Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Thank God for White Supremacy!

This post is based on my blog post from October 2017: "Based on Accomplishments, Whites are Superior"

I'm tired of hearing from minorities complaining about "White Privilege," White Supremacy or otherwise denigrating White people as if white people are the big problem in our country. Nearly all of these complainers are minority Democrats; which has become the anti-white party in a country of ~69% white people.  The truth is that White people have created advanced civilization to a remarkable degree that still is the envy of the world.

The rest of the country resembles a March of Morons. In the CHOP zone in Seattle, they have a gun violence, murder and crime problem -- which goes hand-and-hand with anything "black." No surprise there! These people, as a group, are a violent, thieving, criminal bunch! 

In black democrat cities, Negros are robbing, looting and burning their own people's businesses in most black cities -- which is par for the course. Then they complain that their communities aren't served by grocers or other retail businesses. They are beyond stupid. And some things never change. What haven't black people ruinedEvery black city is being ruined by these people with no exceptions -- just like Africa (and Rio, Haiti, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Detroit. East St.Louis, Ferguson and hundreds of other locations)!!

Predictably, Seattle's black police chief Carmen Best is trying to figure out why two more African-Americans are dead at a place that “clamed to be working for Black Lives Matter?”
Seattle's Clueless"Affirmative Action" Police Chief 
A 19-year-old man was shot dead and another wounded during an incident in the area two weekends ago.  That was followed by a similar incident in the early hours of Monday which left a 16-year-old dead and a 14-year-old critically wounded.

During a press conference where she was heckled throughout by BLM supporters, Police Chief Carmen Best stated, “It’s very unfortunate that we have yet another murder in this area identified as the CHOP – two African-American men dead at a place where they claim to be working for Black Lives Matter." Yeah, unfortunate indeed but a story occurring every day in black cities around the US and world. 

But insane and ignorant Negros, who are so upset about life in America, should instead be thanking white people for creating a prosperous, orderly society where they can live in peace if they choose. They COULD be living in Africa or Brazil which are miasmas of crime, murder, terror, tyranny, poverty, disorder, misery WITHOUT EXCEPTION.

It is White people who should be demanding reparations from Black people for all the disorder, decay, violence, property and gun crimes they bring to their communities and this country! That, or get out! Black men remain a huge burden to this country!

Yes, we had a bad discrimination problem which the Republican party ended after the Civil War. But Democrats ended all that by reversing all the civil rights gains of post-Civil War ReconstructionDemocrats postponed black freedoms for 100 years. However, since 1954, there are affirmative action programs galore (reverse discrimination against white ppl), income support galore, desegregation, integration and busing for blacks.

Also, from Fred Reed, "There has been an enormous flow of charity for blacks: Section Eight Housing, AFDC, Head Start, hiring quotas, set-asides, sharply lowered standards in police and fire departments, universities."   Fred again:"Nothing has worked. The crucial academic gap has not closed, crime remains horribly high, illegitimacy verges on universal. It hasn’t worked. There is no indication that anything will. The great black cities are in something approaching custodial care." Yes, US Blacks are in a state of custodial care by White people. And instead of a thank you, all you get is a "Fuck You!"

How can the US still be racist when it elected a half-black man twice as President with convincing winning margins?  And Obama carried huge swaths of white America in his victories. It's Black People who are overwhelmingly racist!  

The simple truth is that basically all of the world's technological, scientific, medical, engineering and philosophical advancements and inventions were conceived and developed by white people. Not only that, but white people, mostly English-speaking people, invented political, personal and economic freedom, religious freedom, rule of law, guaranteed rights and personal liberty that are now uniquely enshrined in our law. The US and the US Constitution is the envy of the world.  And White people are the first people to began the process of ending the status quo of worldwide slavery in the 1780s. Hooray for white folks!!

Yes, East Asians have even higher median IQs compared to Northern Europeans and their descendants, and could have invented many things, but they haven't nearly as much.

