Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Black American Cultural Collapse Reaches White House

I recently wrote a blog that Arab/Muslim culture is in collapse.  African American culture is in collapse as well.

The "black culture" in the US is a trainwreck of stupidity, corruption, sexual depravity, immorality and criminality.  It's a trainwreck that envelopes the entire community; responsible citizens included. Worse, our liberal culture now suppresses horrifying news of the widespread criminality and systematically portrays black people in an unrealistically favorable light.  In part, because of that subtle propaganda, the black American trainwreck has reached to the highest offices of the land.  And the result is that the Obama administration is also a trainwreck of incompetence, corruption and stupidity.

Personal Anecdote Witnessing the African American Trainwreck
I used to know about 6 black adults ranging from 21 years old to mid-40s who lived in my condo complex.  Most were friends of a black couple who rented a unit here--one was employed and one was a serious pot-head and unemployed.  Even though they were renting, they made a rash decision to remodel the unit, tearing out appliances (that didn't belong to them).  Soon other impulsive decisions led them to abandon the apartment and leave the apartment wrecked. (with the owner left with the uncompensated damages).  During those few short months, I also met their friends who were also caught up in their own dramas.  One 21 year old guy was recently infected with HIV.  His partner, who infected him, stabbed him one day in a rage and put him in the hospital.  None of these people were criminals but, by their bone-headed, stupid and reckless actions, they ended up committing crimes. 

Black American Culture is a Complete Trainwreck    
72% of newborn black babies are born to a family without a father. (link)  That is by far the most devastating statistic. It wasn't always so bad. Children born without fathers was 16% in the 1960s.  From the NYT,  “the simple, tragic truth is that a large number of young black men do engage in violent acts and other forms of criminal behavior and over 80 percent of black children have been abandoned emotionally and, usually, economically by their fathers,”  Sadly, their fathers had been abandoned too. So, it's an inter-generational problem.

Gonorrhea infections are is 18 times the rate of infections of whites.  Black men represent 70% of new HIV cases or 7 times the rate of whites.   The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reports that black women accounted for 35.4% of all abortions in 2009 but only represent 12.5% of the population.  Abortion rates for black women is 4 times the rate of those for all other women.

Black America Criminal Trainwreck
Some 37% of blacks aged 20 to 34 without a high school diploma are in prison.  Comparing all males aged 20 to 34 yrs old, black rates of incarceration in 2010 is 10 times that of white Americans. (link

Blacks make up nearly 50% of our nation's prison population (link).  Black men commit about 56% of the gun murders   Homicide rates by blacks is 7 to 8 times that of whites. (here)  And 90% of that crime is directed against other black people.   Even nice, well meaning black folks are afflicted by the the black community's criminality and stupidity.  It's dangerous to be black in this country but nobody seems to care.

"Knockout" Attacks Are Overwhelmingly Black Thug Crimes
Take the media's recent  coverage of "knockout" crimes where young criminals are attacking innocent bystanders, often elderly or Jewish or even children, to try to knock them out with a single punch.  See here, here and here for example.  Then they walk away laughing.  What is not being reported is that these attacks are almost entirely committed by blacks.

'Flash Rob' Crimes Overwhelmingly Black Thug Culture
There has been a quiet but widespread epidemic of black "flash robs" where groups of black thugs mob innocent (white) victims in the street or rush into retail stores, rob them blind and run out the door.  The national media, as usual, is generally not reporting on this.  I reported about it on my blog Numerous Incidences of Black Mob Violence Not Being Reported.   Here's a video describing it: 

Real Black Male Unemployment Rate is Actually 21%, Not 13%
According to the latest employment report, only 7.3 million black men are employed with 1.1 million out of work, with an indicated unemployment rate of 13%.  The reality is that there are some 0.8 million black men in prison and are not counted anywhere.   If you added them to the ranks of unemployed, you would have a 21% unemployment rate.  Black women are doing better.  But like I said, even if you're a responsible black citizen, you're most often caught up in the community's dysfunction and criminality.

Black High School Graduation Rates Reported at 50% is Misleading
Even the dismal graduation rate of 50% is better than actual.  The problem is that there are so many young blacks in prison who are not counted.  That 50% graduation rate is too high because they are not counting the young people in prison! 

Black Politicians Are Nearly ALL Stupid and Corrupt
Black politicians are routinely elected and re-elected regardless of record, regardless of qualifications, regardless of corrupt and criminal wrongdoings and regardless of criminal indictments and even jail time.   Just look at the sorry record of Black Democratic voters and the politicians they support in Washington DC and Detroit: Marion Barry, Vincent Gray, Kwalme Kilpatrick, Charlie Rangel and Jesse Jackson Jr.   It's all dismal.  And you think Obama and Holder are any better??
We elected Obama because of he was black and "seemed" intelligent.  But the results are entirely predictable. There are no domestic or foreign policy successes and nothing but failures, corruption, lawlessness, dysfunction as far as the eye can see.  Dodd Frank is a flop, ObamaCare is a disaster, the "stimulus"was a joke of pork spending and no shovel-ready jobs, most of our of our allies (and opposition party) are now alienated and/or insulted by this ignorant administration.  While we snub our historical allies, now we are empowering our enemies in Syria, Russia and Iran. Witness the crappy deal to appease Iran's criminal mullahs for the sake of a political"victory." Get ready for 3 more years of failures from this incompetent, lame-duck administration.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sorry Oprah, People Are Critical of Obama's Policies--Not His Race

In a recent BBC interview, Oprah called the people who criticize Obama as racists by saying:
“There are still generations of people, older people, who were born and bred and marinated in it, in that prejudice and racism, and they just have to die,” Oprah said.

And she condemned criticism of President Barack Obama by saying that much of it is steeped in racism. “Yeah, I think that there is a level of disrespect for the office that occurs, and that occurs in some cases and maybe even many cases because he’s African-American.”
Just today according to a CBS poll, Obama's approval rating dropped to 37% and his disapproval rating up to 57%.  Gee, according to Oprah only 37% are not racists?? 

Sorry Oprah, I love you, but in this case you're wrong.  Obama was elected twice with a substantial majority of white voters.  Blaming racism is just an excuse.  It's Obama's misguided policies and poor performance that people are criticizing.  And it's Obama that is hurting the stature of the Presidency:  his incompetence, his divisiveness, his class warfare, and his administration's attempts to skirt the Constitution.  There are nothing but failures in both domestic and foreign policy.  Show me any ANY successes.  

Speaking of disrespect for the office, where was Oprah, when the liberal media and their minions brutally "demeaned the office" under George Bush??   Yes, Bush made a huge mistake in Iraq, but he wasn't a policy idiot like the current administration.

