Sunday, November 22, 2020

Obama Administration Started the War on Police, the Lawlessness and Racial Strife We See Today

True to his ignorant Marxist and racist nature, Obama always stoked racial tensions rather than calming them. Obama started a war on police and a race war that continues to this day. You can correctly say that Obama started this insane period of lawlessness in this country. He was the "lawless and disorder president."

He never missed an opportunity to inflame race relations and show blatant anti-white discrimination especially when it came to white police officers. In every instance, Obama took a stance against law enforcement in any headline case of white officers interacting with black citizens. He would never say anything sympathetic about a white police officer killed by a black assailant. Obama's reactions were always knee-jerk and without any facts---showing his obvious bias and racism. Obama and all the black "leadership" assumed that the white officer in every case was guilty. This is just mob rule that you might see in a 3rd world country. But, in each case it inflamed already chaotic and emotional situation, causing destruction of black businesses and black deaths. Obama has blood on his hands (but he will NEVER see it because he is either brainwashed by his Marxism or stupid or both).

Heck, it started early on with the Cambridge cop incident. Obama invited that officer over for beer, but you can be 100% sure that he learned NOTHING even though he pronounced it a "learning opportunity." He learned nothing but a portion of the nation learned a great deal. And Obama never learned anything in his LLD either as we found out over the years. 

Obama and the Left-wing, DNC Media complex also made matters worse when a young Hispanic, George Zimmerman, on February 26, 2012, shot dead a young black man, Trayvon Martin, in what was widely reported as a racial hate crime. NBC edited a recording of Zimmerman’s call to the police to give the false impression that Zimmerman was suspicious of Martin solely because he was black. Instead of trying to calm the situation, Obama stoked the idea that Zimmerman acted out of racial hatred and said, “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon.” 

There never was a good case against George Zimmerman, which is why Sanford police never even arrested him in the first place. Local and State police won't prosecute cases where they don't have a reasonable chance of winning. The local police alone knew the facts of the case early on and decided that there was no case. But a trial was precipitated as a "political" prosecution only because many all the discredited black race hustlers, including Obama, whipped up protests and racial resentment and ALL jumped to the WRONG conclusions---before hearing the facts. That's called mob justice, which isn't justice at all.

Holder was a piece of shit too. When he took office, the Justice Department was pursuing a case against the New Black Panther Party for voter intimidation in Philadelphia. Obama’s attorney general, Eric Holder, abruptly dropped the case in May 2009 and refused to cooperate with further investigations, giving the impression that the Black Panthers were getting away with voter intimidation because of their race. Amazing how this is ESPECIALLY relevant for today's election fraud in Philadelphia and in Pennsylvania.

He refused to enforce many laws when that was his sole duty -- because he didn't like them! He and his black Attorneys General lied all the time to cover their misdeeds and failures. They ignored Congress' demand for information all the time. Because he was unable to work with anyone in Congress, he broke or bent the law dozens of times. And he did everything possible to divide and hurt this nation. And he did everything he could to also hurt America's interests abroad, weaken the US or to snub traditional US allies. His and Hillary's foreign policy was a unmitigated disaster -- 100% failure all around. What a disaster!

It's no wonder many Americans questioned if he really was American which explains the persistence of his birth certificate controversy. He always seemed like he didn't like America. And that's true and very few other black "leader" really like America. They are so brainwashed and steeped in racism against white people.

Obama, Holder and Hillary started the mob action that we see on the streets today. Let's hope there will never be another black racist President again for 1000 years!

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Now they want the police to enforce Covid restrictions.