Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Daniel Hannan On The Evils of Communism

In less than 2 minutes Daniel clarifies just how evil Communism (and Socialism) has been in history. See here for the link.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Muslims Want Their Own State in Australia

This short video exposé shows why Muslims cause conflict with every country where they exist--even where they are as few as 2 or 3% of the population (also see the article below). They set up their own culture, their own legal system (Sharia), and grow their population exponentially through high birth rates. They don't want to assimilate in a host country and they don't!  In many countries, they want to conquer their host country by out-populating them. It's happening in Israel right now and will be so in Europe given enough time. Furthermore, their leaders are all supremacists and they strong-arm any "infidels" who dare enter their "domain." And much of their education is focused on religious "education" with little math or science. This keeps their populations compliant, poor and subservient to their "masters" who are the religious leaders. Iran's system of theocracy is a model for Muslims. They don't want democracy, they want a caliphate!!

As a group, they are not compatible with liberal Western Democracy.

Remember, significant minorities of foreign populations believe in violence to "protect" or advance their religious domination. Here's the video below and the link for it is here.