Obama was promoted all his life through smooth-talking and affirmative action, with no significant achievement.  Worse there is still no significant achievement, except the destructive ObamaCare.  Only now, people are seeing that there is no substance to this man.  This is because the media and public failed to properly "vet" candidate Obama.   Because of this, get ready for 3 more years of failure, incompetence and crisis.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Where Are Interest Rates Going?

Where are interest rates going?  That's a big question at the moment since government bond interest rates have risen in recent months by over 1 full percentage point from about 1.7% to about 2.8%.   Mortgage rates have risen from about 3.6% to about 4.5%.

In a way, this blog entry is a follow-up to my blog Why the Fed Hasn't Created Inflation Yet.  I mention this because there is a general relation of interest rates to inflation rates. 

Below is a graph of 10 and 20 year US Treasury yields in recent years (2005 to Present).  The blip upwards on the right hand side of the chart is what recently happened when the Federal Reserve began talking about removing it's interest rate suppression program (it's bond buying program called quantitative easing).   Since we've gotten used to extremely low interest rates, including historically low mortgage rates, the natural question is high how will rates go if and when the Fed exits it's bond buying program.

US Treasury Yields (Green Line is 7 year note, Blue is 20 year Bond, Grey is the difference)

Here's a really long term picture of interest rates.  I find it, well, depressing that long term interest rates today are back to levels similar to those during the Great Depression.

How High Might Interest Rates Rise? 

Nobody knows how high interest rates will rise, but you can make some guesses based on inflation expectations and history.

Scenario 1:  It's possible that rates will revert to levels prior to the financial crisis starting in 2008.  If so, then expect about  5% rates on the 10 and 30 year Treaury bonds, respectively (compared to 2.7 and 3.8% now).  See the first chart above.  This is highly unlikely as inflation was much higher in 2008 than now.  Inflation expectations were also higher as asset bubbles were really "bubbling."  The housing bubble burst in that year.  See charts below.

CPI inflation was spiking just prior to the financial crisis. See the charts below.  CPI inflation was spiking to about 4 or 5% before the bust in early 2008 meaning that inflation-adjusted interest rates were 0 or negative.  Now CPI inflation is running less than 2% and trending down slowly.  That's a big difference. 

Scenario 2: The level of interest rates should give about 1 to 1.5% of 'real' returns after taking into account inflation (and inflation expectations). This is good generalization from history. Since CPI inflation is about 1.5 to 2% today (see the graph below for CPI inflation chart), then interest rates should be 2.5% to 3.5%, which is about the level that we are at today!    In this scenario, it appears interest rates may not rise further, or maybe even fall.  Afterall, bond yields have been falling for 30 years now---ever since Paul Volcker crushed inflation early in the Reagan years.

The Real Question Might Be: How Low Will Interest Rates Go?

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Why The Fed QE Program Hasn't Created Inflation Yet

Most people are aware that the Federal Reserve is buying a large amount of US government bonds.

Since the current bond buying is $85 billion per month ($45 billion in Treasuries and $40 billion in Mortgage backed debt), they are now buying most of the bonds being issued by government.  They are essentially facilitating large government deficit spending; spending that is indeed "showering" money on the economy.  This alone is theoretically inflationary in normal times.   But the intent of the bond buying is driving interest rates to abnormally low levels..  All of this is known to be inflationary, but we're not seeing high CPI inflation.

But there are early signs of inflation in certain assets. Government spending has continually inflated medical costs, for instance, even in recessionary times. See my blog: Early Warning Signs of Inflation

Also, the program is causing additional potential problems.  By lowering (distorting) interest rates, they have also distorted stock prices (higher), caused underpricing of mortgage rates, etc.  Mortgage rates are distorted below profitable levels (taking into consideration default rates) so banks can't compete with the government.  Because of this, very few mortgages originate at banks---nearly all come from Fannie, Freddie Mac and FHA--who are absorbing unlimited losses of defaults to the account of the taxpayers.

The Mechanism Of Federal Reserve Money Creation

When the Fed buys bonds, it deposits the money in the accounts of the banks of the securities brokers.   Those deposits show up as M1 money, otherwise called "high powered money" or part of the "monetary base."  It's called "high powered" because there is a multiplier effect of M1 money.  Once this is lent out, it causes about a 4 fold increase in the broader money supply statistics.  Since M1 has rocketed up by over $1 Trillion, this means the M2 money could rocket up by $3 to $4 Trillion, which means that the broader money supply (M2) would rise about 50%.  This would be highly inflationary.   This monetary base been rocketing up since 2008 with Federal Reserve bond buying.  Banks could lend this base money out consistent with the reserve requirements of the Federal Reserve, but they haven't for the most part.  Because they haven't lent it out is why inflation hasn't taken off.  

So, what we have is large amounts of "excess reserves" in our banking system. We almost always have some excess reserves (banks just take what they need to meet the demand for loans)  but now it's a very large number.  And it's true that it hasn't been lent out to the public and therefore hasn't created a more serious inflation problem.  But you could say that it's monetary "tinder" sitting there waiting to be lent out--which could catch fire so to speak.  Yes, you could argue that if inflation ticks-up, that the Federal Reserve could just adjust the reserve requirements to slow or halt the loan-making process.  But the market perceives an inflation threat down the road.  Also some of this money is making it's way into stocks and bonds and causing dangerous asset bubbles.  That's why QE can't continue ad infinitum.

Then comes the question of reducing the number of bonds on the Fed's balance sheet.  Maybe it can be done without incident, but we're in uncharted waters. We've already seen a huge jump in interest rates (from 1.6% to 2.8% on 10 year treasuries) when the Fed even hinted that the bond buying program might end.  Maybe the Fed will just let the bonds just sit there and let the bonds mature. But none of this has ever been attempted on this scale.  We're in uncharted territory and PhDs at the Fed are conducting a massive experiment in monetary policy with incomplete understanding of the costs of unwinding of the program or other unintended consequences.  

Let's be clear, the PhDs at the Federal Reserve don't really know what they're doing and they are making it up as they go.  

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Man Has Caused Global Warming, But Forget Cap and Trade

Yes, man has caused the global climate to warm over the past 100 years--an increase of about 1.6 deg F, up to 2.4 F (in northern latitudes). But it's not a reason for panic.  The hydrocarbon era might only last another 100 years with a similar temperature rise as seen in the last 100 years. The sea will have risen 10 inches in the next 100 years too.  (See my blog Global Warming Made Easy.)

I recently wrote a blog called What Causes Ice Ages?    From ice core data (see graph below), CO2 varied naturally over about 100,000 year cycle from about 190 ppm to 280 ppm, whereas we've popped up to 400 ppm in just the past 60 years.  Already we're outside of anything seen in 420,000 years of natural history.   Clearly man has released carbon back into the atmosphere; carbon that was laid-down during previous geologic epochs.  That carbon was in the atmosphere in warmer geologic periods. We're just slightly re-warming the Earth back to conditions in previous eras.