Here's just some of the zillions of other accomplishments of white people (from Burning Platform):
Look around you. Can you find anything with a moving part that was not invented by whites? Anything electronic? Cars, cell phones, computers, aircraft, antibiotics, on and on–all sprang from the minds of white people. You are not supposed to say such things, and could be run out of a university for it–but ask yourself, if you have the courage: Is it true? [Of course it's true.]

The Hubble Space Telescope: twenty-five hundred years of phenomenally complex math, physics, electronics, optics, and chemistry went into the Hubble. It is entirely a white man’s show. Nobody else has come close. Your professors will not want you to think this. They will not want you to think. But you have a mind. Use it.

Look around your university. Who do you see taking the hard subjects–math, chemistry, physics, engineering, philosophy, computer science? Whites and Asians…right? Are they the kind of people who complain constantly about White Privilege? You may notice a pattern here: Those who can, do. The rest bitch and moan.
Take the Hadron Collider, a gigantic particle accelerator at CERN, in Switzerland, a massive instrument for research in subatomic physics. It is one of the greatest and most challenging projects of humanity. The Japanese could do this if they wanted to badly enough and soon, perhaps, the Chinese. They didn’t. The technology is a white man’s show, starting from Athens 2500 years ago. Are you sure you should be ashamed of this?
Here's just a few other mostly-white accomplishments: Euclidean geometry. Parabolic geometry. Hyperbolic geometry. Projective geometry. Differential geometry. Calculus: Limits, continuity, differentiation, differential equations, integration. Physical chemistry. Organic chemistry. Biochemistry. Classical mechanics. The indeterminacy principle. The wave equation. The Parthenon. The Anabasis. Air conditioning. Number theory. Romanesque architecture. Gothic architecture. Information theory. Entropy. Enthalpy. Every symphony ever written. Pierre Auguste Renoir. The twelve-tone scale. The mathematics behind it, twelfth root of two and all that. S-P hybrid bonding orbitals. The Bohr-Sommerfeld atom. The purine-pyrimidine structure of the DNA ladder. Single-sideband radio. All other radio. Dentistry. The internal-combustion engine. Turbojets. Turbofans. Doppler beam-sharpening. Penicillin. Airplanes. Surgery. The mammogram. The Pill. The condom. Polio vaccine. The integrated circuit. The computer. Football. Computational fluid dynamics. Tensors. The Constitution. Euripides, Sophocles, Aristophanes, Aeschylus, Homer, Hesiod. Glass. Rubber. Nylon. Skyscrapers. The piano. The harpsichord. Elvis. Acetylcholinesterase inhibitors. (OK, that’s nerve gas, and maybe we didn’t really need it.) Silicone. The automobile. Really weird stuff, like clathrates, Buckyballs, and rotaxanes. The Bible. Bug spray. Diffie-Hellman, public-key cryptography, and RSA. Et cetera again and again.
If you talk about these accomplishments on college campuses, in front of black kids, you will be labeled "white supremacist!" But this is just sour grapes. US blacks should also be more realistic about their abilities and they'd be more happy. Their 'sour grapes' attitude brings unhappiness. And miserable they are.

Conversely, most Latinos and Asians correctly respect white people and their unmatched accomplishments. They accept that they are not as accomplished as the Northern Europeans and their descendants. Instead, they work hard to emulate this success. Here's the thing; acceptance of yourself realistically in the "pecking order" of abilities and culture leads to personal happiness. Latinos and Asians are happy people as they leap-frog blacks to prosperity. 

On campuses, you hear ignorant, uninformed black and Latino students, most of them unqualified to even be in college, complain about "white privilege" or even try to reverse-discriminate against whites. I am reading more and more cases where blacks are self-segregating meetings, dorms, lectures and speeches etc to exclude whites. It's because these black students can't compete with whites in reasoning and logic and they know it.

