Friday, October 30, 2020

Letter from Archbishop Vigano Warning of "Globalist" Power Grab

 From General Flynn on Twitter

Former Apostolic Nuncio to the US, Arch Bishop Vigano’s open letter to President Trump warns of a ‘Great Reset’ plot to destroy humanity. “It is not surprising that the enemy is angered at being discovered.."  Can click on any of the images below to enlarge:

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

‘COMMUNIST CENSORSHIP’: Kirstie Alley SLAMS Big Tech For Squashing Hunter Biden Story

From NewsBusters:

As an outspoken conservative in liberal La La Land, Kirstie Alley shows no fear when calling out lefties. Her Hollywood colleagues mock her every which way and still she never stifles her truth-telling, even if it starts trouble with the very people who could terminate her voice in the public square.

Recently, Alley courted even more scorn by calling out the free speech killers in big tech for their tyrannical double standards. In social media posts, the actress hammered both Facebook and Twitter for gladly spreading lies about Trump’s “Russian Collusion,” but working overtime to stifle any evidence of Joe Biden enriching himself via his son’s ties to foreign governments.

Alley claimed that both tech monopolies are engaging in “Communist censorship” by protecting and amplifying the rumors and conspiracy claims of the far left against Trump, while squashing the New York Post story that credibly damages the salacious and corrupt Biden family.

The Cheers actress who has become exasperated with the left’s dirty tricks, tweeted on Monday, October 26, “TWITTER IS STILL BANNING @thenewyorkpost FACEBOOK IS STILL DECIDING IF THE BIDEN BIG GUY STORY IS LEGIT…”

 Last week, big tech embarked on their most sophisticated attack against free speech yet. MRC TechWatch’s Alexander Hall and Corinne Weaver reported both Facebook and Twitter’s announcement that they would be “reducing” the “distribution” of an October 14 New York Post story. That story published “emails from Democratic presidential candidate Biden’s son Hunter Biden” that “displayed the alleged corruption that both father and son partook in with Ukraine."

Facebook Policy Communications director Andy Stone said his platform would reduce the story and Twitter moved to disable all links to the story, claiming that it’s “potentially harmful.” Twitter even suspended several big accounts which shared the link, like that of Trump’s main campaign account “Team Trump,” and the account belonging to White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany.

Conservatives like Alley were enraged, considering the thoroughly-debunked Russia Gate conspiracy alleging Trump’s collusion with Russia to win the 2016 election was allowed to circulate social media for years and contribute to half the nation’s sense that Trump is an illegitimate president.

Alley elaborated in her tweet, pointing out that Hunter gets protected but “EVERY news media ran EVERY LYING Russia hoax & impeachment story against Trump without vetting ANYTHING!!”

It’s a solid point. The NY Post story may prove that Biden was using his son to enrich his family, or that at the very least may prove that the former vice president was lying when he said he’s never spoken to his son about Hunter’s business dealings, but for big tech, that was too “harmful.”

Of course it was “harmful,” “harmful” to the structural integrity of the idea that Biden is an upstanding, squeaky clean Democrat presidential candidate. Alley implied that it’s exactly why Big tech squashed the story.

“It’s all bullshit it’s communist CENSORSHIP! #trump2020,” Alley concluded. At the very least Big Tech’s double standard here is gargantuan.

Monday, October 26, 2020

Armstrong: New York Times Promoted Communism and Stalinism (and Still Is)

From Martin Armstrong, posted on Sept 3, 2020

The New York Times cheered Stalin and constantly reported that this was the way to the future. Their top journalist, Walter Duranty (1884-1957), was their man in Moscow. The New York Times promoted him to be awarded the Pulitzer Prize for that reporting. When Gareth Jones (1905-1935) in March 1933 reported this was all a lie, the truth finally began to appear.

It took the New York Times until 1990 to admit to fault in failing to report that there was a famine in Ukraine where Stalin killed so many people. The New York Times wrote that their reporting on the Russian Revolution constituted “some of the worst reporting to appear in this newspaper.” Duranty was doing this also to support Roosevelt’s New Deal. He helped install drastic progressiveness in taxation.

In 1932, the top marginal tax rate was increased to 63% during the Great Depression under the Republicans. It steadily increased, finally reaching 94% in 1944 on an income of over $200,000. Under Socialism, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the 1935 Act, which introduced the payroll tax on everyone. However, the Socialists marketed it as the “Soak the Rich” tax, but payroll taxed everyone but the rich who did not work for a wage. Today, the majority of low-income earners pay more in Social Security than they do in taxes.

Are we supposed to trust these people again? The leftist media is continuously supporting the overthrow of our democracy. They remain dishonest propaganda artists who threaten our very way of life. Once again, we have the media trying to convince us to surrender all our freedoms to create a better world that they dream of along with all other Marxists. They are once again doing everything in their power to destroy our freedoms.

Funny Infographics


Everything You Need to Know About Obama (Visiting his "Comrades" in Cuba) -----in One Picture

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Your Wonderful Taxpayer Supported NPR: No Need to Waste Time Reporting on Hunter


Typical of our scumbag lying, corrupted media that are "in the tank" for the Democrats.  They are fully owned and operated by the CIA and DNC-- damned near ALL OF THEM.