420,000 Years of Climate Data From Vostok Ice Cores

Forget Cap and Trade or Taxing Carbon, Embrace Thorium MSR Reactors

My most important point is that, although man has caused warming,  the cost to re-tool the economy away from fossil fuels is so great that it's not going to be done.  Furthermore, since the warming is basically benign, it's not worth spending the money! It would cost $10s of Trillions in the US alone. It's just not going to happen.

Since we need to reduce CO2 emissions by over 50% just to stop the CO2 accumulation in the atmosphere, cap and trade doesn't work.  It's just about taxation.  Cap and trade just leaves CO2 emissions at current levels meaning a steady ascent of atmospheric CO2.  To reverse global warming, you would have to reduce CO2 emissions by GREATER than 50 to 60% to actually reduce CO2 (and temperatures).  (See my blog: Climate Change Update)   It's basically impossible to do without seriously harming the world's economy and ballooning already high debt levels.

The answer to our problems is in technology.  Eventually we need something like Thorium energy to power the economies of the world.   The sooner the better!  China and Norway are already putting these reactors into use.  See: Thorium Reactors may solve the world's energy crisis.

30 to 40% of Healthcare.gov Not Built Yet

Hey, the Federal healthcare exchanges are supposed to up and ready by the end of this month, but it turns out that it's a LONG way away from being ready.  Add that to another lie by Misstra Know-It-All.

From CNBC:
A crucial system for making payments to insurers from people who enroll in that federal Obamacare marketplace has yet to be built, a senior government IT official admitted Tuesday.

The official, Henry Chao, visibly stunned Rep. Cory Gardner (R-Colo.) when he said under questioning before a House subcommittee that a significant fraction of HealthCare.gov—30 to 40 percent of it—has yet to be constructed.
 "We still need to build the payments system to make the payments [to insurance companies] in January," testified Chao, deputy chief information officer of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the federal agency that operates HealthCare.gov.

 "That's like setting up an online bank without setting up a way to make deposits," an industry source told CNBC.
So, the back-office accounting and payment system(s) aren't ready!   Oh, and don't forget the security of your data is still at risk.  That's not "built" either.

Oh, and the all of the economic, and other assumptions, of the entire ObamaCare enterprise are wrong:
  1. that young people will pay more to 'subsidize' the older people, 
  2. that people will want and pay a premium for a 'one-size-fits-all' insurance plans that all include expensive bells and whistles, 
  3. it'll bend the cost curve down, 
  4. you'll get to keep your plan, 
  5. you'll be able to keep your doctor
  6. and if you don't like it, tough, you don't have any choice thanks to big brother
You know ObamaCare is ill-conceived when:
  1. the administration has to give over 1000 waivers to big business to exempt them from the requirements of the law, (and extracting unknown political favors and democratic party campaign money),
  2. then they had to delay the entire employer mandate in it's entirety for one year
  3. the President, at the last moment, has to instruct insurance companies to NOT cancel 10s of millions of "non-compliant" insurance plans (for one year), thereby kicking the can down the road---just in time for the 2014 elections,
  4. you have to bribe the public with promises to look the other way with "no income verification for purposes of subsidies" (ie., promises of 'free' money!)
  5. Soon, the President will have to delay the individual mandate as well---which means the program in it's entirety is a bust.  We might as well just repeal the whole mess.
  6. we defeated Germany in WWII in 3 1/2 years-- but couldn't build the big government run website in exactly the same duration,
  7. doctors are already leaving the profession,
  8. Medicare is being cut by $716 million to subsidize the program and is already causing doctors to be dropped by the likes of United Health--meaning Medicare recipients will suffer
  9. The net result of the law is that millions are losing coverage---not increasing coverage.
Did I forget anything?  Oh, the ObamaCare will require a taxpayer bailout next year because young and healthy people will not sign up and that will drive up exchange premiums even more next year.

Jeremy Grantham's Personal View of the Stock Market

From Zerohedge:

Timing Bear Markets

My personal view is that the Greenspan-Bernanke regime of excessive stimulus, now administered by Yellen, will proceed as usual, and that the path of least resistance, for the market will be up. I believe that it would take a severe economic shock to outweigh the effect of the Fed’s relentless pushing of the market. Look at the market’s continued advance despite almost universal disappointment in economic growth. Exhibit 3 below shows the economic forecasts for major economic countries made a year ago by the IMF compared to what actually happened. Only Japan was a modest pleasant surprise at 0.7% ahead of forecast and the U.K. and Switzerland scraped home by the skin of their teeth. Everyone else fell short. There have been few such occasions when such broad disappointment with economic growth still allowed the U.S. and most other major economies to make material upward moves in their stock markets. It is yet another testimonial to the global reach of the Fed’s stimulus of equities (as was the very substantial decline in emerging market equities on just talk of tapering!)

In equities there are few signs yet of a traditional bubble [like in 1999]. In the U.S. individuals are not yet consistent buyers of mutual funds.  This time [the bubble] is unprecedented [corporate profit] margins, usually the most dependably mean reverting of all financial series, which are apparently now the new normal.  By June this year, markets felt relatively quiet and under the surface there was still a considerable undertow of risk aversion in the institutions. The Russell 2000 and the GMO High Quality universe were both just level with the S&P, all up 16%. Normally we would have expected the Russell to outperform handsomely. However, since then speculation has perked up so that today, the broad U.S. market is up 20% and the Russell 2000 is a more typical six points ahead while stocks in the GMO High Quality universe are several points behind. We have also had a sharp and unexpected uptick in parts of the IPO market in the U.S., so I would think that we are probably in the slow build-up to something interesting – a badly overpriced market and bubble conditions.

My personal guess is that the U.S. market, especially the non-blue chips, will work its way higher, perhaps by 20% to 30% in the next year or, more likely, two years, with the rest of the world including emerging market equities covering even more ground in at least a partial catch-up. And then we will have the third in the series of serious market busts since 1999 and presumably Greenspan, Bernanke, Yellen, et al. will rest happy, for surely they must expect something like this outcome given their experience. And we the people, of course, will get what we deserve.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

I Told You So: Job Report Manipulation Before 2012 Election

I find it rich that the media is finally forced to report that there was at least some manipulation of the BLS unemployment data just prior to the November election.  I believe that the BLS jobs report was a blatant attempt to manipulate the election results.  It's not the only thing we now know done to affect the election.  We only recently found out that the administration was spying on and intimidating any opposition news reporter or opposition media outlet through illegal surveillance.

Obama's first term performance on the economy was extremely poor. The so-called stimulus turned out to be just a giveaway to public unions, it didn't have any infrastructure projects to speak of, and there weren't any "shovel ready" jobs created.   Any job supposedly created by the so-called stimulus was created at a cost of $450,000 per job.   Worse, Obama spent most of his first term ignoring jobs and pursuing his doomed-to-fail healthcare initiative when, what the nation really needed, was jobs, jobs, and more jobs. 

