Tuesday, September 4, 2018

The Left, Michael Moore, US Black Leaders & Hollywood All Lauded Hugo Chavez and Castro

I've ranted frequently about how the Socialist "paradises" of Venezuela and Cuba have resulted in the poorest people on the face of the earth. Venezuela, with their kleptocrat Leftist leaders Chavez and Maduro who are the darlings of the Left and US Black "leaders," is collapsing as we speak with hyperinflation, stagnation, crisis and starvation. Ignorant voters, who repeatedly voted for "free stuff" and "free money" now find that the money is worthless and there is nothing to buy even if they had money. This is always the result of hard-Left governments: stagnation, inflation, crisis, collapse. Free money lasts only so long.

It used to be Communist China that was mired in extreme poverty similar to the collapsed Communist USSR.  China liberalized their economy by adopting aspects of Capitalism after watching the wild prosperity of Hong Kong, S.Korea and Taiwan for 60 frigging years!  My God, these people are slow!  Of course, they are still a hyper-centrally planned disaster in the making, not unlike a totalitarian state. So, collapse is coming for them too-- not unlike the USSR.

The disastrous political Left including the likes of Obama and Bernie Sanders, who warmly embrace Socialism and Communism, never learn anything. They absolutely can't allow any facts to get in the way of their beliefs regardless of even astounding evidence.  The Left, Michael Moore, US Black Leaders & Hollywood All Lauded Hugo Chavez and Castro. If you're a Left-wing black Muslim, then you are the world's biggest disaster!!  Obama??

From Mish's blog, he recalls how Michael Moore praised Chavez in 2013. Moore is a lover of Fidel Castro too, just like all the US Black "Leadership" in this country.  Here's the tweet:

So much for the future of politicians offering "free stuff" to bribe unsophisticated (stupid) voters.  Check out a few of my posts:
Of course Black and Latino populations, with significantly lower median intelligence than those from Northern European (Anglo-Saxons) or E. Asia descent, fall more for the false siren calls of Populists/Leftist politicians who promise "something for nothing." That's why most of Latin America and all of Africa is verging on revolution, extreme poverty, crisis and even starvation.  When black or Latino people are allowed to immigrate here, the same thing happens.  These people should NEVER be allowed to vote in the US.  THEY NEVER LEARN.

Brazil is in an economic depression with massively failed leadership, a failed economy, massive corruption, massive crime, outrageous amounts of murders. Argentina too is nearing complete and utter collapse as we speak.  In my post "Epicenters of Ignorance, Bad Ideas and Destruction" I say: 
Brazil has many of the most dangerous and murderous cities in the world and a national murder tally of 50,000 murders in a recent year. It's mostly black-on-black killing just like in America. While the US has 15,000 murders per year, Brazil has 3 times the murder rate of the US and predictably they also have 3 times the blacks than the US (~50% vs 13% in the US). The Brazil murder problem is black in color --- just as it is in America. Low media IQ means that these people have an average mental age of 14 to 15 years old, have poor impulse control and little logic -- leading to murderous results.
It's much easier to count the countries in Latin America that are well managed, prosperous, orderly and happy. Costa Rica would be one. Chile would be another -- for now.  The biggest problem for Brazil is Brazilians! The biggest problem for Argentina is Argentinians!  The biggest problem for Nicaragua is Nicaraguans and so on and so on!!  They never learn. They should never be allowed to come to this country and vote for more failure!

Hard-Left (Communist) governments have caused untold suffering in modern history due the failures of their Leftist ideologies.The failure rate is 100%.

And the Left never learns or changes and this is what makes them evil. The current Pope, as an example, remains an avowed Socialist in outlook even after the damage and destruction caused by Socialism in his own country of Argentina. Fidel and Raul never changed. Why would they? In communism and socialism, only the elites and those "connected" at the top benefit. The "people" just suffer, then suffer even more.

And remember, Socialism is just Communism-lite. Big government and a predominance of central planning is Socialism. Europe and China are in this category. We even have that in the USA to a large degree. Socialism results in the same misery as hard-Left Communism, it just takes longer to get to the point of collapse. But collapse it does.  

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