Here's the NPR quote from Hotair: 
"There are many, many red flags in that New York Post investigation. NPR Media Correspondent David Folkenflik detailed most of them here. Intelligence officials warn that Russia has been working overtime to keep the story of Hunter Biden in the spotlight. Even if Russia can’t be positively connected to this information, the story of how Trump associates Steve Bannon and Rudy Giuliani came into a copy of this computer hard drive has not been verified and seems suspect. And if that story could be verified, the NY Post did no forensic work to convince consumers that the emails and photos that are the basis for their report have not been altered.

But the biggest reason you haven’t heard much on NPR about the Post story is that the assertions don’t amount to much.

“We don’t want to waste our time on stories that are not really stories, and we don’t want to waste the listeners’ and readers’ time on stories that are just pure distractions,” NPR Managing Editor for News Terence Samuel told me. “And quite frankly, that’s where we ended up, this was … a politically driven event and we decided to treat it that way.”

Kunstler: The Democrat Horror Show

From James H. Kunstler at Clusterfuck Nation blog:

That something wicked we spoke of coming our way…? Well, it came. Now we know why Nancy Pelosi has been running around in a fright mask with her hair on fire, and it’s not just a ghoulish anticipation of Halloween. Her Democratic Party is in extremis. It is shot through with the cancer of falsehood and the wormholes of crime, acquired through decades of playing fast and loose with the machinery of government. Nancy has been informed and she remains stuck in the rage stage of the grief cycle. Somebody sent her a copy of that hard-drive. The thing she feared would not end well is actually turning out worse than she thought.

I have a theory about Joe Biden: He didn’t want to run for president. Not one eensy-weensy bit. He wanted a nice, quiet retirement with his fat government pension plus sundry millions that had somehow found its way into his bank account over the years. He had a fabulous $16-million gentleman’s estate to gambol upon with his beloved grandchildren. The developing brain-fog was actually a comfort, allowing him to forget the rigors of public service and all the tedious gathering of… honoraria, shall we say. But then they came for him…!

The Party called. Rather specifically, his old Kemosabe, Barack Obama, called him in for that ominous sit-down and gave him the bad news: Joe, you’ve gotta run. Bernie, Liz, and the rest of those bozos, they won’t keep a lid on it. You’re in this thing as deep as we are and it’s getting a little hairy. You’ve got to do it for the sake of the party, and all our… friends….

And so, Joe Biden was shanghaied into running for president. He was given a bodyguard of news media, including those crucial new additions, the social media, Twitter and Facebook, where, increasingly, information was hubbed for transmission among the voters. They would protect him infallibly from any damaging narratives. In fact, they would generate powerful counter-narratives to keep their adversaries off-balance. If Joe could just roll with it until November 3rd, they could lay all their… problems… to rest, bury all that annoying insinuendo about the hobgoblin Deep State (ha!), and finally breathe easy.

And so, trailing rather pathetically in the primary elections after being dubbed an old racist by his opponents, and drubbed in Iowa and New Hampshire, Joe somehow managed to sweep the table on Super Tuesday — apparently due to the single, magical endorsement of one congressman James Clyburn (SC, 6th District), a narrative that was swallowed like a May River oyster by the credulous all over the land. And thus anointed, Joe retreated to his fabled basement for the whole election season, venturing intermittently into empty parking lots and airplane hangars to offer proof-of-life while a polling disinfo campaign by his media bodyguard vouchsafed his inevitable victory. Looked like a sure thing in September… pack up all my cares and woe… and so forth….

And then, something broke. Well, some news, actually, a wonder considering the Democratic tank that The New York Times, The WashPo, CNN, MSNBC, and all the rest had jumped in. Long about mid 2019, some jamoke in the jamoke state of Delaware got possession of some laptop computers brought in for servicing on account of water damage — like, what??? They fell into a hot tub??? Anyway, the customer, one R. Hunter Biden, never retrieved (or paid for) the computers which, under Delaware law and the service agreement of the computer repair shop, became the property of said repair shop and its jamoke proprietor, one John Paul Mac Issac. Mr. Mac Issac had a peek inside one of them that still worked — now legally his property — and, lo and behold, he noticed some familiar names among the emails along with an impressive video of the laptop’s owner using drugs while cavorting with a naked woman.

Mr. Mac Issac contacted the FBI. At first, they brushed him off, but then, weeks later, showed up with a subpoena for the computer and seized it. Impeachment season was upon us! CIA agent Eric Ciaramella, advised by fellow NSC member Col. Alexander Vindman, had cooked up a “whistleblower” complaint for crusading congressman and RussiaGate impresario Adam Schiff (D-CA), and the game was on! Mr. Mac Issac apparently followed the impeachment soap opera on the airwaves. The proceedings included no mention of the laptop and the information, or, shall we say, the evidence, it contained. He began to grok the significance of the material dumped in his lap by this wayward customer, R. Hunter Biden, and began to wonder how come the FBI was just sitting on all that. You’d think the FBI would have turned it over to the president’s lawyers since it amounted to what might be construed as exculpatory evidence of a high order. Or that FBI Director Christopher Wray might have apprised Attorney General William Barr of the laptop’s existence. In any event, the President’s lawyers made their case against impeachment without it. Weird, a little bit.

So, more time went by and Mr. Mac Issac grew a little suspicious, a little impatient. The FBI would not deign to return his phone calls. A fastidious fellow, he had made a copy of the laptop’s hard-drive. So, he up and handed another copy over to Rudy Giuliani, a former federal prosecutor of some renown, and one of President Donald Trump’s lawyers. Mr. Giuliani easily recognized what was in there: a detailed map of the Biden family’s world-wide grifting operations, plus graphic evidence of R. Hunter Biden’s moral depravity. Which brings us up to date… almost.

