Wednesday, April 20, 2016

More "Black" Stuffed Down Your Throat

I hear that our Liberal overlords in government, media and film have decided to shove even more "black" down your throat. Today they have decided to put Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill. To hell with Andrew Jackson's great contribution to history as President. Nothing against black Republican Tubman, but Liberal governments and Media outlets have decided that they must glorify black persons at every opportunity. Never mind that the entire black race is descending into an abyss of stupidity, crime, depravity and violence. "Welfare" has nearly ruined black families and black culture in America can be best described as "in total collapse."  That huge disparity is amazing.

All this black "love" and "promotion" can't be for financial gain, as black incomes are suffering the worse under our "token black President." Obama, our first affirmative action president, has predictably failed in every way imaginable. Poverty in this country is higher than ever. Dependence on government is higher than ever. Obama, a huge flop, was promoted all his life without merit or responsibility by Liberal affirmative action programs, then propelled into the Presidency by Liberal media outlets who are proven to be entirely propaganda outlets for Liberal causes. Obama is entirely a creation of Liberals complete with entirely insufficient credentials and capabilities -- including cognitive ability.  This shouldn't be surprising since nearly 90% of blacks have IQs lower than than the white average of 100.

They're still at it, putting black faces all over the TV and movie screens. It's embarrassing as it's so obvious.  But night after night I have to watch a nearly 90% parade of black criminals dominating the surveillance crime videos shown on my local news. This is true even though the majority of persons in my city are Latinos. The news readers NEVER say the race of perpetrators because it would be entirely too incriminating to the black race. And the wider national media suppresses the truth of the black cultural collapse. Media never reported "flash robs" and "knock-out crimes"were virtually 100% black criminal phenomenas.
As of this week, there's a Jesse Owens movie coming out (a black man who won four gold medals at the 1936 "Nazi" Olympics). Never mind that 55 other Americans won medals that year, but Liberal Hollywood HAS to glorify the black person! There's plenty of movies and shows about black athletes, since they excel in many sports. Obviously this physical achievement is a genetic heritage. But they rarely shine in academic or in intellectual achievements. Also a genetic heritage. In fact, without the lower standards of Liberal affirmative action, there would be very few blacks in top graduate schools.

Given that, one black doctor becomes an acclaimed neurosurgeon and they make a movie about it (Dr. Ben Carson). I bet Liberal Hollywood wouldn't have done it if they knew Carson was a Republican who would run for President. Hollywood loves black persons only as long as they tow the line and are obedient Democrats. If not, the long knives come out. There's a Jackie Robinson movie coming too.  Black, black and more black.

Blacks All Over Television

Media companies in the US are putting blacks all over TV in a cultural "affirmative action."  America's Funniest Videos has a black host now. I watched that show the other night and blacks are very prominently displayed in front rows-- way out of proportion to black person's 12% of the general population. Wayne Brady has the host of The Price is Right. Steve Harvey now has several shows now.  A TV series "Underground" has premiered. Black, black and more black.  Black newsreaders are the most common, as reading teleprompters makes anyone look intelligent.

Only about 2% of physical science PhDs in this country are black. This means that there are 1000's of highly distinguished white and foreign astrophysicists out there and very, very few black ones. But this doesn't stop "media" to promote  black astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson to become a 'star' on television's 2nd rate reincarnation of TV series "Cosmos." Tyson is ok, but the new Cosmos series was a dumbed-down high school level science program using cartoon sequences for illustration. Black "promotion" and "dumbed-down" go hand in hand. More Leftist destruction!

And he's not the only rare astrophysicist selected for a prominent role as a TV "expert" either.  Hakeem Oluseyi, a black astrophysicist, hosted 'Outrageous Acts of Science' and 'Alien Encounters' and "You Have Been Warned" on TV.  All this to "program" public opinion.

Tyson's and Oluseyi's promotion to prominent positions on TV are a clue to a wider effort by media to promote black persons TO BE SEEN as equal and high achieving -- a cultural "affirmative action" so to speak. Yeah, it's great that these men made it through graduate school, but media folks had to dig very deep to find guy's like Tyson and Hakeem Oluseyi since there's so few.  Meanwhile there's 1000's of highly accomplished white astrophysicists.  

And how come I have to put up with blacks on CNN or most any other TV show panels at least one in four; which is double their 12.5% representation in the population? The answer is that 95% of the time they voice Democratic party positions. And we know Media journalists are 93% Democratic and fully "indoctrinated" in Leftism at our universities. And where are the Latinos??? Latinos are more numerous in this country than blacks.

I sat down to watch the Grammy awards a month ago hosted by LL Cool J. Within a 1/2 minute the first award was for the Rap category! Sadly the popularity of rappers (criminals) shows how decayed and collapsed black (and young white) culture is. When white youth fawn over these criminals, it makes me sick for our country. Rap is not even art in my opinion. Mostly they steal melodies from other artists for their bullshit rantings.

Media Systematically Suppresses Unflattering News Involving Blacks

I'm sick of this "propaganda" proselytizing the "wonderful" black community, when the truth is that the black community is in near total collapse.

Media is often caught not reporting negative news wrt blacks.  Take the recent racial attack on white veteran Chris Marquez in DC after being harassed by a couple of black thugs in a DC McDonalds. These black low-lives beat and robbed him. These urban blacks are about as close to animals as could be. Media often refuses to cover black-on-white crime.

The Media is also relatively silent about the surge in violence in urban areas like Baltimore and St Louis after Obama and black Baltimore mayor attacked law enforcement in the wake of Baltimore riots. All to "promote" Freddie Gray as "important" black life. Yes, every life is important, but does a career criminal like Gray with 18 arrests already in his young life really matter so much? It's a similar situation to thug Michael Brown in Ferguson. These guys are unworthy martyrs.

Law enforcement has recently been under attack by our black racist President who only speaks out (usually in ignorance) in instances when white officers shot at black persons, but NEVER speaks out for white officers under attack from black assailants. But blacks commit the majority (56%) of violent crime in this country despite their 12.5% representation in the population.

About 150 blacks PER WEEK are dying at the violent hands of other blacks and the media doesn't report it!  This dwarfs all other crime in this country including the occasional shooting of a black person by police. Younger black men are committing crimes at 10 times the rate of whites and 7 times the rate of whites for all black men.  Black men are committing more than 55% violent and gun crimes despite being only 6% of the population.  Black men outnumber white men in prisons or 7 times higher rate than whites!  Black men are derelict dads too with some 80% of young black kids abandoned by their deadbeat dads.  And it didn't use to be that way.

But you'll never hear any of this reported anywhere in the liberal media.