Thursday, October 30, 2014

Hillary: Businesses Don't Create Jobs

Democrats like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama continue to insult the intelligence of anyone with intelligence.  Sadly, there are fewer and fewer of those in this country (and even fewer in the media).

Echoing Barack Obama's ludicrous line that businesses "didn't build that," Hillary said that businesses don't create jobs. 

How stupid are these people??  Answer: very.

Her and Obama really believe that government is from where jobs and growth come.  Hillary, stumping for populist Elizabeth Warren, said “Don’t let anybody tell you that it's corporations and businesses that create jobs. You know that old theory, trickle-down economics. That has been tried; that has failed. It has failed rather spectacularly."

Elizabeth Warren, another dizzy Democrat, recently denounced Republicans for dismissing her idea of equal pay police.  She didn't say that exactly because she is not honest.  None of these people are.

Regarding the trickle-down comment, it's just another fact-free and false Democratic narrative. The shower of freebies and palliatives from our bloated, corrupt and deficit-ridden government is the ULTIMATE form of trickle-down that TRULY doesn't work.  It creates entire populations of government dependency which only makes these people somewhat comfortable in their poverty.  The problem is that trickle-down only works until Liberals run out of other people's money.  Then all hell breaks loose. 

Hillary should be reminded that the great Democrat JFK said that a "rising tide lifts all boats." That was JFK saying that prosperity by definition helps both the wealthy and the poor.  A buoyant economy helps everyone.  Duh!  He worked with Congress to cut taxes across the board to order to bring prosperity and improve gov't tax revenue.  So, the false narrative of lowering taxes helps only the wealthy is bullshit.

Oh, and just a reminder to Hillary and Co that the historic evidence is that the rise of big and intrusive government brings nothing but stagnation and ultimately crisis.  Just ask the average Venezuelan or Argentinian.

Lest I insult your intelligence, It was Henry Ford who created jobs, Bill Gates created jobs, Steve Jobs created jobs, Thomas Edison created jobs.   Yeah, they DID build that!!  And without business there are NO jobs (including government jobs)!  Wealth is only created by production and governments don't produce much.  And government jobs exist only for as long as government is permitted to take money from the private sector or until other people's money runs out.

All of these people are profoundly clueless, profoundly un-serious and profoundly unfit to govern.   Add dumb-ass Wendy Davis to the ranks of the TRUE party of stupid: Democrats.

Friday, October 10, 2014

In Obama, Generational Decline and Liberalism Have Created a Monster

My Theory of Generational Decline

A successful and prosperous society brings with it the seeds of it's own destruction as ease, wealth and convenience spoils and weakens the work ethic of it's citizens. Offspring of prosperous parents won't have to struggle (and grow) as much as their parents. Subsequent generations become more and more complacent and more entitled as everyone enjoys the wealth built by previous generations.

But learning the lessons of life is critical to gaining wisdom. Hardship is the great teacher in life. And life is much harder than any mother ever told their children. And think about how important "tough love" is for raising children so that they understand the important and practical lessons of life: the need for a hard work and self-sufficiency, learning about money and budgeting, learning about the danger of debt and the responsibility to self, family and nation.  Without learning the hard lessons, subsequent generations become 'soft', ignorant, foolish and unwise from too much ease and where everything is provided to them without much/any hardship. 

It's no accident that the "greatest generation" in America is the generation who grew up in the severe hardship of the Great Depression of the 1930s and during the time where the US led the world in defeat of Nazi Germany and fascist Japan.  After WWII, these same people built the greatest economy the world has ever seen.  Ronald Reagan was the last of that greatest generation who rose to the highest office of the land.

The post WWII prosperity provided the money to support incomes and provide safety nets to the less fortunate and the elderly.  It also funded environmental remediation of our air and water. (Poorly performing economies are ecological disasters. Look no further than the USSR.)  But temporary safety nets become permanent (and irreversible) safety nets. The war on poverty is a good example.  It was started by LBJ to be a temporary leg-up for poor people -- mainly black folks.   Instead, it's become a permanent income support for millions. Politically, it can't be undone and has resulted in $21 Trillion of government spending in 50 years. Worse, these programs have actually "ruined" much of African American community.

Liberals, like the rest of us, are also the product of a undisciplined and permissive society and they want that the "less fortunate" to avoid the hard lessons of life.   They are all about handouts and government activism.  Liberals are children of permissive (and wealthy) parents who never had enough tough love. They never learn how to make and handle money for themselves, so they end up growing up irresponsible in money matters.  (Isn't that painfully obvious?)  Then, they join the Democratic party -- a political party who stands for buying getting votes by bribing people with handouts (usually money) to "help" people avoid the consequences of bad decisions and bad behavior.  It wins votes!  And because they are personally irresponsible in matters of money, these same people are irresponsible in management of the nation's money and debt.  Why do you think the Democrats could care less about the $7,000 Billion of new debt racked up in the Obama administration? They don't care! Obama has never seriously called for any spending cuts -- ever!

Democrats are happy to take advantage of hard times, because it allows them to extend more handouts to get more votes. They'd love to create a dependent society so that they can remain in power.  This continues until they run out of other people's money -- usually manifesting itself in inflation and/or crisis.

This is how society decays. Our society is declining rapidly now and only severe hardship will reverse it. And a foolish population will vote for more of the same (if they vote at all). We're seeing that in spades now.