The bodyguard of news media protection was breaking under the weight of all that bad faith, perfidy, hypocrisy, lying, money-grubbing, and depravity. The story of the Biden family’s gothic doings was loose in the land despite every strenuous effort to suppress it, and now the suppressors were starting to look really bad… so bad that Twitter founder Jack Dorsey was about to be hauled into the Senate Judiciary Committee for some ‘splainin’ — that is, a gentle reminder that he is not the Master of the Universe he bethinks himself to be, but rather a member of a society based on rules, traditions, and a consensual understanding of decent behavior.

That’s only the beginning of where all this goes. Other leaks are springing in the great Democratic dike, and they are short of Little Dutch boy volunteers who can plug the holes holding back a cold sea of infamy. There is, for instance, the fabled Anthony Weiner laptop, yes, the one that was seized in 2016 as part of the Hillary Clinton email probe. It somehow ended up in the possession of the New York City Police Department. Turns out it contains 340,000 emails between Hillary and her top aide of twenty years, Huma Abedin, wife of disgraced congressman Anthony Weiner. Trouble is, Mr. Weiner had no security clearance and it was, after all, his laptop. Rumor is that Ms. Abedin is now talking to prosecutors. Will that be consequential?

Also turns out one Bevan Cooney, a former business associate of R. Hunter Biden, who is cooling his heels in a federal slammer for a securities fraud conspiracy, was pissed-off enough at being left holding the bag that he gave his email account and password to investigative reporter Peter Schweizer, author of Clinton Cash and Profiles in Corruption, who is now poring over the 26,000 emails exchanged between the various business partners. Wait for it….

Also turns out that Devon Archer, another R. Hunter Biden partner, and fellow Burisma Board member, just had his conviction re-instated in the same securities fraud case that Mr. Cooney was convicted in, and Mr. Archer faces up to ten years’ time on his charges — an incentive, perhaps, to make a deal for information about his storied career with R. Hunter Biden in exchange for a reduced sentence.

The Biden campaign announced on Sunday that it was “putting a lid” on the candidate’s activities for the week so that he can study up for the final “debate” with President Trump. I suspect there’s a whole lot more than that going on in the basement, namely, discussions of how Mr. Biden might still gracefully withdraw from the race. Let’s face it, he’s barely been going through the motions for the past three months. Joe Biden is a dead man walking. If he stays in, the Democratic party is finished. Nancy Pelosi can stop worrying about getting her hair done. It will be burnt off entirely.

Monday, October 12, 2020

Harris/Biden Campaign Stop in Yuma, AZ: Nobody Came, Zilch, NingĂșn, No One

 The local news in Yuma, AZ announced that Harris/Biden would be making their first stop in Arizona for this campaign season.  Guess what? Not one voter showed up. NOT. ONE.

Meanwhile Trump fills large venues with overflow crowds. 

There are Trump boat parades all over the country this summer: Wisconsin, Mar a Lago, Florida, Austin Texas, Arkansas, MississippiMichiganLake Altoona, Georgia,  car parades in Miami, Lake Martin Alabama, New Jersey shore, Sacremento Calif., 3000 boats in Lake Murray, SC., Iowa, Tampa Bay, Pennsylvania,  Detroit, etc., etc.

Take a look at this diverse Trump rally in Beverly Hills

Meanwhile Harris/Biden can't draw a SINGLE VOTER to their Yuma "rally."

I Was Wrong About the Democratic Party #walkaway

Here is the YouTube link.  She was wrong about the Democratic Party and sensed it for a long time.  But here she explains her long transition AWAY from Democrats. It's hard to undo the Marxist Democrat programming, because it's relentlessly repeated in our Pravda Media complex (DNC, CIA)

Sunday, October 11, 2020

"Please forgive me Trump Supporters" #WalkAway

Remember it's the Left that are the violent ones and the haters--and have spiritual, psychological and/or mental problems. The Right is kind, and loving and forgiving because, in part, they typically are aware of Jesus' teachings and treasure the cultural gifts from our forefathers.

Here's a link to the video in case it doesn't show in your view.  See more "walkaway" videos on YouTube HERE and HERE.  There's good stuff there.

Saturday, October 10, 2020

Race Realism: Teaching Black Kids is Nearly Impossible

For more Race Realism, see my posts: "Black Public Defender Perfectly Describes US Black Cultural Collapse" and "A Black Officer Exposes Black Lives Matter Hypocrisy"

From Christopher Jackson at American Renaissance:

I recall a bad joke that explains, in crude terms, the relationship between blacks and whites in America today:

“What do you call a white man surrounded by 20 blacks?”   Answer:  “Coach.”

“What do you call a white man surrounded by 1,000 blacks?”  Answer: “Warden.”

I might add another line to this joke: “What do you call a white man surrounded by 30 blacks?” Answer: “Teacher.”

Until recently I taught at a predominantly black high school in a southeastern state. I took the job because I wasn’t knowledgeable about race at the time, and black schools aren’t picky. The school offered me a job and suddenly I was in darkest Africa. Except, I wasn’t in Africa; I was in America.

Blacks outnumbered whites about five to one at this school and there were hardly any Hispanics. Some of my classes were all-black, or nearly so, because the gifted and advanced classes siphoned off most of the white students and I taught regular classes. There were some black teachers but the majority were white.

