Friday, December 11, 2015

Unworthy Martyrs

Why do the black activists and race hustlers like Obama, Holder and Sharpton and other black "leaders" choose such unworthy "martyrs" when they play the race card?  Perhaps it's because there are so few worthy ones?

Race hustlers like Sharpton and Obama rally to cases where white police interact with black persons where there is the appearance of wrongdoing. The stupid and Liberal (adjectives that go hand in hand) media help to raise the ante in the court of public opinion. Naturally the media fail to report the fact police operate in environments where black persons commit many crimes at 7 times the rate of whites putting officers in a "war zone."

But remember how notably silent they are when black perpetrators gun down white officers. This shows their true intent and bias: to start a race war, disrupt the social fabric of the country and start a campaign against law enforcement. It's outrageous that the President of the United States himself is complicit in that effort. Therefore he is complicit in murders of black persons in Baltimore when the city erupted in lawless, black-on-black violence when the police backed-off their duties in response to this war on police and the "witch hunt" trial of 6 police officers.

Obama is also complicit in numerous murders of white police officers across the nation due to this war-on-law-enforcement "activism." Obama and Holder also coordinated protests using 'professional' protesters in Sanford and Ferguson, so they are also responsible for deaths and property loss in Ferguson riots -- riots that hurt only responsible black residents.

I call those "high crimes and misdemeanors" and impeachable offenses.

Notable are the recent cases of Sandra Bland, Eric Garner, Michael Brown and Freddie Gray. But right away, it's easily apparent that all of them committed infractions, resisted arrest and failed to comply with officer's commands.

Perhaps these "victims" act the way they do is because there are rarely daddies in the homes to teach basic lessons including the need to respect and cooperate with police? The likely root cause of their difficulties is a collapse of the black families whose decline started with Great Society income support that continues to reward the absence of a dad. When 72% of black families don't have a dad, and 90% of all black dads are emotionally or otherwise unavailable, the result is wild children who are in constant trouble with civilized society.

Gray and Garner had huge rap sheets. Gray had 18 arrests. Garner had 30 arrests since 1980 on charges such as assault, resisting arrest and grand larceny. Sandra Bland had 10 run-ins with police officers in Chicago and Texas. She was in arrears by some $7,500 in past due traffic fines. I'm surprised there weren't warrants out for her arrest. Maybe there were?

Eric Garner, the 350 lb black guy in Manhattan, who resisted arrest was wrestled to the ground. He was reported to have said "you're choking me, you're choking me" at least 15 times while wrestling with police -- proving beyond a shadow of doubt that he WAS NOT choking. (how could he have the breath to say that repeatedly if his airway was restricted?) The officers wrestled him on the ground but his death was a cardiac event on the way to the police station. A grand jury declined to indict officers.

Egg on all the race-baiting faces.

Michael Brown, the thug in Ferguson, who was caught on surveillance video robbing a convenience store and assaulting the clerk minutes before his run-in with Officer Wilson, also apparently had a 2nd degree murder charge as a juvenile (records sealed).  The grand jury and forensics confirmed that he fought then charged Wilson. Is there any doubt that his life would have been a life of crime? He was hardly the "gentle giant" the media tried to portray. ABCNews, a thoroughly discredited and incompetent media outlet, continued to portray Michael as an angelic kid who was going to college, even a day after the convenience store video blew up all the credibility of all those involved. The claim that Michael was going to college was a complete fabrication. He was heading to jail.

Egg on all the black, race-baiting, and incompetent media faces.

Sandra Bland, who was arrested by a cop in Waller County, Texas, committed suicide three days after her family refused to bail her out. She became a media darling for the "political correctness"crowd and Black Lives Matter crowd. The family blamed the police for her death.

But Sandra had a long history of run-ins with cops.  According to NBC5, she she owed a total of $7,579.00 in court fines resulting from five traffic stops in various Chicago suburbs (including a DUI), and she had been cited several times for her failure to pay those fines. She had at least 10 encounters herself with police in both Illinois and Texas in past years.  The words "Failure to comply" was frequently cited by officials and police.

In all these cases, once facts are gathered, the credibility of the complainants largely dissolves. In a publicity stunt, funded by who knows who, Sandra Bland's family filed a lawsuit against Waller County in order to "find out" what really happened to Ms. Bland. At a press conference, when someone asked the family why they didn't bail her out, the family walked out of the conference -- along with their credibility. You see, a despondent Ms Bland killed herself three days after her family refused to bail her out. Bail was a modest $500. It's a sad story really, but for the family to make racist allegations is bad.  It's black people who are the racists in this country!

Egg on all the black race-baiting faces. By the way, there's now a Sandra Bland Boulevard in Waller County. It's sad that they can't find a more worthy person to honor. Bland was a troubled woman with apparent mental problems and is also a symbol of a collapsing Black "culture."

The entire black community, and it's so-called "leaders,"are thoroughly discredited time after time when their "victims" are found to have caused trouble for themselves. There is usually no white bogeyman -- just black troublemakers in a culturally-collapsed community as far as the eye can see.

MLK Jr. had a dream where all people would be judged by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin. It's sad that so few black persons including Obama, exhibit so little character. And it's getting worse, not better.

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