Sunday, November 1, 2020

Media Flooding Your TV with Black Faces and Propaganda -- Where Are the Latinos?

If you often use the desktop version of this site, you'll notice that my most popular posts (shown on the right margin) are about the subject of blacks and race in America. I would call these posts "race realism."

They're popular because I speak the obvious truth about race in America

What's interesting is that the disconnect between the "black reality" portrayed in media programming and commercials is entirely different to the ACTUAL situation. If you watch cable TV in this country, you would get the impression that blacks are 50% of the US population (rather than 13%) and are very successful; complete with middle class values. 

  • They try to show non-threatening black persons on TV that appear somewhat 'normal' and speak with a US white English dialect (like Jake from State Farm); not the ghetto dialect and pigeon English found in every black community in this country. I say non-threatening because the reality in black communities and countries across the world, black men can be very violent, unpredictable and are generally a huge menace and burden to their countries. 
  • They put at least one black, often two, on discussion panels on MSDNC and CNN giving them 25% to 50% of the panel---well out of proportion to their 1/8th portion of the US population --not 1/2. Why? Because blacks are completely immersed and beholden to Democratic party orthodoxy. So, it's also about political propaganda. 
  • They show intact black families in upper-middle class with both fathers and moms-- which really is a lie since they're are very few fathers in black homes and, for this reason, fatherless homes are overwhelmingly impoverished. Before Johnson's "War on Poverty" black families were mostly intact. Nobody can say that Johnson's $21 trillion "War on Poverty" is a failure. That spending (redistribution) continues to this day.
  • The "news" suppresses news about extremely high black criminality by never pointing to the race of any perpetrators on TV news and many other ways. They ignore the weekly shooting counts and deaths in black communities all over the country (and world).
  • The DNC/CIA-coordinated news media outlets outright lie about hyped-up criminal cases such as Eric Garner, Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin, Sandra Bland, George Floyd. They never get these stories right. They LIE like HELL
  • The Left instead tries to punish and vilify white persons in the US by claiming that whites are the big problem; that white people are somehow "systematically or innately racist." They refuse to see or report that the problem is that blacks have a terrible reputation due to their easily quantifiable low intelligence and high criminalityNo one is allowed to say any of this aloud.  If you do, you'll be CANCELLED on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and everywhere else. It's ABSOLUTE heresy!
  • It's true that America was massively racist 60 years ago. But white people fixed it. White people finally ended the long-standing, worldwide scourge of slavery starting in the 1780s in Western capitals. Now, you can make a good argument that we're the least racist country in the world. It is Blacks that remain highly racist thanks to the racist, anti-white Democrat party.
To some extent this black propaganda is get people ready for an endless sequence of black Democrat Presidents, starting with the feckless Barack Obama. This next election, the Democrats are tricking the American people by turning a vote for Biden into a vote for the extremely feckless Harris. Biden will be forced out via the 25th Amendment to resign due to dementia. The "Deep State" really wants stupid and pliable Presidents, especially after and including Bush II.

But mostly the Deep State/Big Media complex tries to deny the widespread, and entirely accurate understanding by non-black US adults of the often horrific and criminal state of black culture both here and elsewhere. In other words, the black race has a horrible reputation. AND WHOSE FAULT IS THAT??   

The real reason for all the outrageous propaganda is to force a fake 'remediation' of black's reputations.

The CIA/Deep State/Big Media complex is trying to counter-act and reform the entirely deserved and bad reputation of black persons. And they have been doing it for decades and it's getting worse and more obvious. Black reputations are not getting that much better either. Obviously there's plenty of exceptions and that's a great thing!  And I'm ready and willing to embrace each and every one of those folks!

Why the very few Latinos all over your TV news?  That's easy. They already have great reputations with the majority white population and their reputations don't need remediation.

Since Latinos are historically mixed with European blood, most of them see and embrace the superior cultural, political and economic acheivements created by whites descendants of Northern Europeans. Even in their home countries, Latinos understand the massive superiority of white, European cultures and their superior achievements.

Latinos have a GOOD to GREAT reputation in our culture for having a solid work ethic, they share our family and cultural values and they like and admire white persons and their economic, political and cultural achievements. Most Latinos like to work for white bosses. They don't have a 'chip' on their shoulders. They integrate beautifully in our country. Blacks, on the other hand, often want to maintain their separate and largely horrific "culture" and racism.

It's that simple. 