Most of the blacks I taught were from the area. They did not tend to travel very much, and I am sure there are regional differences in the ways in which blacks speak and act. However, I suspect my experiences were generally typical, certainly for Southern blacks.

The mainstream press gives a hint of what conditions are like in black schools, but only a hint. Expressions journalists use like “chaotic” or “poor learning environment” or “lack of discipline” do not capture what really happens. There is nothing like the day-to-day experience of teaching black children and that is what I will try to convey.


Most whites simply do not know what black people are like in large numbers, and the first encounter can be a shock. One of the most immediately striking things about my students was that they were loud. They had little conception of ordinary white decorum. It was not unusual for five blacks to be screaming at me at once. Instead of calming down and waiting for a lull in the din to make their point — something that occurs to even the dimmest white students — blacks just tried to yell over each other.

It did no good to try to quiet them, and white women were particularly inept at trying. I sat in on one woman’s class as she begged the children to pipe down. They just yelled louder so their voices would carry over hers.

Many of my black students would repeat themselves over and over again — just louder. It was as if they suffered from Tourette syndrome. They seemed to have no conception of waiting for an appropriate time to say something. They would get ideas in their heads and simply had to shout them out. I might be leading a discussion on government and suddenly be interrupted: “We gotta get more Democrats! Clinton, she good!” The student may seem content with that outburst but two minutes later, he would suddenly start yelling again: “Clinton good!”

Anyone who is around young blacks will get a constant diet of rap music. Blacks often make up their own jingles, and it was not uncommon for 15 black boys to swagger into a classroom, bouncing their shoulders and jiving back and forth, rapping 15 different sets of words in the same harsh, rasping dialect. The words were almost invariably a childish form of boasting: “Who got dem shine rim, who got dem shine shoe, who got dem shine grill (gold and silver dental caps)?” The amateur rapper usually ends with a claim — in the crudest terms imaginable — that all womankind is sexually devoted to him. For whatever reason, my students would often groan instead of saying a particular word, as in, “She suck dat aaahhhh (think of a long grinding groan), she f**k dat aaaahhhh, she lick dat aaaahhh.”

Many rap lyrics are crude but some are simply incomprehensible. Not so long ago, there was a popular rap called “Tat it up.” I heard the words from hundreds of black mouths for weeks. Some of the lyrics are:
Tat tat tat it up.
ATL tat it up.
New York tat it up.
Tat tat tat it up.

Rap is one of the most degenerate things to have come out of our country, and it is tragic that it has infected whites to the extent it has.

Black women love to dance — in a way white people might call gyrating. They dance in the hall, in the classroom, on the chairs, next to the chairs, under the chairs, everywhere. Once I took a call on my cell phone and had to step outside of class. I was away about two minutes but when I got back the black girls had lined up at the front of the classroom and were convulsing to the delight of the boys.

Many black people, especially black women, are enormously fat. Some are so fat I had to arrange special seating to accommodate their bulk. I am not saying there are no fat white students — there are — but it is a matter of numbers and attitudes. Many black girls simply do not care that they are fat. There are plenty of white anorexics, but I have never met or heard of a black anorexic.

“Black women be big Mr. Jackson,” my students would explain.

“Is it okay in the black community to be a little overweight?” I ask.

Two obese black girls in front of my desk begin to dance, “You know dem boys lak juicy fruit, Mr. Jackson.” “Juicy” is a colorful black expression for the buttocks.

Blacks are the most directly critical people I have ever met: “Dat shirt stupid. Yo’ kid a bastard. Yo’ lips big.” Unlike whites, who tread gingerly around the subject of race, they can be brutally to the point. Once I needed to send a student to the office to deliver a message. I asked for volunteers, and suddenly you would think my classroom was a bastion of civic engagement. Thirty dark hands shot into the air. My students loved to leave the classroom and slack off, even if just for a few minutes, away from the eye of white authority. I picked a light-skinned boy to deliver the message. One very black student was indignant: “You pick da half-breed.” And immediately other blacks take up the cry, and half a dozen mouths are screaming, “He half-breed.”

For decades, the country has been lamenting the poor academic performance of blacks and there is much to lament. There is no question, however, that many blacks come to school with a serious handicap that is not their fault. At home they have learned a dialect that is almost a different language. Blacks not only mispronounce words; their grammar is often wrong. When a black wants to ask, “Where is the bathroom?” he may actually say “Whar da badroom be?” Grammatically, this is the equivalent of “Where the bathroom is?” And this is the way they speak in high school. Students write the way they speak, so this is the language that shows up in written assignments.

It is true that some whites face a similar handicap. They speak with what I would call a “country” accent that is hard to reproduce but results in sentences such as “I’m gonna gemme a Coke.” Some of these country whites had to learn correct pronunciation and usage. The difference is that most whites overcome this handicap and learn to speak correctly; many blacks do not.

Most of the blacks I taught simply had no interest in academic subjects. I taught history, and students would often say they didn’t want to do an assignment or they didn’t like history because it was all about white people. Of course, this was “diversity” history, in which every cowboy’s black cook got a special page on how he contributed to winning the West, but black children still found it inadequate. So I would throw up my hands and assign them a project on a real, historical black person. My favorite was Marcus Garvey. They had never heard of him, and I would tell them to research him, but they never did. They didn’t care and they didn’t want to do any work.

