arming this evil regime to allow the continued killing of it's own citizens and even blocking humanitarian aid.  Some 100,000 innocent people are already dead and the death toll continues to rise.  The blood is also on Putin's hands.   Nice guy, right? 

Now Putin has managed to create the current unrest and bloodshed in Ukraine.  It started when the Ukrainian president shunned the EU and jumped into Putin's arms for $15 billion in financial aid.  Obviously every formerly captive Soviet state freed from the "Iron Curtain" wants to escape the Russian sphere at all costs.  Now the people of the Ukraine are in a pitched battle to overthrow that President and dozens are dead already.  Where's the statement of support for the protestors by Obama?   It's the same lack of support for Iranian students who were losing their lives protesting the evil regime and rigged elections in Iran in 2009.

Putin has no match in our White House.  He is far more clever than our foolish and idiotic administration.  Russia is actively working against America all over the world and has only evil intent.  I would say that it's time that Obama wake up to this fact, but Obama never learns anything.  He needs a new brain---because his doesn't work.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Democrats: The Anti-Job Party

Everything that Obama does (or wants to do) either hurts job creation or prevents an improvement in the job market.

Obama has hurt job creation since day one.  For example, increasing taxes on the "wealthy," the very people who can afford to invest and create jobs, doesn't help the economy.  No income tax increases ever do--especially in recessionary conditions!  Higher and aggressive regulation by the EPA also hurts jobs.  His "cap and trade" idea, if implemented, would absolutely devastate jobs by over-regulating and over-taxing business. Cap and Trade is all about taxing and not about warming.

But it's ObamaCare that has hurt business the most and is substantially responsible for an unusually anemic job market recovery since the bottom of the recession in April 2009.

The Democrats are the anti-job party.

ObamaCare is a Poverty Trap and Hurts Jobs and Output.

Now the anti-job credentials of the Democratic party is becoming apparent to even Democratic voters thanks to recent reports out of the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO).

Last week, the CBO reported that ObamaCare would reduce employment by the equivalent of 2,500,000 jobs in the next decade.  This is because gov't subsidies drop-off at modest but increasing incomes, so ObamaCare has built-in incentives for people to NOT work harder or achieve higher incomes.  It's a disincentive to work!   Like all welfare programs, ObamaCare is a poverty trap.  This shows the problem for government welfare programs in general, but especially with steep cliffs (cutoffs) for subsidies or benefits.  Those "cliffs" didn't have to be steep.  But everything about that law is wrong.

Less jobs means less GDP growth and less income growth in the next decade. It also therefore means less opportunity to close the income inequality gap.   Like Europe, Obama is "transforming" America into a land of economic stagnation thanks to his ideas for creating a welfare state. 

The White House tried to defend the un-defendable again by saying that less jobs would "free" people from being "trapped" in jobs or that it enables more "leisure." So, for the Democratic Party, working is a problem now?    Only the anti-job Democratics would try to spin this as good news.   Sorry people, but less jobs is NOT good news---especially five years into the worse economic recovery EVER.

A Minimum Wage Increase a Job-Killer Too

One of the few remaining ideas from President Obama is to raise the minimum wage, but this is another job killer too.  Obama mistakenly thinks that an increase in the minimum wage would address "income inequality." (See my recent blog on the real fixes to the income inequality problem).  Now,  the CBO says that raising the minimum wage to $10 per hour would kill 500,000 jobs--maybe as many as 1,000,000 jobs.

Today, the CBO reported the following from Money News:
Raising the U.S. federal minimum wage to $10.10, as President Barack Obama and Democrats in Congress are proposing, could result in about 500,000 jobs being lost by late 2016, the Congressional Budget Office estimated on Tuesday.
First of all, it's a certainty that the biggest reduction of jobs would occur in the bottom rung of income earners--those making minimum wage.  Higher job costs would force firms to reduce staff and/or automate.  Also, like the negative job effects from ObamaCare, less jobs would in turn means lower economic growth than before.   And lower economic growth further hurts opportunities for the bottom 50% and would INCREASE income inequality--not reduce it.  Only Democrats would argue with these facts. 

Even what Obama is NOT doing is hurting the job market. A failure to work with Republicans to reduce marginal corporate taxes from the highest rate in the world to a rate closer to the OECD average would bring back jobs from Asia. This is a huge opportunity squandered by this administration. Another point: Obama's slavish adherence to a climate change agenda has also killed potential jobs in his refusal to allow the final leg of the Keystone pipeline go through.

I don't think Obama wants ANY jobs in this country (except government jobs)!   Bottom line: Obama and the Democrats are job killers!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Not Even a Smidgen of Corruption

Oh, don't forget the Pigford Scandal too.  I can't think of a single African American politician who isn't stupid, incompetent and/or corrupt.  See here.  If you can think of any, which I doubt, just wait until justice catches up with them.   For example, Ray Nagin is now a convicted felon.  