Obama Is The Ultimate Example Of Liberalism Run Amok

Obama himself is the ultimate example of Liberal blindness; full of political correctness nonsense, ignorance and foolishness. He is very unwise since he's the ultimate example of having everything handed to him by affirmative action programs due to his special status of being a "somewhat intelligent black man". He's surfed though life on a wave of affirmative action programs and Liberal grants.  He's the ultimate example of never having learned the hard lessons of life -- having lived the perfect Liberal dream of unending handouts and giveaways without merit, cost or even much effort. He's grown up a 'slacker.' He's hardly ever had to hold a job or make a payroll.  He's never had to produce anything even to this day.

And he's never really learned from where all the benefits came.  He has no appreciation for how the wealth and productivity of our country's workforce and business community has enabled various safety nets and his own affirmative action benefits.  Like any good socialist, he is a class warrior that berates prosperous people even though those persons do everything right to become and stay prosperous.  I'm sure that he actually believes his own rhetoric!  This is why it's easy for him to bash business and extort from the prosperous. He's the ultimate product of an easy society: he doesn't know how anything works, he knows nothing of business, money or how real wealth is created through production, and he knows nothing about "tough love." He's the absolutely the last person in the world we should have in the Presidency.

Liberals have created a monster in Obama. And because of the effective propaganda efforts of Liberal media, this monster has made it into the White House.  He's the best of example of how generational decline endangers our nation.  Obama is the very embodiment of the "seeds of our own destruction."

Sunday, October 5, 2014

'Nice Sounding' Liberalism Leads to a Police State

Inside every Leftist lurks a totalitarian. Some examples:

Elizabeth Warren recently tweeted angrily that every Republican in the House voted against a bill demanding equal pay for equal work for women:

It sounds so good, right?  Who would be against equal pay for equal work?  Well, according to Elizabeth Warren, it's evil Republicans who are "waging a war on women" according to the Democrats popular talking point. First and most importantly, there is no "pay gap" for women. It's explained by choices -- not discrimation.

But who is going to enforce a law like this?  Who's going to determine whether two jobs are identical in scope?  Who's going to weigh differences in seniority, education levels, hours worked, job risk or levels of experience?  Most the so-called gap is a myth to begin with.

Equal Pay Police

Democrat's answer to these questions is that Federal bureaucrats (with zero business experience) would "police" the millions of businesses in America to make these determinations.  First, the cost of such a program will be huge. Second, trusting any Federal employee to supplant the judgment of business owners is absurd.  It should be plainly clear by now how poorly the government "does" anything and everything.  Can you imagine the stifling effect of this on business and jobs?  Such an "equal pay" bureaucracy would bring far worse consequences than supposedly unequal pay.  The cure is worse than the disease (and there IS no actual disease)!  Liberalism proves itself consistently immune to facts, logic and history.

The million dollar question is whether Elizabeth Warren actually believes such a law is in the best interest of the country, or whether she's just trying to smear Republicans.  If she really believes it, then she and most other Democrats are intellectually deficient.  If she's complicit in political smearing, then shame on the Democrats. Either way, it's not good.

Carbon Police

Everyone knows that the Democrats are emotional and especially hysterical when it comes to global warming. Despite relatively mild effects of warming, Democrats would love to pass a Cap and Trade carbon regulation scheme even though such a scheme wouldn't solve a thing except raise huge tax revenue and expand the Federal bureaucracy. Cap and trade would allow the continued rise of CO2 in the atmosphere at current rates.  It would really be a "cap and tax" scheme and would do nothing to help the climate.

Liberals pretend to be unaware that you'd have to absolutely reduce CO2 emissions by over 50% just to halt the rise of CO2 in the atmosphere. The cost to do so would bankrupt us, so it's not going to happen. And other big emitting countries like China will never commit economic suicide like the Democrats would like to do. And it'll have to be nuclear energy that will have to carry the lion's share of power generation in this country if we are to have a low-carbon future.  But wait, Democrats are against that too!

Can you imagine "carbon police" going around to 10,000's of businesses in various local communities checking for carbon emissions?  It would take another huge and expensive Federal bureaucracy.  And it would be a radical intrusion of the Federal government into local matters. It would be totally unconstitutional.   But Democrats like to ignore our Constitution.  They don't seem to understand that we had a revolution long ago to overturn capricious authority.

Already the EPA, incorrectly given too much power by the courts to regulate CO2, is over-regulating and harming the economy on a false premise: that CO2 at 400 parts per million concentration is "harmful or threatening to human health."  US courts can not be trusted to reign-in ever-expanding and unconstitutional Federal power into state and local issues even under false pretenses.

Hate Speech Police

51% of Democrats in a recent poll are in favor criminalizing "hate speech".  Democrats would like that, but what happens when the opposition party returns to power and use the same law to go after the Democratic minority??    If such a law were passed, you would have to add "hate-speech police" to our growing list of Federal bureaucrats running riot over our individual freedoms.  Who's going to decide what constitutes hate speech?  Are we going to put "haters" in jail?  Is calling Obama a jerk hate speech?  But Republicans won't do that. They'll repeal any such measure because they at least understand our Constitution and the importance of guaranteed freedoms.

Death Panels

One of reported architects of the ObamaCare disaster, Ezekiel Emanuel (Rahm Emanuel's brother), recently wrote an article in The Atlantic professing his desire to die at 75 years old.  He's not a bad guy, but Democrats like him are preparing the public for their inevitable "death panel" decisions that will limit Federal expenditures for elderly patients due to "budget concerns."  But this is precisely what happens when the Federal government intrudes in the healthcare industry.  Remember, death panels are now a reality and have Democrat's fingerprints all over it.   ObamaCare and government control of the insurance market is a royal road to the intrusion of unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats into the most important aspects of our lives.

Can't you see where Leftism and Democrats are headed?   Leftism sounds so good, but the results are disastrous and even Orwellian.