Anyone who teaches blacks soon learns that they have a completely different view of government from whites. Once I decided to fill 25 minutes by having students write about one thing the government should do to improve America. I gave this question to three classes totaling about 100 students, approximately 80 of whom were black. My few white students came back with generally “conservative” ideas. “We need to cut off people who don’t work,” was the most common suggestion. Nearly every black gave a variation on the theme of “We need more government services.”

My students had only the vaguest notion of who pays for government services. For them, it was like a magical piggy bank that never goes empty. One black girl was exhorting the class on the need for more social services and I kept trying to explain that people, real live people, are taxed for the money to pay for those services. “Yeah, it come from whites,” she finally said. “They stingy anyway.”

“Many black people make over $50,000 dollars a year and you would also be taking away from your own people,” I said.

She had an answer to that: “Dey half breed.” The class agreed. I let the subject drop.

Many black girls are perfectly happy to be welfare queens. On career day, one girl explained to the class that she was going to have lots of children and get fat checks from the government. No one in the class seemed to have any objection to this career choice.

Surprising attitudes can come out in class discussion. We were talking about the crimes committed in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, and I brought up the rape of a young girl in the bathroom of the Superdome. A majority of my students believed this was a horrible crime but a few took it lightly. One black boy spoke up without raising his hand: “Dat no big deal. They thought they is gonna die so they figured they have some fun. Dey jus’ wanna have a fun time; you know what I’m sayin’?” A few black heads nodded in agreement.

My department head once asked all the teachers to get a response from all students to the following question: “Do you think it is okay to break the law if it will benefit you greatly?” By then, I had been teaching for a while and was not surprised by answers that left a young, liberal, white woman colleague aghast. “Yeah” was the favorite answer. As one student explained, “Get dat green.”

There is a level of conformity among blacks that whites would find hard to believe. They like one kind of music: rap. They will vote for one political party: Democrat. They dance one way, speak one way, are loud the same way, and fail their exams in the same way. Of course, there are exceptions but they are rare.

Whites are different. Some like country music, others heavy metal, some prefer pop, and still others, God forbid, enjoy rap music. They have different associations, groups, almost ideologies. There are jocks, nerds, preppies, and hunters. Blacks are all — well — black, and they are quick to let other blacks know when they deviate from the norm.

One might object that there are important group differences among blacks that a white man simply cannot detect. I have done my best to find them, but so far as I can tell, they dress the same, talk the same, think the same. Certainly, they form rival groups, but the groups are not different in any discernible way. There simply are no groups of blacks that are as distinctly different from each other as white “nerds,” “hunters,” or “Goths,” for example.

How the world looks to blacks

One point on which all blacks agree is that everything is “racis’.” This is one message of liberalism they have absorbed completely. Did you do your homework? “Na, homework racis’.” Why did you get an F on the test? “Test racis’.”

I was trying to teach a unit on British philosophers and the first thing the students noticed about Bentham, Hobbes, and Locke was “Dey all white! Where da black philosopher a’?” I tried to explain there were no blacks in eighteenth-century Britain. You can probably guess what they said to that: “Dat racis’!”

One student accused me of deliberately failing him on a test because I didn’t like black people.

“Do you think I really hate black people?”


“Have I done anything to make you feel this way? How do you know?”

“You just do.”

“Why do you say that?”

He just smirked, looked out the window, and sucked air through his teeth. Perhaps this was a regional thing, but the blacks often sucked air through their teeth as a wordless expression of disdain or hostility.

My students were sometimes unable to see the world except through the lens of their own blackness. I had a class that was host to a German exchange student. One day he put on a Power Point presentation with famous German landmarks as well as his school and family. From time to time during the presentation, blacks would scream, “Where da black folk?!” The exasperated German tried several times to explain that there were no black people where he lived in Germany. The students did not believe him. I told them Germany is in Europe, where white people are from, and Africa is where black people are from. They insisted that the German student was racist, and deliberately refused to associate with blacks.

Blacks are keenly interested in their own racial characteristics. I have learned, for example, that some blacks have “good hair.” Good hair is black parlance for black-white hybrid hair. Apparently, it is less kinky, easier to style, and considered more attractive.

Blacks are also proud of light skin. Imagine two black students shouting insults across the room. One is dark but slim; the other light and obese. The dark one begins the exchange: “You fat, Ridario!”

Ridario smiles, doesn’t deign to look at his detractor, shakes his head like a wobbling top, and says, “You wish you light skinned.”

They could go on like this, repeating the same insults over and over.

My black students had nothing but contempt for Hispanic immigrants. They would vent their feelings so crudely that our department strongly advised us never to talk about immigration in class in case the principal or some outsider might overhear.

Whites were “racis’,” of course, but they thought of us at least as Americans. Not the Mexicans. Blacks have a certain, not necessarily hostile understanding of white people. They know how whites act, and it is clear they believe whites are smart and are good at organizing things. At the same time, they probably suspect whites are just putting on an act when they talk about equality, as if it is all a sham that makes it easier for whites to control blacks. Blacks want a bigger piece of the American pie. I’m convinced that if it were up to them they would give whites a considerably smaller piece than whites get now, but they would give us something. They wouldn’t give Mexicans anything.

What about black boys and white girls? No one is supposed to notice this or talk about it but it is glaringly obvious: Black boys are obsessed with white girls. White parents would do well to keep their daughters well away from black schools. I’ve witnessed the following drama countless times. A black boy saunters up to a white girl. The cocky black dances around her, not really in a menacing way. It’s more a shuffle than a threat. As he bobs and shuffles he asks, “When you gonna go wit’ me?”