Obama should have been swept from office in any normal times.  But the media "helped" him and covered his faults and lies.

Back to the September 2012 Employment Report reported in late October 2012

The current allegation is that there was at least one bad actor who made-up employment survey results but supposedly it's not enough to "move the needle" on results.  I bet that this manipulation, just like the IRS scandal, is just the tip of the iceberg.  The whole thing stinks to high heaven.  It always has. But we'll never know because the government is going to investigate the government???  I doubt it.  You should doubt it too.

I told you how it the data was extremely unlikely and extremely suspicious in my blog Sept 2012 Jobs Report Even More Doubtful.   I also found the media reaction to anyone who suspected malfeasance particularly annoying.  Anyone who questioned the veracity of the government data was skewered by outright libel by liberal members of the media.  Disgusting.

It's the most disgusting thing in the world when the media is completely subservient to one candidate (Obama)---especially when we have now confirmed that nearly everything done or said by Obama is a lie or wrong: 1) bending the cost curve down, 2) you can keep your plan, 3) you can keep your doctor,4) the Benghazi attack was spontaneous and due to a YouTube film, 4) the lies about and the smears of candidate Romney, 5) shovel-ready jobs, and 6)  that Dodd-Frank will "fix" the "too big to fail"problem and 7) the economy is improving because the unemployment rate is going down (but nearly all due to people giving up looking for work) are all falsehoods.

The media lapped-up the lies and bad-mouthed anyone who expressed skepticism.  It's the media who's supposed to be skeptical!!    

We won't have a democracy at all if we don't have a skeptical and investigative media.  What we have today is a hysterical, lazy, intellectually deficient, and politically complicit media who have done more to disseminate the propaganda coming from the administration than anything else.  Now everyone knows the lies are pervasive.  No wonder 72% of Americans believe the nation is on the wrong track.

See my blog: The Media's Sacred Role in Democracy.

Monday, November 18, 2013

In Praise Of Conservative Democrat John F. Kennedy

PBS has some great programs that you can watch online.  See here for their website.  It's a terrific resource for you and your family.  

Recently I was watching the 2nd Part of the "American Masters" program about John F. Kennedy.   It was very good and interesting to compare Democrat John F. Kennedy of 50 years ago to the Democrats today.  He was surprisingly conservative.  Or perhaps current Democrats are so liberal?

JFK was not a "liberal" president as is commonly believed.  He was positively conservative compared to the current crop of Democrats.  I'd say that he might be best compared today to Joe Lieberman or even Ronald Reagan in his anti-communist fervor.   Remember Joe Lieberman was pushed out of the Democratic party to run as an Independent.  JFK might have even been a Republican today.

JFK, in fact, was not only an ardent anti-communist, but he adopted supply-side corporate and individual marginal tax rate cuts to spur growth.  He was a hawk when it came to Russia and he believed in peace through strength.  He stepped into the civil rights issue only because the "Freedom Riders" made it impossible for him to ignore their protests in the segregationist South.  Unfortunately, he also started our intervention in Vietnam to try to prevent another fallen domino to the imperialist communists.

JFK's Speech In Berlin in 1963

In 1963, JFK went to deliver an address to the beseized Berliners.  His brief message, in defense of Democracy, was a stern denunciation of Communism some 22 months after the Soviet Union had erected the "Iron Curtain."  Not only were people held captive behind the curtain, but the communists had also failed to allow free elections as demanded by Truman during the Potsdam Conference.  Here's an excerpt of the speech (from Millercenter dot org.):
Freedom has many difficulties and democracy is not perfect, but we have never had to put a wall up to keep our people in, to prevent them from leaving us. I want to say, on behalf of my countrymen, who live many miles away on the other side of the Atlantic, who are far distant from you, that they take the greatest pride that they have been able to share with you, even from a distance, the story of the last 18 years. I know of no town, no city, that has been besieged for 18 years that still lives with the vitality and the force, and the hope and the determination of the city of West Berlin. While the wall is the most obvious and vivid demonstration of the failures of the Communist system, for all the world to see, we take no satisfaction in it, for it is, as your Mayor has said, an offense not only against history but an offense against humanity, separating families, dividing husbands and wives and brothers and sisters, and dividing a people who wish to be joined together.

What is true of this city is true of Germany—real, lasting peace in Europe can never be assured as long as one German out of four is denied the elementary right of free men, and that is to make a free choice. In 18 years of peace and good faith, this generation of Germans has earned the right to be free, including the right to unite their families and their nation in lasting peace, with good will to all people. You live in a defended island of freedom, but your life is part of the main. So let me ask you, as I close, to lift your eyes beyond the dangers of today, to the hopes of tomorrow, beyond the freedom merely of this city of Berlin, or your country of Germany, to the advance of freedom everywhere, beyond the wall to the day of peace with justice, beyond yourselves and ourselves to all mankind.

Freedom is indivisible, and when one man is enslaved, all are not free. When all are free, then we can look forward to that day when this city will be joined as one and this country and this great Continent of Europe in a peaceful and hopeful globe. When that day finally comes, as it will, the people of West Berlin can take sober satisfaction in the fact that they were in the front lines for almost two decades.

All free men, wherever they may live, are citizens of Berlin, and, therefore, as a free man, I take pride in the words "Ich bin ein Berliner!"
The speech is reminiscent of Reagan's "tear down this wall" speech--which did result in the dismantling of the Iron Curtain some 30 years later.

JFK's Tax Cut Speech in 1963

JFK advocated and succeeded in lowering very high marginal tax rates (up to 91%) on both corporations and individuals, across the board, to spur the economy.  He said the following:
"In short," he stated, "to increase demand and lift the economy, the federal government's most useful role is not to rush into a program of excessive increases in public expenditures, but to expand the initiatives and opportunities for private expenditures."

"Our true choice is not between tax reduction, on the one hand, and the avoidance of large federal deficits on the other," he declared.

The "paradoxical truth" is that "tax rates are too high today and tax revenues are too low and the soundest way to raise revenues in the long run is to cut the rates now."
 Here's the speech (2 minutes):

Liberals pooh-pooh the conservative aspect of this by pointing out how high the marginal rates were, but the truth is that Federal revenues as a percentage of the economy is about the same as today--about 20%. There have always been itemized deductions and credits to reduce the bite of high tax rates.   But a tax cut is a tax cut.

President Kennedy would be welcomed as a great Republican or a great conservative Democrat today!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

What Causes Ice Ages?

