Saturday, August 1, 2015

Liberal Media Shove 'Black' Propaganda Down Your Throats

Neil deGrasse Tyson is a black astrophysicist by degree who has become a 'star' on television's 2nd rate reincarnation of TV series "Cosmos."  It's more than interesting that the network choose a black presenter when only about 2% of physical science PhDs in this country are African American

And he's not the only black man selected for a prominent role as a TV "expert" either.  Hakeem Oluseyi, a black astrophysicist, hosted 'Outrageous Acts of Science' and 'Alien Encounters' and "You Have Been Warned" on TV.

Tyson's and Oluseyi's promotion to prominent positions on TV are a clue to a wider effort by media to promote black persons as equal and high achieving -- a cultural "affirmative action" so to speak. Yeah, it's great that these men made it through graduate school, but media folks had to dig deep to find guy's like Tyson and Hakeem Oluseyi since there's so few.  Meanwhile there's 1000's of highly accomplished white astrophysicists.  

I don't have a beef with these two accomplished guys.  But why is the media trying so hard to shove things "black" down my throat?  And where's the Latinos?? 

Another example: Morgan Freeman is often cast as a scientific "expert" on TV shows even though he's strictly an actor with no scientific background.  Heck, Freeman also played a US President in Deep Impact.  Is this subtle "propaganda" by the big media companies?  Freeman played a scientific "expert" on the latest movie "Lucy." Do you see a pattern? 

Other Media Company Racial Bias

I believe that there is a subtle propaganda effort underway to promote black Americans in the court of public opinion, a sort of affirmative action program by the media outlets.  They do this, in part, because blacks reliably back Liberal (Democratic) positions at 95%.  Blacks are only 1/8th of the population but are often one of three, or one of four on "panels" on TV shows on MSNBC and CNN for instance.  It's subtle.  And those over-represented blacks reliably tout Democratic positions to the glee of the media outlets.  Another important question:  where are the Latinos on TV??  There are significantly more Latinos in this country than black but you don't see many on panels on CNN or MSNBC.

Another example of affirmative action by media outlets: everyone knows now that the elections of Obama were significantly due to Liberal media manipulation of public opinion in falsely painting Obama as a superior intellect with superior ideas.  It's completely untrue.  In fact, it could hardly be further from the truth.  Media supported him all along, pitched him 'softball' questions in interviews and supported the smearing of anything conservative or Republican.  The elections of Obama was a huge success for the Liberal media. But his election has turned out to be a big loss for this country and the entire world. Obama has proven to be a complete "empty suit" in regard to -- well -- just about everything. He's a charlatan -- an actor playing a President on TV.  Obama's presidency will prove to be a near disaster. 

Neil deGrasse Tyson Caught Promoting Falsehoods

Not surprisingly, it turns out that Tyson's sophistication has limits when it comes to politics.  Or maybe he's not sophisticated at all?  Recently, he's had to (reluctantly) apologize when a dogged commentator on the Federalist website called him out for inaccurate statements about George Bush in his public addresses.

From Rich Lowry at Newsmax, Tyson said, in numerous public addresses, that right after Sept. 11, Bush asserted the superiority of "we" to "they" — i.e., Muslim fundamentalists — by quoting the Bible for the proposition "Our God is the God who named the stars."  You see, Tyson wanted to paint himself as "sophisticated" and denigrate Bush as being a moron by noting that 2/3rds of the stars have Arabic names.  But he is just dead wrong.  Bush never said such a thing.  In fact, Bush went out of his way to defend Islam after 9/11.  In short, `Tyson lied.

He finally and reluctantly "fessed up" to this falsehood only after being called out by Sean Davis at the Federalist.  His reluctant and half-hearted rationalizations were particularly annoying.  He has shown himself to be stubborn in his ignorance despite his advanced education. Does that sound like another familiar (black) occupant of the White House?

Like Tyson, Obama has proven to be arrogant, stubborn and wrong.  Like Tyson, Obama can not say "I'm sorry."   At least Tyson mainly sticks to scientific issues, but tows a Liberal line in areas of politics and global warming.  That's why he's on TV!  

And media manipulation is substantially why we have to put up with Obama's staggering incompetence.

Other Media Pro-Black Racial Bias

You saw pro-black media bias again with Michael Brown coverage in Ferguson following the same meme as Trayvon Martin in Florida.  Both were portrayed as demur, innocent, baby-faced angels with no basis in fact.   It turns out that Trayvon might have been an angel compared to thug Brown. 

The Trayvon Martin "controversy" was silenced by 6 thoughtful white women who sent the race baiters packing (except for racist Holder who vowed further Federal prosecution of Zimmerman).

The whole Ferguson story also fell apart with egg on every black leader's face, including Holder and Obama.  (Gee, what's new?)  The media and race-baiters fell silent when details emerged that Michael Brown and Dorian Johnson had just robbed a convenience store and roughed-up the clerk immediately prior to Brown attacking officer Wilson.  But ABC Nightly news continued the "Saint Michael" meme well past the revelations.  It became quickly clear that Brown was WAY out of control and officer Wilson clearly had to defend himself. 

All of this is an attempt to cover-up the fact we have a huge ongoing black crime wave primarily affecting other black citizens. Younger black men are committing crimes at 10 times the rate of whites and 7 times the rate of whites for all black men.  Black men are committing more than 50% violent and gun crimes despite being only 6% of the population.  Black men outnumber white men in prisons or 7 times higher rate than whites!  Black men are derelict dads too with some 80% of young black kids abandoned by their deadbeat dads.  And it didn't use to be that way.  But you'll never hear this reported anywhere in the liberal media.

Because of all of this media white-washing, no constructive conversations can be made, nothing constructive is done and the desperate collapse of black culture in this country continues unabated and unimproved.  Meanwhile we are forced to watch the Obama presidency collapse as well. 

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