There are two kinds of reply. The more confident white girl gets annoyed, looks away from the black and shouts, “I don’t wanna go out with you!” The more demure girl will look at her feet and mumble a polite excuse but ultimately say no. There is only one response from the black boy: “You racis’.” Many girls — all too many — actually feel guilty because they do not want to date blacks. Most white girls at my school stayed away from blacks, but a few, particularly the ones who were addicted to drugs, fell in with them.

There is something else that is striking about blacks. They seem to have no sense of romance, of falling in love. What brings men and women together is sex, pure and simple, and there is a crude openness about this. There are many degenerate whites, of course, but some of my white students were capable of real devotion and tenderness, emotions that seemed absent from blacks — especially the boys.

Black schools are violent and the few whites who are too poor to escape are caught in the storm. The violence is astonishing, not so much that it happens, but the atmosphere in which it happens. Blacks can be smiling, seemingly perfectly content with what they are doing, having a good time, and then, suddenly start fighting. It’s uncanny. Not long ago, I was walking through the halls and a group of black boys were walking in front of me. All of a sudden they started fighting with another group in the hallway.

Blacks are extraordinarily quick to take offense. Once I accidentally scuffed a black boy’s white sneaker with my shoe. He immediately rubbed his body up against mine and threatened to attack me. I stepped outside the class and had a security guard escort the student to the office. It was unusual for students to threaten teachers physically this way, but among themselves, they were quick to fight for similar reasons.

The real victims are the unfortunate whites caught in this. They are always in danger and their educations suffer. White weaklings are particularly susceptible, but mostly to petty violence. They may be slapped or get a couple of kicks when they are trying to open a bottom locker. Typically, blacks save the hard, serious violence for each other.

There was a lot of promiscuous sex among my students and this led to violence. Black girls were constantly fighting over black boys. It was not uncommon to see two girls literally ripping each other’s hair out with a police officer in the middle trying to break up the fight. The black boy they were fighting over would be standing by with a smile, enjoying the show he had created. For reasons I cannot explain, boys seldom fought over girls. 

Saturday, October 3, 2020

Without Meaning, You Can't Be Happy

From Dennis Prager at National Review.  

I began part one of “Why Are So Many Young People Unhappy?” with data showing the apparently unprecedentedly high rate of unhappiness among young people in America (and elsewhere, but I am focusing on America). The rates of suicide, self-injury, depression, mass shootings, and loneliness (at all ages) are higher than ever recorded. It seems that Americans may have been happier, and certainly less lonely, during the Great Depression and World War II than today, even with today’s unprecedentedly high levels of health, longevity, education, and material well-being.

There is, of course, no single explanation, and I listed a number of possible explanations: “Increased use of illicit drugs and prescription drug abuse and less human interaction because of constant cellphone use are two widely offered, valid explanations. Less valid explanations include competition, grades anxiety, capitalism, and income inequality. And then there are young people’s fears that because of global warming, they have a bleak, and perhaps no, future.”

But I do believe that a loss of values and meaning are the two greatest sources of unhappiness.

Among the values lost are those of communal associations. As the great foreign observer of early American life Frenchman Alexis de Tocqueville wrote in 1831, Americans’ unique strength derived largely from their participation in innumerable nongovernmental associations — professional, social, civil, political, artistic, philanthropic, and, of course, religious.

But these have all dwindled as government has become ever larger. Whereas Americans got together and formed bonds of friendship through nongovernmental associations, through what organizations will Americans form friendships today? In a video presentation at its 2012 national convention, the Democratic party offered its answer: “Government’s the only thing that we all belong to,” the narrator said.

Then there are traditional middle-class values, like getting married first and then having children. Today, a greater percentage of Americans are born to unwed mothers than ever before, and fewer people are marrying than ever before. There are, for the first time in our history, more single Americans than married Americans. While it is certainly possible to feel lonely in a marriage, people are far more likely to feel lonely without a spouse, and increasingly without children, than with a spouse and children.

And now we come to the biggest problem of all: the lack of meaning.

Aside from food, the greatest human need is meaning. I owe this insight to Viktor Frankl and his classic work, Man’s Search for Meaning, which I first read in high school and which influenced me more than any book other than the Bible. Karl Marx saw man as primarily motivated by economics; Sigmund Freud saw man as primarily driven by the sexual drive; Charles Darwin, or at least his followers, sees us as primarily driven by biology.

But Frankl was right.

As regards economics, poor people who have meaning can be happy, but wealthy people who lack meaning cannot be.

As regards sex, people who do not have a sexual life (such as priests who keep their vow of chastity; many widowed and divorced older people; and others) but have meaning can be happy. Sexually active people who do not have meaning cannot be.

As regards biology, there is no evolutionary explanation for the need for meaning. Every creature except the human being does fine without meaning.

And nothing has given Americans — or any other people, for that matter — as much meaning as religion. But since World War II, God and religion have been relegated to the dustbin of history. More than a third of Americans born after 1980 affiliate with no religion. This is unprecedented in American history; until this generation, the vast majority of Americans have been religious.

Maybe, just maybe, the death of religion — the greatest provider of meaning, while certainly not the only — is the single biggest factor in the increasing sadness and loneliness among Americans (and so many others). A 2016 study published in the American Medical Association’s JAMA Psychiatry journal found that American women who attended a religious service at least once a week were five times less likely to commit suicide. Common sense suggests the same is true of men.