A Serbian scientist named Milutin Milankovitch quantified long-cycle variations of the earth's orbit around the sun.  He wrote a book in 1930 that documented his calculations of the amount of sunlight that each latitude received during every variation of the earth's orbit.  It turns out that the earth's orbit has three different types of "perturbations."  From the excellent NASA article, the orbit variations are of three types:  
  1. The circle around the sun becomes more oval and less circular (and back to circular).   This cycle is about 100,000 years long.   This means the Earth moves closer to the Sun at times when it's orbit is more "elliptical."
  2. The seasonal tilt of the Earth varies over 41,000 years between 22 deg and 24 degrees. The less the tilt, the less the seasonal variation.  The more the tilt, the more solar radiation at the higher latitudes.
  3. The Earth wobbles on it's axis (like a wobbly top) with a cycle lasting 19,000 to 23,000 years.
A Good Description of Milankovitch Cycles (Click to Enlarge) grahamhancock.com origin

Based on the orbital variations, Milankovitch predicted that the ice ages would peak every 100,000 and 41,000 years, with additional “blips” every 19,000 to 23,000 years.   This is all verified by ice core, tree rings, coral reef and geological records, sea levels, glacial extent, etc.   From Nasa, here's variations over the past 2 1/2 million years.

Milankovitch's Cycles Over the Past 2.5 Million Years
What this means is that there are regular periods of reduced solar radiation and cooler temperatures in higher latitudes (especially at 65 degrees North) that allow winter snow pack to persist through the summer months.  Once snow pack persists over the summer, it increases in extent and forms a "micro-climate" that reinforces the stability of the growing snow fields.  Snow fields become glaciers.   There you go, that's why there are ice ages:  it's the effect of Milankovitch cycles!

The past 100 years of global warming and CO2 accumulation is an entirely different topic than this blog--since the past 100 years of CO2 accumulation and temperature change is far outside of any range shown in the natural history record----therefore clearly caused by man.

Here's good graph of the record of Antarctic ice from Vostok showing 420,000 year record of CO2 levels, CH4 levels and insolation at 65 degrees latititude (higher insolation means more sunshine and less glaciation):

420,000 years of Ice Core Records from Vostok Antarctica showing Variations in Insolation at 65 deg Latitude Causes Variation in CO2 and Methane

My knowledge of this is highly superficial.  Another excellent article on this topic is at the excellent Wikipedia.   It says that we are in a warming cycle for the next 40,000 years, so unfortunately we can expect no help from the Milankovitch cycles to offset the effect of our rising CO2. 

Thursday, November 14, 2013

ObamaCare Navigators Helping to Defraud Taxpayers

James O'Keefe, from Project Veritas, has done another investigative exposé after his first report blew the lid off the ACORN organization's fraud during the first Obama campaign.  Obama's use of that fraudulent army should have been the first and last warning to the American people that they were electing a charlatan candidate more suited to a banana republic than the USA.

Jame's latest effort shows how ObamaCare navigators are advising Obamacare applicants to basically lie, cheat and steal to fraudulently and unlawfully receive undeserved benefits from the government. Heck, Obama himself recently set the tone of this fraud by saying that the government would look the other way and not verify income for subsidy calculations.  He was literally inviting fraud.  It's not unlike President Maduro telling the people of Venezuela that it's OK to rob and strip the shelves of Daka stores.  It's exactly the same. 

We already have massive fraud in the Medicaid and Medicare system. We need more fraud?   There are other healthcare reform alternatives that would dramatically increase medical insurance coverage without big government corruption.

The report also finds that these navigators and the Obama administration are breaking other laws too. The group in Texas, Enroll America,  is supposed to be non-profit and non-partisan by it's registered IRS status.  But it's clear from the video evidence that they are breaking the law as they are clearly political and partisan.

After you see the video, you will be able to see the race of the vast majority of the navigators who advise lying on application forms.  Because, sadly, defrauding the government and "gaming the system" is part and parcel of African American culture. Heck, it's an integral aspect of culture in Africa too.  I worked a year in Nigeria and about 4 months in Gabon where "gaming the system" for "free" benefits is THE name of the game! And you see how well it's working over there??  (Hint: it's not!)   Black culture in this country is also a trainwreck and our country is heading down the same path.

Here's the video report from Project Veritas

It's time to bring back tar and feathers and run some people out of Washington on a rail.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

"Fairness Doctrine" at Work in Venezuela

In Venezuela, over the weekend, Maduro ordered the military to take control of DAKA stores to enforce "fair" prices at the country's largest electronics store. The "unfair" prices are due to rapidly rising inflation caused by government policies (of course).

From Bloomberg's Megan McArdle:
President Nicolas Maduro ordered a military "occupation" of the company's five stores as he continues the government's crackdown on an "economic war" it says is being waged against the country, with the help of Washington.
The military "occupation" created a surge of shoppers waiting outside hoping to get a good deal (before price inflation takes hold again). But before long, the chaotic situation led to a free-for-all of looting of stores with the explicit approval of Maduro who was reported as saying (quote from ZeroHedge):
"This is for the good of the nation," Maduro said on state television. "Leave nothing on the shelves, nothing in the warehouses … Let nothing remain in stock!"
“I’m no looter, and neither are the Venezuelan people. Don’t fall into desperation,” Maduro said. “It’s the parasitic bourgeoisie that is looting Venezuela.” 
Some are saying that the whole episode was planned so as to end in looting to "boost" public sentiment. Here's a video of the organized robbery by looters with a "wink" and a "nod" from the President himself.

This kind of organized lawlessness has been a hallmark of Chavez and now Maduro for about 14 years now.   Just last week, Maduro stole 2 rigs from Houston-based Superior Energy Services after the Venezuela government failed to pay Superior $9 million for a year's worth of work.  Chavez has seized about 1000 companies in 14 years.   But now there's hardly anything left to steal.

Eventually Socialists run out of other people's money (and assets).  The money has run out.

Expect an outright collapse of the Venezuela economy and an even more dangerous period of chaos and blood-spilling.   The ignorant and uneducated people, who maintained these fools in power, will suffer even more.  Today food, tomorrow hunger.  You can't eat those Sony Bravia TVs.

Black Flash Mobs Rob 3 Sports Authority Stores in Chicago

In my blog, Numerous Incidents Of Black Mob Violence Not Reported, I talk about the book "White Girl Bleed Alot" that documents 100s of incidents where mobs of blacks ransack businesses and rob and/or attack innocent white victims.  The worst thing is that they are mostly not being reported.  And since the perpertrators are black, juries of black peers won't convict them either.

I just happened to run across a report on the internet about three Sports Authority stores in Chicago being robbed by black mobs who carried out racks of sports clothing and trampled anyone in their way.

Here's a Chicago Fox News video report:


As I'm writing this blog, I'm finding a surprising mainstream new story of the rising number of "flash robs"that contradicts my assertion that this criminality is not being reported.  See the video below.  What they don't report is that the perpetrators are black.  The tone of Diane Sawyer is "I've never heard of this before."  Of course you haven't dear, because you're living in a bubble of your own making.  Here's a link to the same video on YouTube.