Obama Continues to Ruin Small Business--This Time By Illegal "Law Making"

From Ed Rogers at the Washington Post,
The White House has had to grant yet another delay in the employer mandate. This time, employers with between 50 to 99 employees who don’t already offer health insurance to their employees have until 2016 to comply with the shifting Obamacare requirements. This latest delay represents another political calculation by the White House. They are counting on the fact that the criticism they will face now for bungling incompetence and disregarding their own law is less than the criticism they would receive for damaging American business closer to the elections.

And the fine print of the latest announcement from the Administration is worse than the terrible headlines. This rule includes a provision that says you have to have the right motives for having a certain number of employees to be in compliance with Obamacare. Bear with me, that’s right: You must certify to the IRS – under the threat of perjury – that the reasons for your employee head count have nothing to do with your opposition to or avoidance of Obamacare. This president doesn’t just selectively enforce the law as he sees fit; now he is actually inventing new crimes. It’s jaw-dropping that if you fall below 100 employees, the burden will be on you to prove that you meant no disrespect to Obamacare!   I can’t wait to see the video of the first Democrat who tries to defend this new threat of prosecution within Obamacare.
From Ed Rogers, " On the one hand, Republicans are blasted for wanting to repeal Obamacare, and the Democrats and their allies routinely remind us it’s the so-called “law of the land.” But the president can amend the law, ignore the law and now even create new ways to prosecute you if you try to avoid its burdens, and the Democrats all fall in line."

The President was equally confused when he said that it would have been "un-precendented" if the Supreme Court had overturned the law during it's review in 2011.  Sorry Mr. Obama, who supposedly majored in Constitutional law at Harvard (where's the transcript and attendance record to prove that???),  it's their job to strike down laws that violate the Constitution.   The court did indeed overturn major portions of the law as unconstitutional but left the mandates in place.  Now the mandates are melting away with all sorts of twisting and turning of the idiots in Washington.

This is what happens when you elect a complete dumb-ass to the White House.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Detroit is the Result of 'Progressive' Democratic Policies

Detroit used to be the most prosperous city in the country and is now is the poorest.  Black people and Democratic policies have ruined Detroit. 

Democratic policies and politicians, over time, have brought complete and utter ruin to this city.  Why?  Because dumb-ass black people keep re-electing dumb-ass, incompetent and criminal black Democratic candidates who rape the city's coffers and implement ruinous "progressive," pro-union policies!  There hasn't been a Republican administration in Detroit since the Eisenhower Administration (which coincided with 'peak prosperity' there).  

In a similar way, 81% continue to support Obama in Washington D.C. despite his embarrassing and utterly incompetent administration.  This is the same sort of 'group-think' that brought Detroit to ruin.  Democrats NEVER see it.  They remain immune to facts.  These idiot people are doomed and no amount of money thrown at them will change that fact.   Black people never get it.  If Detroit is any guide, they never will---even in the face of utter ruin!    

Black people and the Democratic party are doing a great job in bringing down America itself.   Do you have any doubt that Obama would ruin America if given enough time?  Thank God for term limits. 
Let's chronicle the road to ruin by black Democratic politicians in Detroit (helped here by Kevin Williamson at National Review):
  • Unionism drove away the automobile industry to foreign lands and to the less-unionized US South.  The automobile industry is alive and well in America, but not in Detroit.  Who is the party of unionism?  Democrats.
  • Despite having the 8th highest spending on public (and unionized) schools in Michigan, Detroit students barely score above random guessing in academic testing:  the result of dumb people, dumb teachers and dumb public unions-----turning out even dumber students that continue to vote for more dumb Democrats!   Who is the party of unionism?  Democrats.  Which party is supposedly the champion of black people??  Democrats.  But Democrats are ruining black culture, not helping. They will NEVER acknowledge it because their heads are in the sand.  They are immune to facts to such an extent that it rises to the level of a sickness.
  • Unionized workers in Detroit don't fix street lights, provide police protection or provide even basic services.  Who would want to be a bus driver in Detroit?  Who caused Detroit's bankruptcy? Dumb-ass Democrats and dumb-ass black people. Oh, and dumb-ass public unions.
  • Good luck in finding a grocery store willing to stay open in crime-ridden Detroit.  Yeah, nearly everyone in Detroit is on food stamps.  But what good is food stamps when there are no stores to spend them?
  • Good luck in finding Medicaid doctor in Detroit.  What's the point of having Medicaid when no doctor is willing to accept Medicaid patients?  
  • The so-called "Progressive" culture has come to full fruition in Detroit where 4 out of 5 black babies are born without fathers in the house.  That signals complete and utter cultural collapse.
  • Other than premature births, murder is a leading cause of the death of children in Detroit.  The rate for murder of kids under 18 years old in Detroit is 3 times that in New York City.  Shameful!
Detroit is the city of corrupt, incompetent and criminal black DEMOCRATIC politicians who have brought nothing but ruin to that city (and in other cities too like Memphis, New Orleans and Washington DC).  These politicians are elected and re-elected by dumb-ass black people.

Black people are doing more than their share of ruining America too.  It's already happening under the disastrous Obama administration.