White persons are under attack in this country by ignorant minorities and the Leftists who dominate our schools and universities. The ridiculous complaint of "White Privilege" shows how intellectually bereft blacks and the so-called social justice warriors are. There is so much ignorance in our country-- and it's mostly found in the ranks of Blacks and Democrats.


Anonymous said...

Imagine a world run by these low IQ savage beasts of the fields. They dip cigarettes “wet” in PCP and sell them to their own neighborhood ... cause the high is higher and lasts longer than just plain old crack! Ghetto Economics Only $5 dollars ! (We be cornering the market) These violent Crickets love to hang out and prey on their own
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OilFieldExecutive said...


Anonymous said...

...Gas chambers, the wonderful nuclear bomb (useful for for mass murder), and many many more fantastic, murderous gadgets. A racial pissing contest for kindergarden children? Well done. By the way, were the ancient Greeks white? Hmmmm, interesting since most Mediterranean cultures would be (by your measure) ummmm, more brownish. So lets split the difference and agree all your Greek inventions were Brown inventions. The lens was Mesopotamian and Egyptian developments (brownies) who were then much later developed by Europeans. You seem to have forgotten the ancient Indian inventions and language developments (your language root is Indo-European! Bummer, another Brownie! The Chinese also (not white, yellow on your scale I guess). In Turkey they found Gobleki Tepe recently, and it is 11,500 years old. They were probably, ummmm also brownish. Islamic culture (Persia etc.) invented many wonderful things. Also brown. And the Bible? Were there white people in the Middle East 2000 years ago? Do you have photographic evidence? Please post. Would love to see it. Ben Hur is not a documentary. Actually, white people invented many wonderful things too, but let's assume all inventions are always building upon previous inventions and developments. You know, standing on the shoulders of giants...etc. The Germanic tribes (whities) were well behind the Greeks and Romans (also brown...you know, climate and stuff). Vikings were, well, rapists and pillagers. A wonderful invention! The ancient Brits stole their shit from the Romans (brownies, again, Mediterranean skin, perhaps "olive", but not white. That is a Northern European invention due to lack of sun.) So white people DID invent white people! Well done! Every symphony ever written? Perhaps, before 1900, but since then, many colours have written symphonies (Toru Takemitsu is a fav!) ... many of your list are questionable "white" inventions, and your knowledge of the colour of many cultures is, ummmm, very wrong. Sorry to burst your white bubble! Sad!

Doug said...

Nice incoherent and incorrect reply. Roman and Greek cultures were blond hair and blue eyed people. Don't kid yourself. Whites have invented EVERYTHING about modern civilization and modern civilization itself. Yeah, the East Asians are right up and in fact have higher median IQs than Europeans and their descendants, but they haven't match the creativity, cultural and political advances of the White race. Don't agree, then go live in China and see for yourself.

History is a sad affair for everyone in the human race, but the epicenter of good ideas, high culture and high intelligence is found in all of the descendants of Northern Europeans.

I think I know who's in the bubble of ignorance and it's YOU. Fool!!

You're a total fool. But that's what I'm used

Doug said...

Like I said in my conclusion, "there is so much ignorance in our country, found mostly in the ranks of blacks and Democrats"

Which are you?

fknstr said...

Absolutely correct and intensely accurate. This information is critical for all White People to know and be proud of. No guilt, no shame and no remorse. Thank you.

fknstr said...

Questionable White inventions? That's laughable. Only a failed race, liberal morons and their enablers could utter such preposterous innuendo.

Anonymous said...

Lol this anonymous is a complete
moron the funny thing is he thinks all the
racial,ethnic groups like Greeks,Romans,
Turkish,Islam were brown hate to break it to this
fool but he doesn't even provide any evidence of
these people of being brown not to mention the European
language did not come from India another way of looking
at it is that there are two Indo European languages one
that came from Europe and the other one from India meaning
both of them developed their own language separately unless
that is the only thing he got correct out of his nonsensical
comment since the rest is nothing more than garbage by
saying the Romans are brown when they are white.