See my posts Leftist Media Shoves 'Black' Down Your Throat and More 'Black' Shoved Down Your Throat.  Also see The Movie Hidden Figures is Fake History.  Also, Blacks, Especially Black Mean, Remain a Huge Burden to our Country, Thank God for White Supremacy, US Black Culture is in Collapse, We've already Spent $7 Trillion on Black Reparations. It Failed.

And this is why I receive more page views for "race realism" posts than any other type of commentary.


Anonymous said...

I think a big part of this is to prevent mass exodus from certain major cities. Real estate values are the life blood of mega cities. The crime rates need to be understated in order to maintain the facade of safety. If people really understood how bad crime is they would leave. It should be obvious to anyone that the constant need to prop up the reputation of a group of people is a major red flag.

Doug said...

Very good comment, thanks. I should have thought about the "money" aspect of this.

I often recall that I'm not too smart.

Anonymous said...

I think this is also the reason behind all the brainwashing in major cities. They need to guilt trip the middle/upper middle class earners into putting up with all the crime. After all, the crime is really THEIR fault because of racism! They need them to stick around AND pay ever increasing amounts of taxes.

Doug said...

Exactly right my friend. God bless people who can see reality and the truth!

Anonymous said...

Why don't you ever mention how violent black women are? I have been assaulted THREE times physically and hundreds of times emotionally and verbally by the hideous apes becasue I am a pretty white woman.

Anonymous said...

I want to offer you the perspective of a woman who was brought up in an upper middle class family in New Yoprk City. My family was brainwahsed to belive that blacks were lynched for NO REASON in the South but just for being black. This is what we learned through various media in school in the 1980s and in my family everyone thought my very intelligent grandfather was evil for voting conservative. He never discussed his polics so I never got a different perspective but i knew what was REALLY going on at 12 as the blacks came to our school lying about their addresses or perhoas because the democrats arranged for them to attend white upper middle class schools due to busing. We were shown video of the south with racist whites scremaing nigger when people were bussed into their schools but the reality in our schools was the opposite. The white girls and boys bent over backwards to be nice to the blacks and were actually petrified becasue we were verbally and often physcially threatened and harassed and sometimes assaulted mostly by the girls but I was assaulted by the oine black kid who was stupid but whose mother insisted he be in the honors classes and he pulled my hair and sna;pped my neck back and i was the sweetest little guirl. Now i am VERY angry becasue of how i felt "sorry " for these abiuserfs. I was so kind and I always defended them. But I knew after he assaulted me and after seeing how they called us white girls and other racist slurs that something was not right. I did not belive it was okay for them to treat us badly just because something bad may have happened to their parents . Just because their parents endured racism-MAYBE_it was not okay for them to treat me and others the way they were abusively treating us. As an adult I was assaulted in front ofd a police station in West Haven Connecticut by a black woman whose boyfriend found me pretty. I was assaulted again IN Minnesota AND SHE WAS NOT ARRESTED. the FIRST ONE IN Connecticut SPENT NO TIME IN JAIL. i DECIDED i WAS NO LONGER SAFE AND i MOVED TO Europe BUT NOT BEFORE ANOTHER HIDEOUS GIGANTIC OBESE BLACK WOMAN AT MY GRADUATE SCHOOL'S FINANCIAL AID OFFICE ACCUSED ME OF A hate crime because she was lazy and i finally had enough and called her simply a black bnitch=no nigger-of course i am from New York I have never uttered that word and writing it still makes me feel bad-just Black Bitch after i had been harassed so many times. I was brought to campus police it was terrifying. I was told to fill out a defense statement and I did and I denied calling her the name and basically I had to withdraw from my classes because some fcuking incompetent ape got her job through affirmative action did not do her job and I told the truth. A black postal worker stole my mail black female of course and began harassing me WHILE I WAS ON DISABILITY in Stamford Connecticut. I left soon after and never returned to the US. Thank GOD my grandparents were Europeans and I have been a European citizen since childhood. Another thing they are lying to you about in the media is that Europeans do not have freedom of Speech. WE DO YOU DON'T.

Doug said...

To the woman suffering assaults, I'm so sorry to hear that. You're right, I didn't know. Thanks so much for sharing.

Doug said...

Thanks very much for sharing. I had no idea. But I'm not surprised. "Blackness" is really profound ignorance, un-culture, un-civilized and is such an enormous problem here and in Latin America. In many ways, I see speech freedoms eroding dramatically everywhere under the guise of political correctness. We're entering an Orwellian time.