The bottom line: The reason so many young people are depressed, unhappy, and angry is the Left has told them that God and Judeo-Christian religions are nonsense; their country is largely evil; their past is deplorable; and their future is hopeless.

That seems to be a major reason, if not the reason, for so much unhappiness: not capitalism, not inequality, not patriarchy, sexism, racism, homophobia, or xenophobia but rather having no religion, no God, no spouse, no community, no country to believe in, and, ultimately, no meaning. That explains much of the unprecedented unhappiness.

And it explains the widespread adoption of that secular substitute for traditional religion: leftism. But unlike Judaism and Christianity, leftism does not bring its adherents happiness.

Friday, October 2, 2020

Wuhan Virus Survival Rate of Those Infected is Very High

 The CDC recently summarized the survival rates of citizens who are infected with the virus. It's surprisingly good news.  For most people, those under 50 years old, the death rate is similar to the common flu.

The Malthusian Democrat-run shutdown doctrine must end. Just protect the elderly and those with multiple health issues or compromised immune systems. However, I agree with using surgical masks in enclosed spaces like grocery or other stores.  Masks work and I would prefer not to get sick.

Thursday, October 1, 2020

Democrat Nihilism: Anti-white, Anti-male, Anti-straight, and Anti-Faith

The Democratic Party is the anti-white, anti-male, anti-straight, and anti-Christian party.  Also, check out my post titled "The Anti-White Party" (credited to William Lind at  

Please see my important post entitled The Left Are "People of the Lie"--In a Dangerous Spiritual and Psychological Crisis saying: "People on the Left are evil because they are full of lies that they tell themselves and accuse others of the very evil that THEY embody. And as a group, they take comfort in repeating lies among themselves because it reinforces their delusions --because if they repeat them day after day, it begins to have the illusion of truth. That's their method of brain-washing their supporters. They live in their own bubbles of delusion in the capitals of Leftism on both coasts. Nearly everything they believe is untrue, phony or a lie--which is a warning flag of mental problems."

Democrats are the party that:  
  • supports the pro-violence terrorist organization BLM (BLM is the new Black Panthers or "America Taliban"), 
  • supports the kneelers at NFL and NBA games causing viewership and attendance to collapse
  • supports the violent Antifa (there's only peaceful protests, didn't you know?!)
  • wants to pack the Supreme Court with 4 or 5 more Leftists if Trump exercises his Constitutional authority in replacing RBG
  • is willing to add multiple states of Puerto Rico and DC to shift the balance of power to them
  • want to destroy the Electoral College because it failed to pick the "correct" candidate in 2016
  • is in collaboration with the Intel agencies, the FBI, the DOJ, the media, and former members of the Obama White House to spy on to overthrow the newly elected Trump government before and after 2016 
  • is in bed with the Left-wing corporate media complex, the DNC and Democrats want to silence all dissent and propagate their carefully coordinated "talking points" that are often/usually lies
  • is working to end law and order in this country. Defunding police is the new rallying cry.
  • Police kill blacks more!  (not true, and not true even though blacks are committing 6 or 7 times the number of crimes as whites) 
  • believes socialism is good for you, 90% taxes will solve income inequality (Yeah riiight. Cuba achieved income equality: the result is $30 per month wage for everyone except those "connected" to the regime),
  • believes climate change is a massive threat to your well-being and world and will only cost $71 Trillion to "fix" it.  It's a bargain! 
  • believes a Green New Deal is the answer to all our problems: will create massive new jobs and solve the horrible, scary and imminent climate emergency!  (But the Green New Deal is actually a massive Bolshevik power grab). 
  • believes that white straight men are toxic, a problem for the country and should be marginalized,  
  • believes that all immigrants, legal or illegal, have equal status before the law  and there needs to be no criteria for immigration permission, believes there's no need for the US to preserve it's cultural heritage.
  • believes STILL that Russia "hacked the election of 2016" (no evidence required and they MIGHT have hacked the DNC exposing nasty, tricky schemes and dirt).
  • believes that Russia (Vladimir Putin in particular) is bent on destroying the USA.
  • believes that Diversity is our strength
  • believes that National borders are inconvenient, cruel, and obsolete.
  • believes that Western Civilization is a malignant force in human history.
  • believes that Islam is “the religion of peace,” no matter how many massacres of “infidels” are carried out in its name.
  • believes that Blacks and Hispanics are intellectually equal to those with European descent
  • believes that welfare and income support have actually helped black people in the US
  • believes that women are are being intentionally paid less by evil businessmen. Not true.
  • believes that all discussion about race problems and conflicts is necessarily racist.
  • believes that the hijab is a device of liberation for women.
  • believes that there should be a law against using one of the 47 (and counting) wrong pronouns for people who consider themselves neither men nor women (recently passed by the Canadian parliament).
  • believes that a unifying common culture is unnecessary in national life (anything goes).
Comrade Obama in Cuba after giving
a cost-free lifeline to the Castro Family

If the Democratic Party is anti-white, anti-straight male, and anti-Christian, t
hen, logically, no white, male, straight, or Christian should vote Democrat. To do so would be to vote for their own persecution and eventual extinction in a country they created.  I don't think there is much sanity in being an anti-white party in a country of 65% whites. but his is the essence of cultural Marxism which has thoroughly "infected" the Democratic Party.  They have thrown in with Blacks in a big way. And blacks ruin everything: the Democratic party, the NBA, NFL, their own families, communities and countries.

