Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Blacks -- Mostly Black Men -- Remain a Huge Burden to US

Americans remain relatively ignorant of the still horrific state of Black American 'culture.'  

I don't know why, because every night on our local news, I watch a parade of surveillance clips of black men caught committing nearly all of the crimes reported (that have videos) on our local news.  Usually it's about 75% black perpetrators. Some times, ALL of the criminals shown are black.  The news readers NEVER mention the race of the perpetrators. No news network does. No news network reported "Flash Rob" crimes for example. Maybe it's because they were entirely a black phenomena?  No news network or newspaper reported that the recent spate of "Knockout" crimes were entirely a black phenomena. I'm surprised it got any air time at all. The news syndicates in this country are propagandists in what they fail to report!

But the Bureau of Justice Statistics show that, nationwide, blacks are committing crimes at 7 times the rate of whites. Blacks make up 13% of the population but commit the majority of violent crimes in this country.  It's even worse than that. It's mostly black men who are committing the crimes, so it's only 6.5% of the population doing nearly all the damage.

African Americans, especially African American men, continue to be a huge burden to this country. (Add Obama and Holder to the list). It's true that there has been some progress for African Americans in the past 50 years and that's great. But, much of the propaganda or rhetoric of the "improvement" of black America is not exactly true.  In fact, some of the statistics "documenting" improvement are flawed or exaggerated.  It has to do with the large numbers of black men and young black men in prison/jail that aren't counted. From Becky Pettit in the NYT, "imprisoned black men aren’t figured into most statistics about the standing of African-Americans. The consequence, she says, is an overstatement of black progress in education, employment, wages and voting participation."

Here's some examples showing how the large number of imprisoned are affecting statistics about Black American "culture":
  • Reported high school completion rate for blacks of 66% is overstated by at least 10 percentage points since the high numbers of young black men in prison/jail are not being counted. Also 2nd rate GEDs (counted as high school completions?) are also inflating the numbers. There hasn't been any real progress in decades.
  • Black male unemployment is reported at 10.7% (4.9% for white males). But about 0.8 million black men are in jail/prison (at huge cost to taxpayers) and are not counted by the BLS. If they were added to the ranks of unemployed, the black male unemployment rate would be about 20% not 10%.
  • If inmates were counted, she estimates, the black high school dropout rate would soar to 19 percent and the share of dropouts who are employed would plunge to 26 percent (link)
  • The celebrated voter turnout among young blacks in the 2008 election would drop to roughly 20 percent, about where it was in 1980 (link)
    Here are other dire statistics detailing the horrible "culture" of African Americans:
    • They receive 3 times the benefits given to whites but remain unhappy as 'welfare' just keeps people more comfortable in their poverty.
    • Black are committing crime at 7 times the rate of whites (page 11 of link)
    • Blacks (mostly black men) committed 52% of all murders, 57% of the gun murders and committed 66% of the drug related homicides (1980 to 2008) or about 7 to 8 times the crime rate of whites. (table 7 at this link)
    • Black men comprising only 6.5% of the population, are committing more than 50% of all violent gun crimes. If you want to drastically reduce gun homicides and other gun crimes in this country, seize all the guns from black men!
    • From the BJS (page 11), in 2008, the offending rate for blacks (24.7 offenders per 100,000) was 7 times higher than the rate for whites
    • By the time they turn 18, one in four black children will have experienced the imprisonment of a parent.
    • More young black high school dropouts are in prison or jail than have paying jobs.
    • In 2008, one in nine black men was incarcerated on any given day.
    • Blacks make up about 40% of prison population but only 13% of the population. Whites are only 34.7% of the prison population but 70% of the population. Blacks are therefore about 7 times more likely to be in prison.
    • Comparing all males aged 20 to 34 yrs old, black rates of incarceration in 2010 is 10 times that of white Americans. (link)
    • Some 37% of blacks aged 20 to 34 without a high school diploma are in prison right now!
    • The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reports that black women accounted for 35.4% of all abortions in 2009 but only represent 12.5% of the population. Abortion rates for black women is 4 times the rate of those for all other women. Sadly, no one wants to adopt black babies.
    • Blacks are nearly 70% of new HIV infections or about 7 times the rate for whites (link)
    • Washington DC has higher HIV infection rates than most African countries (and DC is only 58% black) (link and here)
    • Black gonorrhea infections are 18 times those of whites.
    • 72% of newborn black babies are born to a family without a father. (link)
    • Over 80 percent of black children have been abandoned emotionally and, usually, economically by their fathers. (NYT)
    • No one wants black people on juries.


      Anonymous said...

      Is it just me or does it seem like the majority of sexual crimes are also committed by black (or hispanic) men?

      As a child who was brought up in a prominently white neighborhood in North Texas I would have been horrified at saying something that seems so racist.... but today, my 30 year old mind just can't ignore or unsee the facts. Nor can I deny the years of near misses every time myself or a girlfriend ventured too close to areas filled with black men.

      Ed Sessions said...

      No, it is not just you it’s you and me and many others that know the truth.