Look for an upcoming blog entry making the case that the African American culture is in collapse.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

ObamaCare Damage: 100K Enrolled, 5 Million Cancellations

The Wall Street Journal reported today that only 40,000 to 50,000 people have obtained coverage in all of the various government run health exchanges in October.  At the same time, some 4,500,000 million have received policy cancellation notices (including myself).   There are 10's of millions more that will face cancellations in the months ahead. Obama is once again proving that he is a one-man wrecking ball for the nation, the economy and our remaining social cohesion.

(The Washington Post reports that that 40,000 enrollee number includes all policies that are selected in the site's "shopping cart" but not paid for.  Note that the typical e-commerce"walk away" from shopping cart selections is about 67%, so once again the government is fudging the truth. )

The millions of people facing cancellations will be eventually forced to pay much higher cost policy costs.  This is due to the forced upgrading of all policies to meet the requirements of ACA---whether you want it or not.

So, once again Socialist policies hurt more people than they help. . 

I was recently offered an ACA-compliant policy by Aetna at $500 per month for a high-deductible policy, whereas I was paying $233 per month for the same policy (but not ACA compliant) that is suitable for my needs.  First of all,  I guess that I don't need all of the bells and whistles required by the new law which doubles my cost.  Oh, and I don't give a rat's ass what Obama thinks about my policy choice and my coverage.  And Aetna is not a "bad apple" insurance company.

Aetna is still offering non-ACA policies for next year.  While shopping on Aetna's website yesterday, I picked-up another Aetna policy that is even better than my current one, but also not-ACA compliant, for only $290 per month.  All of these high-deductible policies were about $100 per month only 5 years ago prior to Obama's election and his "helping."

I recommend that people buy non-ACA compatible policies that are still offered on sites such as Ehealthinsurance.com. Since the government can not collect any penalties unless you have a tax refund, adjust your withholding so that you will not owe money at the end of 2014.

So there you have it:  millions left in the lurch, a expensive, malfunctioning government website that is not secure with your personal information, MUCH higher policy costs for most, and millions are losing their prevously inexpensive coverage.    

October Jihad Report

From the Religion of Peace website:

October's Islamic Jihadist casualties:

Jihad Attacks: 220
Countries: 23
Dead Bodies: 1432
Critically Injured: 2890

Just another ordinary month of Islam-inspired murders and mayhem.  That Religion of Peace site does not include attacks in active war zones.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Sarah Palin Nails "Arrogant Church of Big Government"

In an address in Iowa, Sarah Palin takes aim at arrogant progressives.  From Breitbart:

She said the "church of big government" is run by the supposed "best and the brightest," and she slammed the recent National Security Agency spying scandals, the barricading of the World War II Monument during the partial government shutdown, and the recent failures of Obamacare, which she said was the church of big government's "crowning achievement" to date.

She blasted the "best and the brightest" in the Obama administration for believing "hicks in flyover country " or "hockey moms in Alaska" do not know what health insurance plans are best for their families or cannot run their own lives without government interference.

Palin also said the "lapdog media" allow the "best and the brightest" in the church of big government to "get away" with lies and bad policies, which has caused "irreparable damage" to the country.

She said under the "church of big government," there have been "shuttered businesses and cities" and "poverty has gone up," while a "record number of Americans are giving up and no longer bothering to look for work."

"Where has that gotten you?" Palin asked.

She then blasted "immoral and unscrupulous" leaders who "ignore the Constitution in favor of their fundamental transformation agenda" while "enriching themselves and their cronies while their nation goes bankrupt... that's dictatorship."

"We’re not wards of state but free men and women who can live good lives without D.C.’s appointed best and brightest telling us what to do," Palin said.

We Defeated Germany In 3 1/2 Years; the Same Duration to Build Obamacare Website

Here's some interesting perspective from Bret Baier at Fox News:

"Putting things in perspective: March 21st 2010 to October 1 2013 is 3 years, 6 months, 10 days. December 7, 1941 to May 8, 1945 is 3 years, 5 months, 1 day.

What this means is that in the time we were attacked at Pearl Harbor to the day Germany surrendered is not enough time for this progressive federal government to build a working webpage. Mobilization of millions, building tens of thousands of tanks, planes, jeeps, subs, cruisers, destroyers, torpedoes, millions upon millions of guns, bombs, ammo, etc. Turning the tide in North Africa, Invading Italy, D-Day, Battle of the Bulge, Race to Berlin - all while we were also fighting the Japanese in the Pacific!!

And in that amount of time - this administration couldn't build a working webpage."

Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Next Disaster: Dismantling Sanctions on Iran

John Kerry is racing to negotiate and conclude some kind of 'hazy' deal with Iran this weekend (November 9th) for a photo opportunity. The current administration's belief in political theater, in contrast to actual substance, is just amazing. It's as if they actually believe that their public showmanship is an actual substitute for real statesmanship!

Remember how Putin thoroughly check-mated our intellectually deficient administration during the manufactured Syria "crisis?" Remember that the administration boxed itself in with "red lines in the sand" that were red, then pink, then red again. Then, finding a complete lack of support for any use of force against the Assad regime, they accepted the premise that the Assad regime can be trusted to declare and destroy their chemical weapons. This premise is, of course, completely absurd.   It's especially true since the entire episode lasted many weeks, giving the Syrians plenty of time to move and hide any and all such weapons, especially with the assistance of their Russian friends.

As a result, Assad will remain in power forever under it's Russian protectorate.

The Appeasement of Iranian Mullahs

Now Kerry is rushing to Geneva this weekend to be "seen" doing/achieving something.  I suspect that Obama, who is enraptured in his own splendor and believes supremely in the primacy of (his own) 'theater," needs some kind of public "win" after the series of recent embarrassments. First was the Syrian chemical weapons debacle and then the late awakening of the public to the utter failure of Obamacare.  Then, most recently, came the lies to cover the lies about Obamacare. Remember that the passage of Obamacare itself was an effort to give the administration some kind of "win" in the political stage after wasting over a year as 10s of millions of Americans languished in un- and under-employment.

Intellectual bankruptcy, lies, and phoniness continue to abound.  More lies about Iran this week from Obama courtesy of Jonathan Tobin at Commentary magazine,
The president told NBC News on Wednesday that the current negotiations “are not about easing sanctions.”...But his administration, which fought the adoption of crippling sanctions in the first place, has apparently already been backing away from them for months.
Confirmation from the Daily Beast:
Long before a nuclear deal was in reach, the U.S. was quietly lifting some of the financial pressure on Iran, a Daily Beast investigation reveals.  A review of Treasury Department notices reveals that the U.S. government has all but stopped the financial blacklisting of entities and people that help Iran evade international sanctions since the election of its president, Hassan Rouhani, in June.
So now, after years of Iran lying about their nuclear program (and everything else), the notable silence of our administration in any kind of support of Iranian students during the brutal crack-down in 2009, the administration has decided to appease the Mullahs giving them more time for the centrifuges to spin.  Just whose side is Obama on? Is he a Muslim collaborator? 

