Tuesday, December 13, 2016

US Blacks Should Be More Realistic About Their Abilities

Viewership for NFL football games is noticeably declining, in part, due to viewership disgust for millionaire crybabies who disrespect of the very nation that's bestowed it's blessings on them. I'm talking of course about Colin Kaepernick.

Kaepernick is typical of the average Black American ---who has an average mental age of a 14 or 15 year old -- as an adult. This explains a lot. There's nothing wrong with low IQ, many of my friends are low IQ, but black "culture" in America is in a state of collapse. The "black man" in this country is a disaster and a huge burden on this country.

Kaepernick is sporting an absurdly oversized Afro these days as if he is trying to relive the 1970s-era of black-power activists (criminals?). But Kaepernick was raised by a white family and, more than most, enjoyed the benefits of our dominant white culture and a privileged upbringing.

But it's not enough. Like most of his ignorant brethren, his underpowered brain has bought into the Black Lives Matter and "Hands Up, Don't Shoot" lies and media propaganda which has tried to portray every police as a killer. Never mind that whites are shot by police twice as often as blacks even though blacks are committing crimes at 7 times the rate of whites.

Sadly, where there is a majority of black people, they ruin everything -- even in groups of millionaire athletes and entertainers. This includes NFL football now. Black athletes like Kaepernick are killing their golden goose. This is occurring at the same time that our black president continues to damage this country and world.

Time to Get Real About Your Abilities

I worked in Africa several different times and I completely enjoyed working with Africans there as they were jovial, warm, fun and didn't have a chip on their shoulders. These countries have no welfare programs or any other "program" since there isn't any money.

Africans have a more realistic understanding of their abilities relative to the descendants of Northern Europe (and Asia). That realism and no expectation of handouts helps make them happy, They aren't resentful or always blaming others for their problems. And their politicians aren't stoking anger at others.

The same can be said for SE Asian countries. They understand that they aren't even close in measuring up to the intellectual and political accomplishments of European whites or East Asians. This assessment is realistic. They see themselves comfortably as the "little brother" and foreigners are the "big brother." They work hard to build their countries and cultures to catch up.

Latinos here in America, unlike most blacks, are also realistic about their capabilities: they don't blame other people for their own problems and they like white people! Latinos have suffered plenty of historical discrimination. So the discrimination excuse doesn't fly!

US blacks should be more realistic about their capabilities -- it would make them much happier too. Their intellectual capability is significantly lower than European Whites and East Asians (and their descendants). It's just the way it is. It's no one's fault. It might change in hundreds of years or more. I hope it does. But there is no reason to be unhappy right here and now!

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