From William Lind: "It is now virtually impossible to be a Democrat and not embrace cultural Marxism. That ideology condemns not only whites, but males, non-feminist women, straights, and Christians. All are fit only to be–what? Liquidated, like Russia’s middle and upper classes? From what we see on university campuses where cultural Marxists hold power, it seems there are no limits on how far their hatred of whites will go."

Marxism is basically their substitute religion --- with their "faith" in man and his institutions-- especially "government."  But the truth is that government is inherently evil. It is force. It is coercion.  It is, at best, it's a necessary evil. That's why our brilliant founding fathers were dedicated to keeping government small; to limit the scope of it's damage. We must have a government but also understand that it's a necessary evil. It's ironic that Dems want to defund and de-fang police since they are the "force" in government.

The Left, plainly and transparently Marxists now, has forever hated what is good and pure in America, They hated Ronald Reagan, the only other president in my lifetime, other than Trump, that was dedicated to preserving our cultural heritage which is based on 90% white Northern European culture and Christianity-- not Muslims, not African voodoo, Not Guatemalans or Hondurans. Thanks to Democrats we'd be lucky if we have 60% whites in this country now---and look where we are culturally.

Democrats hate Amy Coney Barrett too, who is some amazing woman with an amazing family. Tucker Carlson said that because Amy Coney Barrett is a an extremely impressive (white) person that exemplifies the best of America, that's why she's being attacked by Democrats. The other reason that they hate her is they can't accuse her of rape--which is Democrat's normal modus operandi with male conservative candidates.
Family of Amy Barrett

Rolling Stone, a long-time bastion of Leftism always hated musicians like John Denver or The Carpenters. These artists were roundly panned by the Rolling Stone. Yes, these artists were vanilla-flavored but dedicated to creating beauty and meaning. They might have been vanilla-flavored but vanilla is a great flavor! America loved them, but not the haters at Rolling Stone! Instead, Rolling Stone adores all the horrible and horrifying rap music which is part and parcel of a devolved, thuggish and criminal black "culture" in this country. Blacks literally worship criminal thugs. And look at where they are at culturally.

Democrats expose themselves as being nihilists:  a view that deep down life has no meaning or value and that the individual or even the entire human species is insignificant, without purpose and unable to change the totality of existence. Nothing matters. All is empty. Nihilism would reject the idea that there is an ultimate reality that transcends our physical world. There is no God. There is no worthwhile history. There is no transcendental basis for ethical behavior apart what we think (today). Anything goes, nothing matters, nothing has meaning. Religion is just the opiate of the people. 

But, doesn't "nothing matters" and "anything goes" describe our current culture on the Left? The Left is unhinged, unchained from any history or tradition and they reject the very thing that is exceptional: white Northern European Christian (and certain East Asian) culture and ideals.   

Lack of a faith is a very real problem with The Left and therefore our Nation. They denigrate people of faith while they don't have a good answer. Instead, they dangerously put all their faith in "man"-- or man's institutions -- which lead to inevitable disappointment and even disaster.  Look at China, like any communist country, it wants to stamp out any religious faith and substitute faith in "man"  and his institutions (the Communist party collective). It leads to disaster every time and no change is allowed!! If you don't like it, tough.

Lack of faith is what makes Leftists fundamentally haters, not lovers. They aren't happy people. They tend to be angry, frustrated, sometimes hysterical or cynical busy-bodies who want to control YOUR life because they think that they know best. They are cynical and pessimistic--even Malthusian. Cynicism and unhappiness are the fruits of a lack of faith. 

For example, they obsess that the slight Global Warming is our biggest problem because it's going to kill us all!  It used to be overpopulation and peak oil in the 1970s that were the crises des jours. Climate cooling was also a popular hysteria in the 70s.  

But climate change is not even our biggest problem. Big government and politicians are clearly more dangerous. But despite the non-crisis, Democrats insist that to fight it we must have the totalitarian Green New Deal!  But the Green New Deal is a huge power grab to install someone like Generalissimo Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (or someone less honest) as dictator. You do know that a 29 year old, know-it-all Latina bartender knows what's good and right for you. correct?  

These people want to cancel YOUR opinions, remake the entire culture and economy based on the whims and fads of today. They would ignore what has worked in this country for about 200 years (until about 1971), subvert your freedoms, take your guns (of course), take over the economy through higher taxation and controlling all aspects of your life---and would eventually make the US just like failed and corrupt Puerto Rico in the case of AOC or shit-hole Somalia in Ilhan Omar's case. 

These people never see that more freedom is the right answer. But freedom implies a high degree of individual competence and accountability, something that is the most robust attribute of the self-organizing descendants of Northern Europeans (and East Asians), but much less in Latinos and not at all in Africans. 

Minorities are generally less competent in managing individual freedom in self-organizing, prosperous communities, so they tend to want someone or a government to control their lives, like in Cuba. Communism can be viewed as an escape from freedom. A lot of (black) Cubans love their Castro overlords. Even now, most of the black leaders in the USA,including Obama, BLM and Hollywood and black actors adore Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez. Never mind the misery that they've caused and the deaths due to starvation now in Venezuela. They can't see it! They WON'T see it. They want state control and institutional caretakers. It's because many/most blacks can't handle freedom and the day-to-day demands of a truly free economy. Many blacks in America live in a state of custodial care in America. Welcome to nigger nation; a nation of niggers of all colors.

America, Europe, Canada, Australia and New Zealand escaped from Communism, but for how long?