Sunday, February 8, 2015

Comrade Obama's Unilateral Gift to Cuba's Junta

Cuba is a country hijacked and run into the ground by the Castro family.  Cuba is the poorest country on earth thanks to the Castro brothers and Socialism (Communism).  After 50 years of rule by the Castro's and their strict administration of Socialism ideals, their economic performance has been such a failure that a highly qualified doctor earns $68 per month and a nurse earns half of that.  One or two dollars per day!!   Chinese peasants make more than that!!   So everyone makes $1 or $2 per day for their labor regardless of how hard they work, or the value of their work.

Of course, because of Socialism's wonderful idea of IMPOSING income equality (as opposed to the "evil" inequality in Capitalism), EVERYONE IS VASTLY WORSE OFF and suffering in poverty.  Note to US socialists and Obama supporters: that's what happens when you try to equalize incomes! EVERYONE is MUCH worse off!  Get that through your thick heads.

This "gift" of more trade from Comrade Obama, with no demands for democracy or any change away from the devastation of Socialism, will only enrich and further entrench the regime. Only Raul and Fidel and their extensive hangers-on; army generals and secret police will benefit, NOT the people. Every enterprise is owned by the dictators and their privileged bureaucracy, so the money from Obama's gift will  flow only to them and then to Swiss bank accounts. The whole thing is a complete joke!  No progress will come to Cuba until free enterprise, free markets, democracy and the complete destruction of Communism and ouster of Raul and Fidel is made.

Obama knows nothing except kowtowing to dictators in Iran and Russia and now the Castro brothers. Each gambit is failing. Nothing Obama does is even remotely successful.  He is the literal embodiment of failure and wrong ideas.

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