Just when economic sanctions had that regime 'on the ropes,' the President decides that he's going to let them off the hook. It's the worst timing possible because, for the first time in my adult life, effective sanctions were negotiated and are actually working! So just when you have leverage, Obama removes the very thing that's created the leverage! You know how it's going to work out, right?  Everyone does except Mr. Obama.

Israel Warns The World of Obama's Folly

Now comes word from Netanyahu, another ally of the US who has been alienated and offended by the Obama administration.  From the Weekly Standard

"I met Secretary Kerry right before he leaves to Geneva," said Netanyhau. "I reminded him that he said that no deal is better than a bad deal. That the deal that is being discussed in Geneva right now is a bad deal. It’s a very bad deal. Iran is not required to take apart even one centrifuge. But the international community is relieving sanctions on Iran for the first time after many years. Iran gets everything that it wanted at this stage and it pays nothing. And this is when Iran is under severe pressure. I urge Secretary Kerry not to rush to sign, to wait, to reconsider, to get a good deal. But this is a bad deal--a very, very bad deal. It’s the deal of a century for Iran; it’s a very dangerous and bad deal for peace and the international community."

America's Weakness and Intellectual Incompetence Could Bring Disaster

A chain of events leading to complete disaster is conceivable and not out of the question.

What's not so widely-reported is that our Middle East ally Saudi Arabia is thoroughly annoyed about Washington's incompetence. They hate the Iranians and their involvement in Syria and throughout the Middle East.  First, Obama ill-advisedly left Iraq with no American presence, which has allowed for unfettered Iranian involvement in Iraq.  Not surprisingly, without American advisors, Iraq is re-collapsing in failure meaning more Iranian hegemony is nearly guaranteed.  Then came Obama's ham-handed handling of Assad and the chemical weapons debacle which has helped Syria and it's allies: Russia and Iran.

Now I hear word is that Saudi is about ready to completely throw up their hands with the US if they pursue a nonsensical agreement with Iran.   I understand that they have signaled a meeting with the real power broker in the world, Vladimir Putin.  After all, vacuums will be filled.

So, expect another diplomatic screw-up and the potential of a nuclear Iran by the end of the Obama's term.  If so, this means that Saudi Arabia will go nuclear as well.  I've read where Saudi has already lined up the purchase of nukes from Pakistan if so. 

I worry that this unintentional (intentional?) aiding and abetting of Iran and the ruining of another long standing alliance with Saudi Arabia,  combined with the US policies of money printing and dollar debasement, might lead to a dollar and economic crisis for the US and world.   The potential chain of events could be triggered by Saudi's willingness to accept other currencies for oil payments rather than just dollars.  The breaking of the petrodollar's status is itself a nuclear option.  This would be followed by other oil exporters in the region.  Demand for the dollar would fall dramatically, demand for treasury notes and bonds would drop (due to less petrodollar recycling) leading to a calamitous fall of the dollar and/or  rising US interest rates.  Confidence is a delicate thing.  Loss of confidence is a disaster for the US.

The decline of America could literally occur overnight.  Suddenly, US citizens might wake up one morning and find themselves significantly poorer vis-a-vis the rest of the world due to a decline in the dollar. They can't say that they weren't warned.  Ron Paul, for one, has warned of this possibility for many years now. 

Furthermore, a decline and debasement of our currency is what the Federal Reserve has tried to do with it's unconventional monetary operations (money printing) for the past 5 years.  The surprise is that it happens all at once.  Furthermore, the Obama administration has been working hard all along to dial back American power in the world.  He might get his wish too.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Potential of Natural Gas As Transportation Fuel in the US

Thanks to the US fracking energy revolution, US natural gas prices are about 3 to 4 times cheaper than the rest of the world.  US natural gas prices (at the wellhead) are running at about $3.6 per 1000 cubic feet.   On a BTU energy basis, natural gas is 5 times cheaper than oil.  In other words, oil would have to be priced at $22 per barrel to match the cost of natural gas' energy content. 

With that differential, you would think that there would be a big movement to use natural gas for transportation fuel.  There is movement in that direction, but it's been quite slow.  In contrast, natural gas is used widely for bus and automobile fuel in Asia, especially in Thailand (and Pakistan).  There are numerous filling stations there for CNG re-fueling (CNG=Compressed Natural Gas) in Thailand.  Most of the buses in Bangkok, for instance, use CNG.

Several things have inhibited the use of CNG for truck, fleet and auto fuel here in the US:  1) the price of CNG at the refilling station is only 2 to 2.5 times cheaper compared to natural gas wellhead prices.  This is due to transportation and marketing costs added to the wellhead price.  2) there hasn't been an CNG engine with enough horsepower to convert large tractor trailer trucks, 3) the build-out of CNG fueling stations has been slow despite widespread natural gas pipeline infrastructure in the US. 4) the conversion of automobiles to CNG is slow due to the limited filling stations.

A New Natural Gas Truck Engine Changes the Game

Now, I'm reading on Seeking Alpha that Cummins and Westport Innovations have come out with a new 12 liter natural gas engine that is suitable for large trucks.  This is a big game changer for the long haul industry.
Cummins Inc. recently announced its new ISX12-G engine, a 12-liter natural gas engine that delivers 400 horsepower and 1450 ft-lb of torque. It can run on either compressed ("CNG") or liquid ("LNG") natural gas and meets all 2013 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and California Air Resource Board emission standards. It also meets 2014 EPA and U.S. Department of Transportation fuel economy and greenhouse gases regulations. This is the engine the long-haul trucking sector has waited for and it is an absolute game changer.

Kenworth has already delivered its first truck based on the new ISX12-G engine.

In the past, some long-haul fleet managers were reluctant to begin using natural gas engines because of the need for a large and powerful engine. The new Cummins 12-liter engine solves this problem while delivering reduced fuel costs and emissions and enabling an ROI in as little as a year and a half.
This new engine is a game changer for the substitution of natural gas for diesel fuel.

In the meantime,  Clean Energy Inc and General Electric plan a further build-out of a retail natural gas fuel distribution network (click to enlarge):

US Natural Gas Filling Stations and Transportation Corridors

GE is also providing financing to long haul carriers. They are targeting an overall 1 year pay-back period for trucking companies to convert to CNG or LNG (Liquified Natural Gas) engines. They are doing so to promote their investment in the distribution network shown above.

US Oil Imports and Impact of CNG Use As Transportation Fuel

The US net import of petroleum is down to only 6 million barrels per day. Interestingly, we import about 9.3 million barrels per day of petroleum but we then re-export about 3.3 million barrels of refined products---mostly diesel fuel and gasoline.

The US uses about 9.5 million barrels per day of oil for gasoline consumption and about 2 million barrels per day in diesel consumption. There are already natural engine cars on the market and conversion kits are available from Westport Innovation. If long haul truckers convert to CNG or LNG and the number of filling stations increase as forecast, then more automobiles will convert to natural gas as well.

You can see that US imports of petroleum could easily drop by 2 or 3 million barrels per day in the near future. Our nation's net imports of oil could therefore drop to only 3 or 4 million barrels per day. This would further improve our nation's balance of trade and improve our balance of payments too--which is a very good thing. 

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Venezuela's Socialized Medical System In Collapse

In my blog, Who Are the Tea Party?,  I mention that Leftists are ruining this country.  Of course they don't see it that way.  If you need  proof that socialist policies, those espoused by Obama and Hollywood movie stars, are disastrous and harm more people then they help----then just look at Venezuela.

Sick people in Venezuela are now dying in droves due to massive shortages and mismanagement of the country's socialized medical system. As in North Korea, there are nearly no medical supplies or working medical equipment available to treat people.  And some 50% of doctors have quit the medical profession during Chavez's terms in office.  All of this failure has occurred during a period of booming world oil prices that have benefited Venezuela. 

Chavez and Maduro made political careers of promises to lift the poor through socialism, ie., central planning and wealth distribution.  Instead, their socialist policies have created a nightmare with inflation running at 50% per annum and shortages of, well, just about everything: car parts, toilet paper, milk, medical supplies and nearly everything else.  Now ordinary people are paying the ultimate price for their manifesto.

Add Venezuela to the long list of malfunctioning economies ruined by Leftists.  

From an Associated Press article "Doctors Say Venezuela's Healthcare in Collapse,"
"I feel like I've been abandoned," Gonzalez, 37, tells a bright-eyed hospital psychologist trying to boost her morale. Her right eye is swollen by glaucoma diagnosed two years ago but left untreated when she had trouble getting an appointment.
The country's 1999 constitution guarantees free universal health care to Venezuelans, who sit on the world's largest proven oil reserves. President Nicolas Maduro's government insists it's complying. Yet of the country's 100 fully functioning public hospitals, nine in 10 have just 7 percent of the supplies they need

Almost everything needed to mend and heal is in critically short supply: needles, syringes and paraffin used in biopsies to diagnose cancer; drugs to treat it; operating room equipment; X-ray film and imaging paper; blood and the reagents needed so it can be used for transfusions.
Last month, the government suspended organ donations and transplants. At least 70 percent of radiotherapy machines, precisely what Gonzalez will need once her tumor is removed, are now inoperable in a country with 19,000 cancer patients- meaning fewer than 5,000 can be treated, said Dr. Douglas Natera, president of the Venezuelan Medical Federation.
But Gonzalez was an ardent supporter of Chavez and she always voted for him. Unfortunately, this goes to show how socialist and populist rhetoric captures the imagination but how their policies hurt the very people that they say they are trying to help.  Why can't people see the connection; that their votes result in their worsening conditions?  

Do you think that any of the black leaders and Hollywood movie stars, who supported Chavez,  ever learn anything?  Never!  Danny Glover, Harry Belafonte, Naomi Campbell, Sean Penn and Oliver Stone all admired and respected and even hugged Chavez.  I'm sure they still support Maduro even though Chavez's socialist policies are literally killing thousands of people and ruining life in their country.  And don't forget about all the black leaders, like Al Sharpton, Charlie Rangel and Maxine Waters, who welcomed Fidel Castro with thunderous applause in Harlem.  And add Louis Farrakhan to the list of black leaders courting the enemies of America.  Farrakhan recently met with President Rouhani in New York and was "friends" with Ahmadinejad.

Leftists will ruin this country if you let them.

Monday, November 4, 2013

A Fundamental Truth About ObamaCare

Arrogant central planning is so wrong for America.  No wonder people thought Obama was born in a foreign country!  From ZeroHedge:

Who Are the Tea Party?

Constitutional conservatives, ie., Tea Party persons, are not the bogeymen that the Left tries to portray.  It's Conservatives that are actually trying to save this country!  See my blog: Principled Conservatism Will Save This Country--Not Liberalism.

After all, Republicans have been correct all along about Obamacare.  It has been a major part of the uncertainty that is hurting the economy.  I've said all along that it won't work.  See my blog: Small Business Creates the Most Jobs and ObamaCare is Killing Them

Who Are the Tea Party?

I remember a few years ago, there was a "restoring honor" rally put on on the Washington mall by Glenn Beck for people who are now labeled 'Tea Party.'   A description of that rally from Wikipedia:
Beck's speech at the rally emphasized the theme that Americans of all religions should turn to their faith in God, "turning our face back to the values and principles that made us great."  Beck's and Palin's speeches praised George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Martin Luther King Jr., as well as American war veterans. Beck called for Americans to unite despite political or religious disagreements, with 240 clergy from different races and religions...
The thing that I most remember about that, after the event, the mall was left clean.  The participants had completely cleaned-up after themselves.  To me, that says volumes about the quality of the people that attended the rally.  But these same people are bad-mouthed by a liberal media who want to inspire fear as if these people are some kind of dangerous radicals. They are just ordinary moms and pops who care about God, the Constitution and maintaining the values that have made America great.

The truth is that 'Tea Party' is just a term for people who believe in limited government and adherence to Constitutional principles.  The Tea Party label seems to fit as these people are the modern day patriots who are fighting against our (internal) enemies----against those who want to turn this country into something different than what it's stood for and what has worked for 100s of years.    For this, the Left abhors them and calls them "extremists," "hostage takers," "radicals,""domestic enemies.,"  and "extortionists." 

Not only are the 'Tea Party' not the enemy, they are your best friends! They are radical only in their zeal to preserve America, it's cultural heritage and traditions, it's values, it's freedoms, it's work ethic and it's prosperity!  It's modern-day liberals that are bringing down this country!   Because it's been hard for the media to characterize the nature of the Tea Party movement, they dismiss them, denigrate them, and call them stupid.   People tend to hate that which they don't understand.

The 'Tea Party' people are viciously vilified by nearly all of the Democrats, Barack Obama and the Liberal media.  Oh, and because of our terrible, divisive and incompetent President, anyone who doesn't agree with him (1/2 of the American people) are racist!     

Yeah Ted Cruz went too far in his short-lived attempt to defund ObamaCare. But it wasn't because he was wrong about Obamacare, it was because of his over-reach (and grandstanding)  given the fact that the Republicans don't control the Senate or Presidency.  But the "de-funding" quickly morphed into delaying the individual mandate.  In hindsight, now that we see the ObamaCare trainwreck in full view, it is better to let the program sink with the full weight of it's contradictions.